Chapter 0242: Soul Hall

Wu Yu was a little stunned after hearing what Zhang Futu said.

Today, Zhang Futu had acted very dejected at the Mountain of Swords and Immortals. He was very scared of Wu Yu too and had even confessed willingly and begged for forgiveness.

It was his behavior that made Wu Yu decide to return to Kilovolt Peak.

Except Zhang Futu's current expression and the things he said were beyond Wu Yu's expectations.

Minor Sealing Print Formation.

Zhang Futu had actually prepared this formation to trap him?

Wu Yu did not know too much about spirit designs. Spirit designs were too complicated, and he did not have the time to study them.

Feng Xueya and Lan Huayi could set up the 10,000 Swords Formation. Zhang Futu had trained for 200 years. It was indeed normal that he had spent a long time to set up this Minor Sealing Print Formation.

The key question was: had he gone crazy?

Wu Yu and Nangong Wei were instantly on alert. The two of them stayed close and observed their surroundings. As expected, they felt as though they were in a sealed world. Even the stars in the sky were no longer twinkling. It was like a painting. 

It was not just the sky. Their surroundings, even the snow beneath their feet, were sealed. Obviously, the Minor Sealing Print Formation that Zhang Futu talked about was already in effect.

Recalling the complexity of the 10,000 Swords Formation, Wu Yu knew clearly that it would not be easy to destroy Zhang Futu's spirit design. Since he had prepared for more than half a year, how could he make a mistake at this juncture?

According to his plan, four hours of time in this sealed world was enough for him to punish Wu Yu.

Just like he said, the fish had taken the bait.

Wu Yu was still calm. He protected the slightly scared Nangong Wei. He faced a vicious-looking Zhang Futu and said, "What is the point of your actions. With my fame in Shushan now, and with the attention from the Galaxy Sword Sage, even if you steal everything of mine, you will only be judged and sentenced if you remain at Shushan. Shushan values the master-disciple relationship the most. If you do this, you will die."

This was the part that confused Wu Yu. He originally thought that Zhang Futu would give up. He did not expect him to be so crazy. What was his motive?

As there were four hours of time, Zhang Futu was not anxious. He flew down from the wood cabin with his sword lanyard flapping in the wind and landed on the snow. He casually said, "That's right. After making that decision, I know I definitely won't be able to stay alive at Shushan. So I've decided to put you guys into a Sumeru Pouch and get out of Shushan. I'll disappear and never return!" 

Wu Yu frowned. "You mean you are going to kill both of us? We have the disciple amulets on. Once we die, Shushan's Soul Hall will know!" Wu Yu knew from the Orientation Log that there was a Soul Hall in the Clear Sky of Shushan. When a disciple died in battle, his disciple amulet would return automatically and the people in the Soul Hall would know the disciple's time and place of death.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Futu smiled confidently and said, "I don't have to kill you guys. After I bring you out in the Sumeru Pouch, as long as I control both of you, you guys cannot die within this period of time. Don't worry, I'm prepared. You guys will fit into and survive well in the Sumeru Pouch."

At this moment, Wu Yu understood what Zhang Futu was thinking about. 

He wanted to bring Wu Yu away, betray Shushan, disappear until he could snatch away Wu Yu's knowledge, and secretly train until Shushan could no longer do anything to him.

He had good judgement and knew how special Wu Yu was.

Hence, for him to take things to this step, he could really be described by the word “crazy.”

Since he had activated the Minor Sealing Print Formation, this meant that Zhang Futu would try his best to achieve his goal. He would even give up his life for it.

"You really are crazy." Wu Yu shook his head and looked at him coldly. It was icy cold in this snowy area, but it could not compare to the coldness in Zhang Futu's heart. 

"Haha...." He laughed without a care and said, "There's no hope for me to become an immortal. I will only be the most minor ranked in Shushan and live according to other's whims and fancy. In another 50 years, I'll probably just be a fistful of soil. My lifespan is even shorter than that of a demon. At this point, if I do not risk it, I, Zhang Futu, will only be a disappointment to myself...."

Hence, he had never given up his plan to snatch all that Wu Yu had. Except, he was countered by Wu Yu and had to temporarily withdraw his claws.

After finishing his sentence, he took out two items: a jade bottle and a spiritual immortal treasure. That spiritual immortal treasure was a little strange and looked a little like a spine. There were plenty of claws growing out from its sides, and they were blood-colored. It looked terrifying. 

Zhang Futu was drunk in his own thoughts and mumbled, "In this jade bottle is the Soul Controller Pill. Once you swallow it, you will obey my orders and tell me all your secrets. And this immortal treasure is named Skeleton's Cuff. As long as I tear apart your flesh and lock this Skeleton's Cuff on your spine, it will lock down your entire skeleton. In the future, your life will be entirely in my control. I can even control your body until everything you have is transferred to me.

"I spent almost all the merits that I've earned over the years on these two things." 

Wu Yu was focused on the Battle of Swords and Immortals and had forgotten about these two presents. 

It seemed too late to realise it now. 

After hearing this, Nangong Wei's face paled. She was still young and hence trembled badly. 

She said angrily: "Zhang Futu, how can you be so evil? Things that are not yours to begin with will never be yours. You can't snatch anything. I advise that you give up!" 

