Chapter 0226: Cloud Banisher

Huang Lingyun's personal effects included one spiritual immortal treasure for daily use.

Golden Essence Pills, a total of 383. That was worth 383 merits, close to half of the Corpse Flower already.

There were more than 20 kinds of immortal medicines. Wu Yu did not know a majority of their names, but they were broadly classified into healing, body refining, strength gain, antidotes, and anti-evil. The Shushan Immortal Sect had a place which appraised treasures. He could go there to find out what exactly these immortal medicines did.

However, after Wu Yu looked through them, the value of these immortal medicines was definitely not on par with Huang Lingyun's spiritual immortal treasure.

Besides the immortal medicines, there were also immortal essences. Huang Lingyun was not very interested in immortal essences. Within the Sumeru Pouch, the best immortal essence only had two spiritual marks, and could barely be used to refine Golden Essence Pills.

However, it was said that only very advanced martial cultivators could refine Golden Essence Pills. If Wu Yu were to start learning to refine immortal medicines, he should start with Spirit Concentration Pills.

There was also about 20 talismans. Huang Lingyun seemed to have been something of a hobbyist in talismans. There were all kinds of talismans with all kinds of different levels of strength. Wu Yu could only identify a few.

"If these talismans were sold, they would bring in many Golden Essence Pills."

The most valuable amongst them was a talisman known as the Carpet Bomb Talisman. When activated, it would cover a radius of 100-li in fire. For martial cultivators like Wu Yu, who were unafraid of fire, fighting in such terrain was very advantageous.

Wu Yu was loaded now, and therefore in no hurry to sell anything.

Huang Lingyun's spiritual immortal treasure was a banana leaf-like fan. It was jade green in color, and trimmed in gold. There were many immortal treasure spirit designs on it. The main one was a Tempest Demon Design. This fan was called the Cloud Banisher. In the sky, Wu Yu could banish the clouds with a simple wave. On the ground, it could uproot all trees 10 li ahead of him, and even mountains could be blown over.

Evidently, the Cloud Banisher was a precious spiritual immortal treasure even at Zhang Futu's level.

For spiritual immortal treasures, the difference between the best and the worst was enormous. Wu Yu's current spiritual immortal treasures were not considered the best. They were far inferior to the Cloud Banisher.

However, he decided to give the Cloud Banisher to Nangong Wei.

Because Nangong Wei had said that she did not need Golden Essence Pills - she still had many, you know.

Wu Yu's logic was like this: The Soul Devourer Talisman was Nangong Wei's, and should belong to her. But now both were Wu Yu's. And then Wu Yu had used one to kill Huang Lingyun, so Nangong Wei had a share of all they had. Although she refused everything.

"Here, the Cloud Banisher." Wu Yu shrank it into a small fan the length of his finger, and pressed it into her hand.

Nangong Wei hurriedly said, "Big Brother, all of this is yours. I can't accept it."

Wu Yu glared at her, saying, "Cut it out. Besides, I don't like such a feminine immortal treasure. And now with merits, I can choose one that suits me on my return to Shushan. Although the Cloud Banisher is powerful, it is not very useful to me. Conversely, you're not as strong as I am for now. If we meet danger, you can use the Cloud Banisher to aid me."

Although he said this, Nangong Wei was still hesitant.

"Hold it well. Treat it as a present from me." She was so adamant, and Wu Yu had to pull out that line now. After all, she had formed a team with him, and he did not feel good taking all the loot for himself.

Without her, Wu Yu would not even have noticed the Soul Devourer Talismans.

"Present?" Hearing that, Nangong Wei immediately kept it, grinning excitedly. "Since it is a present from Big Brother, then Wei Er will keep it well. Even for 100 years, no 1,000 years, still I will keep it."

"That depends on whether you can live that long." Wu Yu could not help but smile.

In terms of Golden Essence Pills, Wu Yu had insisted for very long, but still Nangong Wei would not accept even one. Wu Yu could only give her 10 talismans that would protect her life. These talismans were still extremely potent against anyone at the third tier of Jindan and below. At critical moments, they would be very useful to Nangong Wei.

This loot division had taken up quite some time.

After they were done, Wu Yu said, "In less than two months, we have to return to Shushan. I must have a breakthrough before I return, or it will be dangerous for me to go back."

Although he had the Soul Devourer Talisman, Wu Yu still regarded his own strength as the foundation.

"Big Brother, is it your master that wants to harm you?" The two had never spoken explicitly about this issue. And now that they had gotten much closer through their shared hardships, Nangong Wei finally broached the issue.

"Mm." Wu Yu trusted her as well now. She was the only one in Shushan who Wu Yu trusted.

"He covets my talent, and wants to take away all that I have," Wu Yu said solemnly.

Nangong Wei was angry, bursting, "How could there be such a master!? What a baddie! Big Brother, don't be afraid. Even if he's a Huang sword rank disciple, you can definitely defeat him with the Soul Devourer Talisman. Wei Er will also help you."

