Chapter 0234: Yin Yang Dao Sword

Walking into the central hall of the Immortal Treasures Hall, Wu Yu kept pestering Nangong Wei, but she insisted that she did not want any merits.

Wu Yu guessed that she felt that she would not stay in the Common Sword Domain for a long time.

And if her father was as powerful as she said, then he naturally would not allow her to wander outside for too long.

Wu Yu gave up on pressing her.

The Huang sword rank disciple inside the Immortal Treasures Hall was on his best behavior when he saw Shen Xingyu's Earth Sword plaque in Wu Yu's hand. He gave an ingratiating smile as he said, "This humble creature is called Jiang Fenghuo. Senior Brother Jiang will do. May I ask what the pair of you wish to see?"

"I want to see the medicinal furnaces." The Immortal Treasures Hall was so huge that having a guide was better than bumping around by yourself in the dark. It also saved time.

"Medicinal furnace? That's right, a disciple like yourself who has just entered the Jindan Dao Realm needs to learn the uses of immortal fire. There are hundreds of thousands of medicinal furnace immortal treasures within the Immortal Treasures Hall, and what is the rough worth of the medicinal furnaces you wish to see?"

Wu Yu considered this. The medicinal furnace could not be too shoddy. But he was also a new hand, and he could not splurge all of his merits on the medicinal furnace. A top-quality item would be wasted on a greenhorn like himself.

"About 200 merits."


Jiang Fenghuo was flabbergasted. He secretly wondered if this was a disciple related to Shen Xingyu. Such an extravagant hand - a medicinal furnace for beginners like Wu Yu would normally cost about 30 merits, or 50 for a very good one. For 200 merits, Wu Yu could use it for a very long time, and would also greatly increase Wu Yu's immortal medicine production rate.

"Please follow me, both of you." Jiang Fenghuo gave a fawning chuckle as he led them onwards. Wu Yu and Nangong Wei followed him. The passages of the Immortal Treasures Hall were complex, and immortal treasures were also classified by grade and type. The medicinal furnaces that Wu Yu needed would roughly be in the same place.

The Immortal Treasures Hall was well connected, and they twisted and turned for a long time before they finally arrived before a set of huge bronze doors. The doors contained carvings all sorts of beasts, made in a very lifelike manner. It was said that all of them were immortal beasts - lending the door an air of majesty.

There were thousands of such bronze doors within the Immortal Treasures Hall.

Jiang Fenghuo pushed them open and led the two in. The huge door slammed shut. Wu Yu's breath caught at the sparkle and shine within. All sorts of lights flickered along the walls, and the ceiling winked with colors. The interior was fairly large, and there were all sorts of medicinal furnace immortal treasures displayed on the bronze tables. There were about 500 of them.

"Here, we store the medicinal furnace immortal treasures, and they are roughly worth 100 to 300 merits. They have all kinds of uses, and there are 508 types. Each medicinal furnace has at least 10 in stock, which we do not display. Which would you pick?"

As Jiang Fenghuo spoke, Wu Yu was completely stupefied. He had always known that a superpower like the Shushan Immortal Sect was abundant in wealth. And when he saw the sheer number of medicinal furnaces and heard Jiang Fenghuo's explanation, he could guess that the entire Immortal Treasures Hall was stocked in a similar fashion. The Shushan Immortal Sect's wealth was even more ridiculous than he had imagined!  No wonder they were one of the biggest sects in the divine continent!

Besides, this was only the Common Sword Domain. The Clear Sky of Shushan was the true core of power.

Wu Yu walked and paused before the medicinal furnace immortal treasures. He was a complete amateur, so he could not understand what he was looking at. Seeing his hesitation, Jiang Fenghuo said, "How about I recommend you one? Since you are a beginner, what you need most is a medicinal furnace with high stability so that you can control the strength of the flame best, and increase your success rate of refining immortal medicines. In that case, you do not need a medicinal furnace with unique properties, nor will you require those that can produce customized immortal medicines. At the 200 merits range, this Three-Legged Cauldron is counted among those with the highest stability. It can be exchanged for exactly 200 merits."

Jiang Fenghuo led Wu Yu before a medicinal furnace. The medicinal furnace resembled a cauldron and had three legs. It was roughly half a chi in diameter and looked sturdy. It also had a few spirit designs on it that enhanced stable operation. On the lid, a black dragon was carved. It pressed heavily down on the three legs. Working in tandem with the other spirit designs, it indeed was a stable piece. With one look, Wu Yu could tell that the level of that spirit design was higher than the Sword of the Mystic Eye.

"This medicinal furnace can even be used to attack, because there is a Mount Tai Heavy Design within. It can also be used defensively thanks to the Boulder Design inside. In my opinion, this suits you best."

After making another round, Wu Yu felt that Jiang Fenghuo's pitch was persuasive. For now, he had to first learn how to refine immortal medicines, and for this range of merits, the Three-Legged Cauldron was the best fit.

Wu Yu decided to trade for the Three-Legged Cauldron. There was a Huang sword rank personnel within the hall, and Wu Yu handed over 200 sword cores for the Three-Legged Cauldron. After knowing that Wu Yu had been introduced here by Shen Xingyu, that person even handed over a spacious Sumeru Pouch, about three times larger than Wu Yu's largest.

