Chapter 0240: Pure Yang Voidbreaker and Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal

In this battle, a clash of techniques should determine the winner.

Situ Gongde's single stroke had sent Wu Yu flying like a kite with a broken string.

Although he had not flown out of the battlefield, he was not very far from losing.

"Just ignorant nonsense. Got me wondering how much talent Wu Yu had - who knew that he would be trashed by Situ Gongde," somebody said.

Someone else said, "He should not have chosen an opponent that surpassed him. He must be thoroughly rash - I think he's only able to challenge those around the 8,000 mark. The attention of the Galaxy Sword Sage was a poison for him. It made him too anxious, and now he will only shame him."

Harsh jeers and taunts fueled by envy rose from the crowd. Clearly everyone was hoping for Wu Yu to lose.

Especially those who felt that they were more talented than Wu Yu. Situ Gongde, for example.

But Situ Gongde was still pretty surprised. After taking a blow straight on, this Wu Yu was actually not dead yet! At the last moment, the Vajra Buddha that Wu Yu had used had been more durable than he had expected.

"What dao technique was that? Or could it be an immortal root? His physical body actually has the strength to resist me?" Situ Gongde was inwardly taken aback.

However, this could not stop his deep disdain for Wu Yu!

After jeering, Situ Gongde again gripped his Claymore of the Deep Soil and bounded towards Wu Yu. His sparkling Vajra Stone body was dazzling under the sunlight.

At that moment, Wu Yu seemed to be completely consumed by the vortex of power.

But this was his mightiest, most invincible moment to date!

When he opened his eyes again, they were blazing orbs of fire. He suddenly moved, and his swords lanced out with whistling speed towards Situ Gongde!

The crowd was shocked. Things had already come this far, and Wu Yu was not going to surrender yet?

"Even when he was unharmed, he was smashed by a single move. Let alone now...." someone mocked.

The words had scarcely been spoken when Jindan essence began to pour from Wu Yu's body. The essence flushed through him and then channeled into a dao technique spiritual art that imbued his two swords.


In a flash, his left hand's yang sword was shrouded in a whirlwind of fire. The yang energy in the air around him was ignited by the spirit design on the spiritual immortal treasure. It madly consumed the yang energy, giving rise to many sword shadows!

In his right hand, the yin sword was covered in a sheen of frost. The icy gusts swirled and coiled, raising a bone-biting chill. In the wintry air, a huge beast seemed to stalk, its maw opened wide and menacing, ready to take a bite out of its enemy!

They moved at the same time, at the same step!

Besides the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, virtually no other immortal root could achieve this effect!

This sudden transformation left some unable to react. But the majority knew that Wu Yu might be about to attack with everything he had, which might mean a dao technique never used before!

"Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike!"

"Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike!"

The two dao techniques of the twin swords lanced out at the same moment!

Before, taking a strike from his opponent had pushed him to the limits. At this time, Wu Yu was fired up, and he would respond to his opponent in kind! At that moment, the excitement and explosion of sword dao reached unprecedented levels!


The Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike was like a coiling dragon of fire. Within, more than 900 beams of burning sword qi filled the air with dense smoke, as though they came straight from hell itself. The 900 odd bursts of sword qi rampaged through everything in their way, barreling down on Situ Gongde!

The Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike locked down one's mind with enigmatic yin energy. Instantly, the sky froze over, and a chilly wave rushed forth, bringing down the environmental temperature to an extreme. More than 900 bursts of frosty sword qi came from all directions to seal Situ Gongde's escape route, forcing him to duke it out with Wu Yu!

This time, Wu Yu had pushed himself to the limits.

In his breast, his pride rose!

In his eyes, the clouds faded!

Perhaps not even the creator of this sword cultivation dao technique would know that these completely different swords, employed at the same time, could bring about such might! The tornado of fire comprised of fiery sword qi was a penetrating offense, while the Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike covered the earth with frost. The clash of yin and yang gave rise to another burst of destructive power outside of the sword dao. And all of this had to be borne by Situ Gongde!

In that moment, Situ Gongde fell from heaven to hell!

He had not expected that. His most joyous moment had been shattered by the most frightening of sword cultivation dao techniques! In terms of worth in merits, Wu Yu's dao technique already surpassed a majority of the Jindan dao techniques.

"Isle-Splitter Claymore Art! Shatter, damn you!" Situ Gongde was completely flustered. He mustered the Jindan essence within him. Both hands gripping his sword, he delivered another devastating cleave!

"Nothing but illusions! Let me smash your petty tricks!" Situ Gongde roared so loudly, the entire place could hear him!

In that moment, the Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike's 900 blasts of fiery sword qi clashed against the Isle-Splitter Claymore Art's incredible power, generating a terrifying shockwave. The power of the two were evenly matched. The Claymore Art's power again rushed forth, and Wu Yu's Vajra Transformation completely blocked it!