Zhang Futu sniggered, looked at her, and said, "Such a good girl. If you are not with this guy, you will not have such a sad ending. 

“You are useless to me. Maybe after leaving Shushan, I'll sell you off at some market. What do you think will happen if I sell you to some ghostly cultivator in the East Sea? They really like pretty little girls from righteous sects like you. "

"You!" Nangong Wei was livid from anger.

Wu Yu signalled for her to stop talking, retreat to the back, and protect herself. Without saying anything, he took out the Yin Yang Dao Sword. He split it into two swords, one in the front and one at the back. He faced Zhang Futu with the swords and stared at him coldly. "If that is the case, let's not waste words. While I'm thankful that you brought me to Shushan, let's use our abilities to determine who lives and who dies!" 

Zhang Futu laughed and said, "Kid, you're too naive. Even if you could defeat the number one on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals, you would still be no match for me. I'm a sixth tier Jindan cultivator. Not to mention I possess a Great Dao Mystique and dao techniques, I can just use my Jindan essence and send you to the underworld. "

Right now, Zhang Futu was the total opposite of the helpless and dejected look he had during the day. He laughed madly, as though everything was within his control. 

"Don't waste your efforts. It is your honor to be able to change my fate, to make me." At present, he stepped on the snow covered ground and kept the soul controller pill first. He dangled that sinister Skeleton's Cuff and walked towards Wu Yu step by step. Each step was heavy pressure for Wu Yu! 

At this moment, it was like Zhang Futu had said: it was as though all the pressure in heaven and earth had instantly pressed onto Wu Yu. That Zhang Futu had even used the power of the Minor Sealing Print Formation to pressure him from both sides. This made Wu Yu a sitting duck.

Within the heavens and earth, Zhang Futu's body seemed to grow countless tentacles. All of them grabbed Wu Yu and locked his movements. This caused Wu Yu's sword wielding arm to start sweating!

There was no doubt, this Zhang Futu was indeed strong. This was the true strength of a Huang sword rank disciple!

In some sense, Wu Yu was considered a genius, but in reality, he was still a weakling.  Before his potential had developed into ability, he was not much use in a battle to the death. 

"If you come any closer, I'll attack!" Wu Yu retreated and started to activate the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art at the same time. Serious sword qi started to roll out in waves around him. 

Zhang Futu sniggered, shook his head in pity, and said, "You have yet to understand the difference between us. Attack and I'll take on your sword barehanded. This way, you'll give up."

Zhang Futu had unimaginable confidence in his ability. 

Comparatively, Wu Yu was perspiring all over. His steps were light and he was now totally being suppressed. Under Zhang Futu's aura, he would most likely find it difficult to even use his dao techniques normally!

"Zhang Futu, you are seeking your own death. You cannot blame me!" Wu Yu suddenly shouted. 

Zhang Futu watched him make his move, instantly attacking. He grabbed the Skeleton's Cuff in one hand and audaciously tried to snatch Wu Yu's sword. He really did not not even consider Wu Yu a danger at all.

"This sword is mine!" Zhang Futu shouted angrily and reached out a single arm. A huge hand actually formed in the air. It was three zhang long and slapped onto Wu Yu. 

This was a type of dao technique. It was fast and great in strength. Zhang Futu's confidence was not without reason. He had over 200 years of fighting experience. 

An electrifying moment!

At that moment, Wu Yu held his breath. 

He attacked, but this was not the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art. It was a Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. However, this sword dao was not the key. It was simply a cover. The real trump was hidden by Wu Yu under that Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike. It was a Soul Devourer Talisman that he had lit and activated at the same time! 

Victory, life and death, fate, all in this move! 

"Zhang Futu, take this!" Wu Yu shouted loudly to distract Zhang Futu. 

"A small trick…." Seeing the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike, Zhang Futu really wanted to laugh. He wanted to laugh at Wu Yu for being overconfident, for not being able to recognize the difference between them and still making such useless attempts at resistance. 

When he used that big hand to easily block the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike, he did not expect a shot of black light. That light entered his body just like that. 

In the beginning, he could not care less about it. 

However, once the Soul Devourer Talisman took effect, Zhang Futu was perspiring and instantly fell to the ground, shivering. He raised his ghostly white face and looked at Wu Yu, who was hiding far away!

Wu Yu had a cold expression but was very relaxed. He was not nervous and helpless like before at all. This proved that he was just acting and that it was all to hide that one shot of black light.

"What is this, Wu Yu?" Zhang Futu asked, his voice hoarse from the pain.

"A Soul Devourer Talisman. I've prepared it for you long ago," Wu Yu said.

"Haha...." Zhang Futu's face was already a shade of deathly grey. He crumpled and fell to the ground. His eyes grew large as he stared at Wu Yu and said, "This is life. I thought you were the prey and that I was the hunter. I tried so many tricks to bait you, but I did not expect to be baited and poisoned by you!"

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "That's not true. It should be: karmic revenge."

He did not say more. This was also for the Ninth Spirit's dying wish. He believed that the Ninth Spirit had already seen this in the other world.

Except once Zhang Futu died, what should he do when Soul Hall found out....

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