Chapter 0227: Mountain of Swords and Immortals

The three month deadline to their return was fast approaching.

Now that Wu Yu had surged forth to the second tier of Jindan, his Jindan was stronger and his Jindan essence more potent. His speed had increased proportionally, and Wu Yu took Nangong Wei on his Art of Sword Flight's sword energy.


They flew above the clouds, covering a 500 kilometers in a day.

The feeling of the Art of Sword Flight was wonderful. When he had just begun cultivation, this feeling of free sailing through the clouds as one luxuriated in the sunlight and looked at the scenery below had been Wu Yu's dream.

And now, he had achieved it effortlessly.

Each time he flew on his sword and looked down upon the world, Wu Yu did not regret the intense journey that he had embarked on.

Behind him, perhaps dizzy with the speed, Nangong Wei could not find her footing. She reached out her small arms that held Wu Yu's waist, hugging him with her face pressed to his back.

Her small warmth pressed close to him in the sky.

Looking back, Nangong Wei's blushing face was tilted low, too shy to look at him.

He saw that she had matured along their journey. Wu Yu did not treat her as a little girl now. After all, she would soon be grown up. Even now, she was a young woman.

In the blink of an eye, this girl who had barged into his life had become his shadow for close to a year. Perhaps this was fate. The older she grew, the more enchanting she became. Even now, without the charms of a fox demon, her beauty was already unrivaled. Those luminous eyes and perfect teeth, arched brows, and cherry lips. She emanated youth, fire, vitality in a mesmerizing mix. A born beauty.

However, Wu Yu was clear what he would face.

And therefore, as they flew, he said to Nangong Wei very seriously, "Wei Er, when we return to Shushan, we must separate immediately. Zhang Futu must be waiting for me. If he raises his hand against me, I will very quickly use the Soul Devourer Talisman to deal with him. It will be a time of extreme danger. Given my ability, I will definitely be unable to protect you. He might even use you as a threat against me."

"Big Brother, I might be able to help...." Nangong Wei hurriedly said.

"No way. This trial is one that I must pass by myself. Once I survive this, I will definitely come to find you. Wait for me in front of Jindan Cave, how about that?"

"Can't I...." Puppy eyes.

Wu Yu shook his head. This was too dangerous, and he could not implicate Nangong Wei.

"But.... if I really do kill Zhang Futu, and am punished by the sect, then if you can testify on my behalf, you might be of great help to me. That is why after we return, keep an ear out for news about me." He could not leave her hanging for nothing, and Wu Yu said this to pacify her.

There had to be someone powerful behind Nangong Wei, but her unusual status probably made it inconvenient to reveal.

"Alright. Wei Er will definitely do that." Nangong Wei nodded fervently.

Following which, Wu Yu began to anticipate and plan for various scenarios that might occur. Time passed quickly, and from the scenery, they could see the Clear Sky of Shushan nearing. Finally, before they arrived back at the Common Sword Domain, he adjusted his position before going to the gate at the Red Heart Sword Palace.

From afar, they could see that dozens of guards stood between the two huge swords at the Red Heart Sword Palace, including one Huang sword rank disciple. Basically, no one dared to invade Shushan, and Shushan also had countless spirit designs to defend against an attack. As a result, the main job of these guards was to keep records of disciples going in and out.

Wu Yu had barely landed and taken a few steps when he saw that there was one person in the crowd, hands clasped. He smiled broadly at Wu Yu, but it only gave Wu Yu goosebumps. That's right, it was Zhang Futu!

He was indeed waiting for Wu Yu.

Perhaps he had even gone out to search for him, although he had not been found.

For now, he showed no hostility at all, and Wu Yu would, of course, play along. He walked over and put his hands together in respect, saying, "Were you waiting here for me?"

Zhang Futu smiled and said, "What else? You are really bold. You only just joined, and are not familiar with Shushan at all. Yet you dare to go out to seek adventure. As your master, of course I was worried. You must know that the outside world cannot compare to Shushan. Many people will show you respect outwardly, but in truth, they will very likely do you harm if they can get away with it."

"Your disciple understands." Wu Yu nodded and then said, "That I have come back safely this time is also my luck. For now, your disciple will cultivate in peace. For the next few years, I will not go out. Master, please put your worries to rest."

"It's fine. Let's talk when you go back." Zhang Futu revealed nothing. He exchanged a few words with the Huang sword rank disciple on duty and then led Wu Yu and Nangong Wei into Shushan. His gaze naturally fell on Nangong Wei, saying, "This little girl was with you last time, and now she's with you again. The two of you must get along very well. Little girl, you have already reached Jindan despite your age. That is considered very talented. Which sword palace are you from? And which hall?"

"I don't want to tell you!" Nangong Wei said.

"Haha...." Zhang Futu laughed. He definitely knew that when Nangong Wei left, she had written “Green Glass Sword Palace, Futu Hall.”

"Wei Er is a mysterious one. Not even I know where she's from. Please don't press her." Wu Yu laughed along, and the scene looked like a natural and amiable one. 