But what Situ Gongde faced was the weakened Pure Yang Voidbreaker Strike as well as the Enigmatic Yin Spirit-Seal Strike that flanked him from all directions!


A thousand swords rushed forth, yin and yang interlacing with each other. They completely swamped Situ Gongde, and in that moment, Wu Yu could hear the sounds of Situ Gongde's Vajra Stone body cracking and shattering!

The ear-splitting sounds turned one's scalp cold.

"Cease!" Wu Yu knew that the limit was roughly there. If he continued, he would kill Situ Gongde on the spot. As a result, he kept some strength back, temporarily halting the dao technique. Even so, when the light from the twin swords faded, they could see that Situ Gongde had been sent sprawling. Upon closer look, his face was ashen, his expression blank. His rigid, stone-like body was covered in bloody scars. His torso was scorched black, while his other areas had been frozen.


The Argenti Chain in Wu Yu's hand was already flying out to bind Situ Gongde. Although he did not allow him to be dashed on the floor, he still dropped him out of the battlefield. This match was already over.

Before the sobered crowd, Wu Yu dragged Situ Gongde before his eyes.

Situ Gongde stared at him, white as a sheet. He hurriedly said, "I've already lost. Don't be rash! If you dare to touch me, the seniors will punish you!

His panicky manner was a poignant counterpoint to his arrogant disdain from before. Wu Yu could not be bothered with him, saying, "If I had wanted to kill you, I would not have held back my dao technique at the end. But please, tell me if you still think I am trash unworthy of knowing your name."

Situ Gongde was cowed now. Finally, he said, "I admit! You are stronger than I thought! But even so, you are still far from becoming the disciple of the Galaxy Sword Sage! Today, I was unable to stop you, but someone will do so sooner or later! Only the most talented disciples in the entire Common Sword Domain deserve to become the disciples of the Galaxy Sword Sage!"

It seemed like the Galaxy Sword Sage held too esteemed a position within his heart.

"Get out." Wu Yu could not be bothered with him. The biggest takeaway today was that he had managed to gain a solid grasp of the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art under the incredible pressure of the situation. 

He had familiarized himself with two of the main sword techniques, and the sub-techniques were mostly mastered. Even Wu Yu himself found this speed unusual. Learning this sword technique was even more important than increasing his cultivation level. Today, he had proven his strength without even using the Fixed Body Art or the Violent Art.

The price of 400 merits had been worth it. Of course, much good work had been done by the Yin Yang Dao Sword as well.

Wu Yu looked around him. Those who had gossiped about and jeered at him were silent now, and even looking a little embarrassed.

Finally, someone said, "I have a better idea of the Galaxy Sword Sage's thoughts now. This person's only flaw is his age. His level is far below his genius - he is only at the second tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. But besides that, his physical strength, immortal root, Jindan, intellect, and tenacity are all at the peak! Especially today - he even displayed a level of comprehensive ability that would be considered elite in the whole of Shushan, alongside his battle will!"

"Comprehensive ability? What do you mean?" someone beside him asked.

"Your news must not be on hand. It's said that this Wu Yu came by a Corpse Flower. Two months ago, he exchanged the Corpse Flower's merits for the Yin Yang Dao Sword and the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art. In these two months, he already comprehended more than half of a 400-merit sword cultivation dao technique. And at the start of the fight, it was clear that he has not mastered it. Today, he came to experience the intense pressure to force himself to the brink of death, and then succeed after being injured!"

"If it is as you say, then his comprehensive abilities are truly terrifying. Moreover, when coupled with such courage, and an inner will that stands up to the doubts of the masses, this person is indeed without flaws, save his age. He is exceptional in every way!"

"No wonder the Galaxy Sword Sage took a liking to him. At present, besides his lower tier as his only shortcoming, he could be the Galaxy Sword Sage's copy! Back when the Galaxy Sword Sage was about 14 years old, he was like Wu Yu is right now."

A single battle had caused all of Wu Yu's haters to shut up. And for the disciples of the four major sword ranks who had come from the Clear Sky of Shushan to watch him, they could give the clearest evaluation of Wu Yu.

And such an evaluation very quickly traveled out. It caused even more people to look at Wu Yu differently.

"Alright, this Wu Yu is indeed something. But he was born to a low station, and doesn't have a legacy like the Galaxy Sword Sage's Celestial Sword Emperor. How can he hope to compete with the Galaxy Sword Sage? Besides, the two have different dao. I feel like Wu Yu is not qualified to be his disciple, unless....."

"Unless what?"

"Unless he can beat even the monster who sits on the first seat of the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. That person is the true replica of the Galaxy Sword Sage!"

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