Chapter 0235: Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column

Jiang Fenghuo laughed: "Oh, that. It's the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. Originally, it was said to have been made by a lonely senior in Yan Huang Imperial City. Although it is a spiritual immortal treasure, its power is fairly terrifying. It's said to be able to level mountain ranges, scatter the seas, and suppress demons and ghostly cultivators. After a few turnovers, it reached our Shushan, and no one has used it for many years. After all, it would be strange for us Shushan disciples not to use swords. To tell you the truth, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column is really awesome. But if it is of no use to us Shushan disciples, then we might as well sell it back to Yan Huang Imperial City. Perhaps because no one wanted it for centuries, so it remains here. Nothing but decoration."

Without his explanation, Wu Yu could already deeply feel the power of the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. It was one of the most incredible spiritual immortal treasures that he had come across before.

"What if someone wants it?" Wu Yu was staring at it, his eyes wild. The Paranormal Pillar of Blood was not suited to his nature, and he had always been looking for something better.

Jiang Fenghuo recalled for a moment. "I seem to remember that the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column can be exchanged for 1,500 merits. It's the spiritual immortal treasure with the highest value in the Common Sword Domain's Immortal Treasures Hall. Although it is worth at least 2,000 merits, even priced at 1,500, no one can take it away. Unless those Huang sword rank or Xuan sword rank disciples come and take it away."


Although he had expected as much, the price meant that he was a spectator and not a buyer. Even if he did not exchange for anything else today, he did not even have 1500 merits. Besides, the Corpse Flower was a stroke of luck. If not for the Corpse Flower, Wu Yu could not even have traded for the Sword of the Mystic Eye.

The price left Wu Yu disappointed. He could only watch with hungry eyes. He longed to take it away with him, but a pity that he did not have enough sword cores! With 600 spent, he only had 600 merits left. Wu Yu still had to purchase immortal medicine refining arts and dao techniques! Especially dao techniques - that was what Shen Xingyu had urged him to learn! His current Jindan dao techniques were too basic.

"Junior Brother? Don't you use the sword? Could it be that you're interested in the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column?" Jiang Fenghuo asked, puzzled.

Wu Yu was sorts for a moment, and he chuckled sheepishly at Jiang Fenghuo's question. "Indeed, but the price is too high for me to buy it."

Jiang Fenghuo said with feeling, "That's true. You will realize that you sometimes do not have enough merits to buy what you want. Get used to it. After all, cultivation is not easy."

Wu Yu threw a few more looks its way, a little reluctant to leave.

"Big Brother...." Nangong Wei stared at him, then at the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. Her expression changed a few times, but she did not say anything else.

After escorting Wu Yu out of the Immortal Treasures Hall, he was still a little distracted. At Nangong Wei's prompting, they went to the Dao Arts Hall, where Wu Yu finally managed to put aside his longing for the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column. He spent a long time choosing two dao techniques, one of which was an immortal medicine refining art.

He had spent 150 merits on the immortal medicine refining art. It was considered one of the best manuals for beginners to learn how to refine immortal medicines. It was called the 9-9 Approaches to Medicine. Within it were nine types of immortal medicines, and each immortal medicine had nine ways of refining, and was comprised of nine different ingredients. The explanation was very detailed. If not for the backing of Shen Xingyu, others would not have recommended such an excellent immortal medicine refining art to Wu Yu. With the 9-9 Approaches to Medicine, Wu Yu's entry to refining immortal medicine and his subsequent foundations would definitely be much better than others.

The other dao technique had cost Wu Yu 430 merits. As a result, he had less than 100 merits left with him.

Wu Yu's principle had always been to have less but better. For 400 merits, he could have had a few decent offensive dao techniques. For example, the Torrential Water Dragon Slash that Li Canghai had used was worth about 150 merits. But Wu Yu had chosen to commit all of his merits into buying the best that he could currently master.

This dao technique was more often cultivated by Xuan sword rank disciples; many Huang sword rank disciples could not afford it.

It was called the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art. This was also a recommendation from the staff at the Dao Arts Hall upon hearing Wu Yu's needs. Ordinary sub-halls would not even have such dao techniques.

Wu Yu only perused the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art, and he got the impression that it was very complicated. But as advertised, its powers were astronomical - more than tenfold the Triple Kill of the Heavens, and at least thrice that of Li Canghai's dao technique. More crucially, it could completely bring forth the unique properties of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel. In terms of immortal roots, Wu Yu's Yin Yang Sword Wheel had great potential and was a match for other superstars in the sect.

In the end, the Corpse Flower's benefits had largely been spent. Wu Yu had been equipped with a set of the finest resources. Henceforth, Wu Yu truly understood how important merits were at Shushan. It was incomparable to the wealth of mortals.

A pity that he had to let the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column go just like that.

Wu Yu could only put this dream aside for now. Next time, if he came by even more merits, he would go back to trade for it.

Of course, that was not exactly probable. Corpse Flowers did not come by every day.

After he was done, Wu Yu met Zhang Futu again. Without a word, he carried them on to the Mountain of Swords and Immortals. But this time, Wu Yu was prepared to talk things out with Zhang Futu. As they flew in the air, Wu Yu spoke neutrally to the blank-faced Zhang Futu. "I know what your purpose towards me was. I know that you thought that a country bumpkin like me had come by something even you admired. That's why you tried to control me, and transfer all that I had to yourself. And as a result, you brought me back to Shushan. But you did not expect that I would break free of your control."