Walking in, Wu Yu immediately said his farewell to Nangong Wei. "Wei Er, till next time. You're too playful, and hasty in all things. The next time you drag me out, I won't go."

"Alright. Thanks for accompanying me to the Demons' Abyss and then outside to play, Big Brother. Wei Er will be leaving first!" She responded quite well to Wu Yu, taking the responsibility for both the Demons' Abyss and going out. She turned around and ran for it.

From the side, Zhang Futu had heard all of this, and started to doubt himself a little. "Could it be that Wu Yu still does not know my goal? And that his three month departure was just a coincidence, instigated by that girl?"

He wavered a little, then decided to test a little. "I hear that you did not return to Futu Hall because you don't get along well with your senior brothers and sisters. Are you unwilling to go back?"

Wu Yu shook his head. "Of course not. It’s just that when I read the Orientation Log, I heard that Jindan Cave was a good place to reach the Jindan Realm. There, I met Nangong Wei, and the two of us attained Jindan at the same time. She dragged me to the Demons' Abyss. I was a little reluctant to kill demons, and so she took me out of Shushan to roam for a bit. As a result, I didn't have time to return."

"Futu Hall is, after all, your home. You cannot abandon it. As for Wang Fu and the others, they are not your match. At Shushan, as long as you have talent and surpass them, they will have to call you ‘Senior Brother.’ Got it?" Zhang Futu said.

"Understood." Wu Yu nodded.

A few simple words, but actually a silent struggle between Wu Yu and him.

"Follow me back to Futu Hall then. There are two things that I wish to give you. After all, I haven't really given you much after becoming your master." Zhang Futu smiled slightly.

Wu Yu said, "You have already given me the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow and the Sword of the Mystic Eye."

"That caliber of spiritual immortal treasure is too ordinary. This time, I will give you an immortal medicine, and an even better spiritual immortal treasure. Come with me." Zhang Futu smiled thinly. He took to his sword, allowing Wu Yu to follow behind.

If Wu Yu rejected him, then he was being openly defiant. Therefore, he mounted his sword and followed Zhang Futu towards the Green Glass Sword Palace. Zhang Futu watched his Art of Sword Flight, and the sword-energy beneath him faltered for a beat. He exclaimed, "Wu Yu, are you at the second tier of Jindan?!"

He had a skilled eye, and naturally could identify this.

Wu Yu nodded.

Zhang Futu was flabbergasted. "Impossible! You left Shushan, and the spiritual qi outside is definitely not dense enough to support such progress. Even those with the most outrageous of talents require a year or two to reach the second tier!"

Wu Yu said, "I don't know about all that. But I did eat some Golden Essence Pills."

Zhang Futu looked at him long and hard, then suddenly smiled. "Looks like my disciple is a genius among geniuses. Perhaps in the future, I will become famous because of you. I will be proud of you. Your future is immeasurably bright!"

Seeing that he had again unnerved Zhang Futu, Wu Yu laughed coldly to himself. He did not say much, but followed him again. He guessed that Zhang Futu was already considerably shaken.

The distance from the Red Heart Sword Palace to the Green Glass Sword Palace was rather far, and one had to cross the Common Sword Domain for much of the journey. From the Common Sword Domain's southernmost point to the east, the shortest journey would almost pass the Clear Sky of Shushan itself.

Back then, Wu Yu had spent quite a few days in order to reach the Red Heart Sword Palace in the south.

In order to bring Wu Yu smoothly to Futu Hall, Zhang Futu did not hurry Wu Yu along, but instead feigned warmth and affection. He facetiously inquired about Wu Yu's journey and wellbeing, and also imparted some valuable advice.

The more he did this, the more certain Wu Yu was that he was about to make his move.

Wu Yu had already prepared by putting the Soul Devourer Talisman in its own Sumeru Pouch. At the slightest sign of something weird, he would activate it immediately.

Along the way, he was equally cordial. Occasionally, Zhang Futu would meet some old friends and call out a greeting. When they passed taboo grounds, marvels, or key regions, he would also introduce them to Wu Yu. Besides the 99 sword palaces in the Common Sword Domain, there were also many other regions, such as Jindan Cave and the Demons' Abyss. All of them were rather small in scale.

After a few days, they had covered roughly half the journey. Suddenly, Wu Yu heard loud sounds towards the west, and he took a look. What he saw were dozens of sword-shaped peaks that were shaped like the Clear Sky of Shushan, although they were not as tall. But the marvellous thing was that these peaks were colored in many ways. One particularly unique sword-shaped peak stood tall enough to pierce the cloud layer. It was completely golden, and sunlight sparkled brilliantly off it.

Many people were gathered there, and it was extremely lively.

Wu Yu searched through the Orientation Log, then remembered this region and the name of that mountain!

This was a rather important region in the Common Sword Domain, many times more important than the Demons' Abyss! Here, the reputation of Shushan disciples was put to the test against their brethren. This was a place for one to rise!

This was the Mountain of Swords and Immortals!

This region on the mountain was known as the Battlefield of Swords and Immortals!

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