Chapter 0236: Spiritual Sword Palace

When Shen Xingyu said that, she pointed to that star in the sky, everyone who was discussing loudly instantly stopped speaking.

This time, everyone was really looking at Wu Yu and Shen Xingyu. Even many of those who were still fighting, as well as those who were on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals.

At count, there were hundreds of thousands of them, and almost all were martial cultivators at least at the Jindan Dao Realm. They were looking at Wu Yu in disbelief, and even in jealousy.

What Shen Xingyu was talking about was too unbelievable. 

Even Wu Yu could not react at the first moment. He still thought that Shen Xingyu was joking and hurriedly said, "Sister Shen, please don't tease me, I...." 

Before he finished his sentence, Shen Xingyu cut him off and said, "I'm not joking with you. That person up there, he does not have any disciples, but he does have some interest in you. Do you know who is it that I'm talking about?" 

She pointed to that star. Wu Yu, of course, knew who he was. Except that even he found it hard to believe, and said, "Sister, please stop joking, I know my own worth. This is definitely impossible." That was the Galaxy Sword Sage Shen Xingyao who was only 40 years old. Throughout the whole of Shushan, even if it was above the Clear Sky of Shushan, he was famous. He was also a disciple of the Seven Immortals of Shushan. If he wanted to take him in as a disciple, would that not mean that he would be the grand disciple of one of the Seven Immortals of Shushan?

If Feng Xueya knew, he would probably faint.

He had just shaken Zhang Futu off before meeting Shen Xingyao. The difference between these two was too big.

Wu Yu looked at his surroundings in surprise and saw that everyone was also in disbelief. They also thought that Shen Xingyao was teasing Wu Yu. And Shen Xingyao was a rising star. He had improved exponentially and was at the point of breaking into a higher tier. He would not be taking in disciples at this juncture. Based on Shen Xingyao's personality of a “dao fanatic,” he basically would not have the time to teach a disciple too.

Looking at Zhang Futu again, his gaze was lifeless.

Everyone only heard Shen Xingyu's gentle voice and giggles. She was very pretty and her smile was lovely. Everyone was charmed by her. 

Everyone was looking at her, waiting for an answer.

Perhaps what they wanted to hear was that she had simply just told a joke.

Even the first 10 on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals desired to become Shen Xingyao's disciple. Of course, their masters were basically also Heaven Sword rank disciples. Except, Heaven sword rank disciples who were a few hundred years old still paled in comparison to Shen Xingyao.

After Shen Xingyu giggled, she gently said, "What I say could be fake, but it could be true as well." 

What did that mean?

Seeing the confused looks, Shen Xingyu said, "The truth is that he has the intention to take you in as his disciple, but not now. It still depends on your future performance. If your future performance can satisfy him within a certain period of time, he could possibly take you as his disciple. If your performance is only average, then that would be a pity." 

So that was the case, it was only a chance.

Of course, while only a chance, this was much better than taking in Shen Xingyu or the other Earth sword rank disciples as his disciple. At least Wu Yu and this Shen Xingyao had some sort of a relationship, and that was enough to make Wu Yu famous within the Shushan Immortal Sect!

Shen Xingyao was famous in Shushan, even if Wu Yu was just a future disciple, it would attract many Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang sword rankers to see, to study and to investigate Wu Yu. 

"As for the period of time, even your big sister, me, is not sure how long that will be. My big brother is a weirdo and no one can predict his intentions. It is also to my surprise that he's focused on you. I can only say that you better perform well and fight for it. Perhaps your life may change. As for the others...." 

She looked at the surroundings and said, "From today onwards, as long as my big brother continues to focus on Wu Yu, no one can take Wu Yu as their disciple. Is that understood?" 

Everyone understood without a doubt. Who would dare to compete with Shen Xingyao....


From this moment onwards, everyone started looking at Wu Yu differently.

Of course, Wu Yu heard many comments.

"This Wu Yu's performance cannot be considered as outstanding. He is stronger than Shen Xingyu's disciple by a bit, but that does not mean anything. It is also not rare to attract the attention of any Earth sword rank disciple. It is his luck if a Heaven sword rank disciple is attracted to him. With a performance like this, what does he have to do to attract the attention of the Galaxy Sword Sage?" 

"From what I know, there are many younger than Wu Yu who are at higher tiers. There are even numerous people who have abilities equivalent to the fifth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm! If talking about talent, Wu Yu to defeating Li Canghai at this age could only be considered as a second-rate talent."

"Could it be that the Galaxy Sword Sage saw wrongly...."

"Relax, the Galaxy Sword Sage is also only observing him. Countless first-rate talents want to become the disciples of the Galaxy Sword Sage, there is no place for him. In a few days, the Galaxy Sword Sage will forget about him."

There were even more people expressing their displeasure.

Wu Yu knew clearly in his heart that his performance matched his age and that he was not considered to be overly outstanding on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals. While he would attract the attention of many Earth sword rank disciples, the Galaxy Sword Sage's attention instantly increased his exposure. Whether this was a bane or boon for him, that was still unclear.

Wu Yu unconsciously looked up to that star in the sky. He could not understand what this absolute talent was thinking about. Was this person a master like Feng Xueya, or was he someone like Zhang Futu....