Zhang Futu was silent for a while, then replied, "Are you saying all of this because you won and want to rub it in?"

Wu Yu said, "That's up to your interpretation. The way that we interact is different now. I need you to understand that you missed the best time. From today on, you cannot do anything to me. And as a result, if you are willing to release me, that would be even better for you. If you continue to hound me, then whether I live or die, you will no longer be able to succeed through your way. I don't want to mutually destruct with you."

Zhang Futu was silent after that.

He said, "You mean that as long as I rescind our master and disciple relationship, you will not hold anything of the past against me?"

Wu Yu had not actually made up his mind about this. Because Zhang Futu did not know that Wu Yu had something else against him - the dying wish of the girl at Fox Branch Mountain.

But Wu Yu needed Zhang Futu to give up on him, and this was by far the best method he had come up with. As a result, he said, "Nothing much has actually happened between us yet. If you acknowledge this, then from now on, we will walk our own separate ways. Is that not for the best? Zhang Futu, many years from now, I might not even remember you."

Zhang Futu gave a bitter laugh. "That's right. You, Wu Yu, are shooting forth to success. I, Zhang Futu, will remain in obscurity. Why would you remember me?"

"It is as you said. I think that if you are wise, you will know what to do." It was a tricky thing to have internal conflicts at Shushan, especially when he was still Wu Yu's master. The matter of killing one's master was still a very serious thing by Shushan's sect rules.


Zhang Futu only chuckled lightly, but said no more.

He did not express an opinion either way, but flew on towards the Mountain of Swords and Immortals with Wu Yu and Nangong Wei in tow.

"What? Big Brother, the organizer of the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals is the Galaxy Sword Sage?" As they neared, Wu Yu retold what had transpired to Nangong Wei.

"What's wrong?"

Nangong Wei was a little frantic. In a soft voice, she said to Wu Yu, "This Shen Xingyao knows who I am. I can't be seen by him, so I can't be seen with you. I'll hide out in the crowd."

Wu Yu was a little surprised. Evidently, Nangong Wei and Shen Xingyao recognized each other. This meant that, like Nangong Wei had confessed, her father's status was very high. One had to know that Shen Xingyao was a popular person of the highest order.

"Alright." When they neared the Mountain of Swords and Immortals, Wu Yu let Nangong Wei down to mingle with the crowd, while he and Zhang Futu returned to the vicinity of the ancient bronze bell. Shen Xingyu was still waiting for him there, and Wu Yu naturally had to return the Earth Sword plaque to her.

Wu Yu was once again standing before this charming and interesting Shen Xingyu, and Wu Yu was not as nervous as before. He returned the Earth Sword plaque and expressed his thanks. Shen Xingyu asked: "What did you exchange for? Show Sister Shen?"

Wu Yu said, "A medicinal furnace and an immortal medicine refining art. I also bought the Yin Yang Dao Sword and the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth-Void Sword Art."

Shen Xingyu listened dumbfoundedly. "You're really not shy when it comes to spending merits. You just came by some wealth, and now you've spent it all. You might not have so many merits again in the future. But your choices are indeed good ones. Even the top few on the Leaderboard of Swords and Immortals might not have treasures as good as yours."

Wu Yu smiled slightly. He knew how he should spend merits.

At this time, he looked towards Zhang Futu, who had not left yet. Wu Yu felt that it was about time for him to say something.

At this time, battles were still continuing. Under Wu Yu's gaze, Zhang Futu suddenly said in a loud clear voice, "Dear senior brothers and sisters, junior brothers and sisters, and fellow cultivators of the dao. This humble creature Zhang Futu, master of Wu Yu, has an announcement.

"Wu Yu is an extraordinary talent, and this humble creature knows that his own potential is limited, and his ability insufficient. A mere Huang sword rank disciple is unable to mentor a rare talent such as Wu Yu. Therefore, today, I have decided to rescind our relationship of master and disciple, in order that other esteemed and willing cultivators amongst your august selves may take Wu Yu under your charge."

These words caused a great stir, and envious looks were thrown Wu Yu's way. Of course, some of that envy was directed towards Shen Xingyu as well.

Wu Yu knew that his words had connected with Zhang Futu. Zhang Futu had finally given up - a wise choice.

But before everyone, formalities were still important. In order to prevent others from thinking that he was one to turn his back on his masters and betters, a disciple who abandoned his master at the first sign of success, he said, "Master's grace is hard to forget. In Wu Yu's heart, your position will never change."

Of course, his ugly impression in Wu Yu's heart would never change. But it sounded pretty good.

What followed would depend on Shen Xingyu.

Wu Yu did not need Shen Xingyu to take him away. He simply wanted to shrug Zhang Futu off with everyone watching.

"Shen Xingyu, stop pussyfooting around and accept Wu Yu."

"That's right. If you don't make a move, this old man will beat you to it."

Under everyone's gazes, Shen Xingyu lifted a finger to her lips and shushed. "You're all wrong. It's not me, it's the one above your heads."

As she spoke, she pointed to the star in the sky.

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