Wu Yu watched her frantic expression. When he thought about it, Nangong Wei was probably a descendant of someone important in Shushan. When he had to kill Zhang Futu and bear the ignominy of having killed his master, she might be able to help him. Of course, Wu Yu did not wish for her to help him with her actual strength. Although she was a genius, she was still young.

"Big Brother, quickly go and cultivate. Wei Er will protect you."


Time was of the essence, and Zhang Futu must’ve realized that he was aware of him now. Perhaps his return this time would result in a direct confrontation.

"Great Way of Immortality Art, white Jindan. I will use these Golden Essence Pills to test your limits!"

Ordinary people took the process of refining Jindan through consuming Golden Essence Pills very seriously, afraid that they might overstep their limits. Wu Yu's astonishing talent, combined with his otherworldly Immortality Art, gave him confidence that he could bear the power of these Golden Essence Pills.

As a result, he began to pop the Golden Essence Pills one after another like popcorn, devouring them. Within his body, his Jindan whistled. The Jindan essence worked furiously, absorbing the potency of the Golden Essence Pills. At the same time, the immortal fire purified the Golden Essence Pills, concentrating them through its heat, until they were one with the white Jindan, which continued to grow stronger and stronger!

Wu Yu was completely focused on this. Nangong Wei was standing guard, and she would alert him if there was danger. And so there was nothing for him to worry about. He forgot everything else in this moment!

Eat, process, temper, refine, fuse!

The process did not cease! 

The Golden Essence Pills were like molten lava. Each time he ate one, his body would be flushed anew. Even with his Invincible Vajra Body standing firm, he still felt the pain. Improving himself through this method was much more agonizing than for others.

However, because of the trials that the last two tiers of the Invincible Vajra Body had put him through, his threshold for pain was supernatural.

From an endurance of pain, to an almost perverse thirst for pain.

After coming to the giant that was Shushan, Wu Yu's thirst for power only grew. Perhaps this was because he was too insignificant at Shushan. He was despairing a little; therefore, he seized this opportunity before his eyes!

"If Zhang Futu does not die, I will not be able to advance an inch at the Shushan Immortal Sect!"

Wu Yu gritted his teeth. The person that he respected the most, Feng Xueya, had been compelled to lower his head before this man. Thinking of that, his heart was filled with fire.

And the Ninth Spirit's hatred was also within his blood. Thinking of that graceful and beautiful fox demon, his heart ached!

10 days, 20 days, 30 days!

Each day, Nangong Wei watched Wu Yu's agonized expression as golden flames spurted from his body. The entire lake had been evaporated by Wu Yu, and still he did not stop.

"What spiritual art is Big Brother using? He has actually processed more than 300 Golden Essence Pills! After I reached Jindan, Father cautioned me about the Fire God's Sutra. Within a year, I cannot process more than 300 Golden Essence Pills. In a month, 30 at most. When my Jindan grows stronger, I might be able to process more. If Big Brother continues like this, will he be in danger...." Nangong Wei was very anxious.

Of course, she was also taken aback.

This young man was so mysterious. Where had he come from?

"Perhaps it is his Jindan Condensation Wondrous Art that allows him to bear more Golden Essence Pills. But this is not a good thing. Relying on Golden Essence Pills alone, Big Brother's Jindan might become unstable. He might be able to hold on for now, but when his Jindan grows bigger, it will be troublesome if there's a problem in it....

"But in order to deal with his master, this is the only way.... Perhaps I should go and beg Father, and ask him to help Big Brother. But given Daddy's temper, he will definitely not be bothered with the Common Sword Domain's affairs...."

Nangong Wei was brooding over this.

Each time Wu Yu took a Golden Essence Pill, her heart would skip a beat, worried that Wu Yu would suddenly combust.

On the 40th day, Wu Yu had less than 30 Golden Essence Pills remaining. Suddenly, a golden wave washed through his body, sweeping out to cover Nangong Wei in a wave of ash.

Wu Yu's howl rent the skies!

At this moment, the golden flames that raged from his body licked the skies. They were 100 zhang high.

Bathed in the inferno, Wu Yu stood up like a golden god of war!

"The Great Way of Immortality Art is so terrifying! I've directly shot to the second tier of Jindan Jindan on Golden Essence Pills alone, and still I can process more? Where is the limit?"

In truth, Wu Yu was also very shaken by this.

"However, this is about it. I have to return to Shushan and slowly process through spiritual qi. Advancing too fast might cause me to lose my sense of self."

He eventually calmed down.

And at this moment, he spotted Nangong Wei, a little kitten with a dust-covered face. He could not help but laugh.

But Nangong Wei very severely told Wu Yu about her worries.

"Big Brother, no one refines through Golden Essence Pills like you."

Wu Yu thought about this. He could not tell her about the Great Way of Immortality Art, and so he said, "This is an exception of the Jindan Condensation Wondrous Art that I use. However, it is only usable for the jump from first to second tier. I won't do so in the future."

"Ohh, so that's how it is. I knew it." Hearing this explanation, Nangong Wei's worries were put at ease.

"It's about time. Time to head back." Wu Yu lifted his head and looked north. The towering Shushan seemed to loom right before his eyes.  

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