"Safe travels."

Jiang Fenghuo was just about to see Wu Yu off. But he did not expect that Wu Yu would stow the Three-Legged Cauldron and say, "I still need two swords. Rough worth of 200 merits apiece."

"Two swords, and 200 each?" Jiang Fenghuo was stunned. He could not believe that Wu Yu had so many merits with him! 600 merits at once. Even ordinary Huang sword rank disciples might not have so many merits at one time!

"Follow me, follow me!" Jiang Fenghuo hurriedly brought Wu Yu in.

The most numerous immortal treasures at the Shushan Immortal Sect was naturally the sword! In this Immortal Treasures Hall, swords made up more than half of the treasures. They came in all shapes and sizes and catered to every need. There were hundreds of thousands of them.

And they were also divided into level and type.

Wu Yu's Sword of the Mystic Eye and Sword of the Blazing Rainbow were worth slightly more than 100 merits combined. In the battle with Li Canghai, he had keenly felt the inferiority of his own sword.

"Forgive my presumption, but there are simply too many swords. May I ask what type Junior Brother wishes to see?"

Wu Yu considered this. "Because my immortal root is unique, I can use two swords at the same time. Best if they are one yin and one yang. If not, then one metal and one fire."

The best fit for the Yin Yang Sword Wheel was naturally the Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords that Feng Xueya had gifted him. A pity that they were not on the level of spiritual immortal treasures - their immortal treasure spirit designs were just too weak.

Jiang Fenghuo smiled, saying, "Here at Shushan, any sword that you can possibly imagine, exists. If it is yin and yang you wish, then by my knowledge, there is one that suits you best."

Saying this, he enthusiastically guided Wu Yu to another set of bronze doors. Jiang Fenghuo flung them open and said, "The swords here are the elite swords of the Jindan Realm. They are all roughly worth 400 merits. My own sword is actually only about 300 merits. Merits are too difficult to earn, especially at the Huang sword rank. There are so many restrictions, and conversely, it is you ordinary dan disciples who have it a little easier...."

Of course, martial cultivators' expenses were not just limited to weapons. There were Golden Essence Pills, all sorts of immortal medicines, immortal essences, as well as dao techniques and talismans.

"400?" Wu Yu had asked for 200 apiece, why had he been brought here....

But Wu Yu soon had his answer, because Jiang Fenghuo had brought him to a place where the immortal treasure longswords were only too familiar to Wu Yu. They were pure white on the left and pure black on the right. They looked virtually similar to the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword! Of course, they were on a completely different level!

Wu Yu unfurled the scroll beside the immortal treasure longsword. On it was written: "This sword is the Yin Yang Dao Sword. It was created by a Shushan senior, a sword sage known as the Yin Yang Sword Sage. The sword can be split into two separate swords. This is suitable for those who can dual-wield swords. On it are eight immortal treasure spirit designs, of which two are core. They are the Yang-Gathering Ninth Rank Design and the Yin-Devourer Black Design. It gathers yang and devours yin, and can be exchanged for 410 merits. Note: Even when used as two separate swords, their individual worth is comparable to an immortal treasure longsword of 300 merits."

Without question, Jiang Fenghuo had found the most suitable immortal treasure for Wu Yu.

The Yin Yang Dao Sword resembled the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword on the outside, but it was far superior in quality.

When Wu Yu picked up the Yin Yang Dao Sword and split it into two, he could feel the connection between the twin swords and the Yin Yang Sword Wheel. The sword seemed to revel in the presence of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel.

In truth, many used twin swords one after another. There was virtually none who could use them simultaneously as Wu Yu did. Therefore, although the Yin Yang Dao Sword was excellent, very few people would trade for it.

Jiang Fenghuo stroked his beard and asked with a small smile, "Are you satisfied with this sword?"

"Many thanks to Senior Brother Jiang. This sword was made for me."

"Very good."

Jiang Fenghuo was very envious. He led Wu Yu out. They required an hour of flight before they could leave the hall.

Along the way, Jiang Fenghuo asked with feigned casualness, "If I might dare ask - is Junior Brother Shen Xingyu's disciple?" 

Wu Yu shook his head, saying, "Not yet."

Not yet meant possibility. Jiang Fenghuo understood and smiled. "Junior Brother's future is bright indeed."

Suddenly, Wu Yu stopped in the sky. He looked to the left and saw golden light shimmering from a corner. There were a few golden poles that were a full 20 zhang tall. These golden pillars were propped against the roof of the Immortal Treasures Hall, as though they held it up.

"What is that?" Wu Yu was compelled to go over. As he neared, the golden light danced in his eyes. He could see nine golden pillars emblazoned with golden mystical dragons. The dragons were ferocious and domineering, baring their teeth and claws in impressive fashion. This was clearly a type of immortal treasure, and the immortal treasure spirit designs had been worked into the dragons' scales. Each golden pillar had roughly nine golden designs, fairly intimidating designs which pressed heavily down on Wu Yu's head like a mountain.

"Big Brother." Nangong Wei's eyes were wide as well. She knew that Wu Yu specialized in a different type of weapon as well, and that he liked this one even more. Even more than swords.

"What is that?" Wu Yu flew over to stand in the midst of the nine pillars so that they were in every direction around him.

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