This, Wu Yu had no idea.

"That's enough. Go back and improve on yourself. Fight hard during the next battle and have a more outstanding performance. Do not let others doubt my big brother's judgement."


Wu Yu felt that he had to calm down and think. 

He bade farewell to Shen Xingyu and left in a considerably low-key manner. He hid within the crowds, but from today onwards, even amongst the crowds, he would be outstanding. In fact, no matter where he went, people would be focusing on him. After a few more days, with the movement of personnel, Wu Yu's name would most likely spread throughout the Common Sword Domain and even draw the attention of many on the Clear Sky of Shushan.

"Wei Er."

After he left via a place with fewer people, Wu Yu found Nangong Wei, who had hidden in a corner.

"Big Brother, I heard everything. Congratulations. If that Shen Xingyao really takes you in as his disciple, then you will be famous throughout the whole Dong Sheng Divine Continent...." Nangong Wei was even more excited than Wu Yu. She jumped up happily and directly flew towards Wu Yu.

In this world of dao, especially in the Shushan Immortal Sect, the master-disciple system was extremely important. This was the connection in this strictly tiered system between the disciples of the Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang four major sword ranks and disciples of the Common Sword Domain. This concerned legacy and unity. The top levels of Shushan were highly supportive of any Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang disciples taking in disciples of their own. This way, they could uncover more talented sword cultivators. In fact, every once in a while, they would conduct comparisons among the disciples of the four major sword ranks disciples. If these disciples taught well, they could gain great merits.

"Things happened too suddenly. I'm also still confused. Besides, this is not confirmed yet, so let's not celebrate early. We'll discuss after we have calmed down." Wu Yu might’ve been excited in his heart, but he was also not careless.

"En, but according to what I know, while that Shen Xingyao is a man of few words, he has a good character and is very responsible. He is quite cool and should be much better than that Zhang Futu," Nangong Wei said very seriously.

Nangong Wei would not lie to him. She might be more familiar with Shen Xingyao, and Wu Yu was more reassured upon hearing her words.

"Zhang Futu is not young, yet he is only a Huang sword rank disciple. His position in Shushan is not high. That is why he covets me. And this Shen Xingyao is reportedly a 'dao fanatic,' so he will be proud and is unlikely to behave like Zhang Futu."

Following this train of thought, this was definitely a chance to change his fate.

He told Nangong Wei, "Looks like I have to fight for this chance. I better train now. What about you?"

Nangong Wei clung to his arm and said sweetly, "Naturally I will be going wherever Big Brother is going. I will not be content If I lag behind you by one tier! Hng."

Wu Yu thought about it. He was still considered a disciple of Futu Hall right now. If he wanted to focus on training, then he would naturally have to return to Futu Hall. However, he did not want to go back. Unfortunately, the other sword palaces might not accept him, and other than Nangong Wei, he had no other close friends.

Thinking hard, he said, "There seems to be this place called Spiritual Sword Palace. It has the best spiritual qi in the Common Sword Domain and can provide for the training and breakthrough of Common Sword Domain disciples. Except it costs 10 merits every month to stay there. Let's head there."

Nangong Wei had no objections.

While the Spiritual Sword Palace was costly, it was better than not having anywhere to go.

After deciding, the two of them took a few days to reach the Spiritual Sword Palace at the bottom of the Clear Sky of Shushan. That Spiritual Sword Palace was above a very tall mountain peak. From that position, you could see the Huang sword domain of the Clear Sky of Shushan. Hence, the quality of spiritual qi was almost at half the level of the Huang sword domain.

Looking up from the foot of the mountain, the Spiritual Sword Palace was shrouded in immortal fog. The whole palace was white like a heavenly palace. It was transcendent and elegant.

The average disciple would not be willing to waste merits here, but compared to the rest of the Common Sword Domain, this was indeed the best place.

The Spiritual Sword Palace was huge and could be compared to the Immortal Treasures Central Hall. Its interior was like Jindan Cave, which had countless personal areas. There were approximately a hundred thousand such areas. Each area was an enclosed, white space. It was 50 Zhang in height and 100 Zhang in length. However, it allowed at maximum only three people per area.

When Wu Yu arrived at the Spiritual Sword Palace, the surrounding people started talking once they saw him. This made Wu Yu understand that the news about Shen Xingyao had spread to the Spiritual Sword Palace.

Many young disciples seemed unconvinced. However, the one in charge here was a Huang sword rank disciple, and he was very tactful. Once he heard of Wu Yu's arrival, he quickly arranged for a good white training room. This training room was covered in immortal fog and could be locked from within - without Wu Yu's agreement, no one could enter. Wu Yu first handed over 10 sword cores and entered the room, locking it.

He was once again in the same room as Nangong Wei. While it was nothing to Wu Yu, the young lady's face flushed bright red.

"I'm going to study on the refinement of immortal medicines, let's do it together."

Nangong Wei shook her head and said, "That is the dao technique that you traded for with your merits. Even if it is the immortal medicine refining art, you must never show anyone else, including me. If the sect learns about it, they will punish you."

It was only then that Wu Yu recalled this rule.

But thinking about how Nangong Wei had helped him get so many merits, he realized that he really needed to thank her.

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