Chapter 0225: If I Could Live My Life in the Moment We Met

Immortal fire was effective, and to Wu Yu, this was news so good, he could scarcely believe it.

His jumbled emotions had finally settled down into a calmer state.

"Big Brother, what is that you're using? My tummy's nice and warm." In her groggy state, Nangong Wei opened her eyes to look weakly at Wu Yu.

"Wei Er, don't worry. I've found a way to save you. Just hold on, and don't be afraid." Wu Yu said softly to her. The immortal fire in his hand never stopped.

Hearing this, Nangong Wei gave a faint smile and said contentedly. "Wei Er knew that Big Brother would have a way. Big Brother never goes wrong."

He had to try his hardest to help her tide through this. But the ancient battlefield was not the best place to expel poisons. And with so many people watching, who knew which of them had bad intentions!

Wu Yu immediately mounted his sword, hugging Nangong Wei close. He flew on his sword through the ancient battlefield, quickly finding an exit and leaving it behind. This time round, he had gained much. A pity that he had to put Nangong Wei through so much hardship.

While Wu Yu flew past, all the Cloudy Palace people under Huang Feiyun roared with laughter.

A martial cultivator who resembled Huang Lingyun said, "Father is wise. Although only one of them lost their life, at least vengeance for Younger Brother has been exacted." 

Huang Feiyun's smile faded. "Don't talk rubbish. I've never seen a Corpse Flower before. How would I know that it was difficult to deal with? This has nothing to do with me. Don't let others hear you."

The man nodded, saying. "Father, please do not worry. I know how to deal with this. As for Lingyun, he can only blame his own luck."

Huang Feiyun shook his head. "He was too rash. Didn't even clear it with me. He deserved to die."


As Wu Yu flew, he used his immortal fire to scour Nangong Wei while he searched for a place to hide.

He did not need any rich and bountiful land - just a place where he would not be disturbed.

Nangong Wei was suffering greatly, and Wu Yu just wanted her to heal as quickly as possible. After about an hour, he saw a pristine lake. It was deep, and Wu Yu used the Unorthodox Arts to create a transparent bubble three zhang in diameter around him and Nangong Wei. And then he sank into the bottom of the lake. With the lake water obscuring vision, ordinary martial cultivators that flew past would not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Sinking down, all was quiet around them, except for the lapping of the lake. Above them, the sunlight filtered down, creating a marvelous illumination. As Nangong Wei opened her eyes, she asked. "Big Brother, where is this?"

"The bottom of a lake." Wu Yu held her close to his chest, her back towards him. The two sat cross-legged as he said to her. "I can use my immortal fire to purge the poisons from your body, but it might take some time. You must have patience, and not give up. Alright?"

After all, her own immortal fire was not as special as his. It could not expel the poison on its own, so she had to depend on Wu Yu.

"Alright, Wei Er is not afraid. Big Brother is here." Nangong Wei smiled slightly, her eyes steady.

Wu Yu said no more. Now that he had found a quiet place, he poured on his immortal fire powerfully, the white immortal fire streaming forth from his body. He still could not control the fire perfectly for now, and the immortal fire could not be placed directly on Nangong Wei's snow-white skin, or he might risk burning her to death. He had to maintain a safe distance.

At the same time, Wu Yu had pulled out all his regenerative, strengthening, and healing immortal medicines for Nangong Wei to use.

The immortal fire traveled upwards from his Jindan, following his body's channels until it left the body. Because Wu Yu could not control it fully, the immortal fire burnt his clothes clean off where it emitted from his body.

But for now, saving her life was the crucial point here. He closed his eyes, unable to care too much about this.

Naturally, Nangong Wei's own clothes were also burnt away cleanly by the fire, exposing her pubescent figure. Womanliness was starting to show underneath, and this beauty-to-be would be world-class in another two years. Even though she was just 14 years old, everything was just right in the right places, and she was an attractive enough figure as she was.

The white immortal fire circled both her and Wu Yu's bodies, so even though their clothes were burnt off, they could not see each other.

As the immortal fire circle grew in strength, the poison fled from its natural enemy. From its spread throughout Nangong Wei's body, it quickly contracted. Where it was slow to recede, the immortal fire burnt it away.

Caged by the immortal fire, Nangong Wei felt extremely warm. The regenerative immortal medicines within her body were starting to take effect as well. As time passed by, she felt the discomfort lessen, and her alertness returned.

Once she realized that she was completely naked, her dull face flushed bright red. For a young woman who had just begun to feel the pangs of love, her heart raced. She did not dare to look back, because she knew that Wu Yu was most likely in the same state.

"Focus," Wu Yu warned.

"Hmph!" Nangong Wei stuck out her little tongue, the light already returning to her eyes.

She could feel that the demonic poison was running around her body and being destroyed, no longer tearing at her like before. Her body was slightly injured, but the recuperative medicines and her own natural strength combined to speed her recovery along.

Nangong Wei had found her own Sumeru Pouch and retrieved a few immortal medicines. Hers were much stronger than Wu Yu's, although she had nothing that directly counteracted the Corpse Flower. She used these now, and Wu Yu realized that the damage caused by the Corpse Flower's toxins were healing at a visible rate.

In less than an hour, her flesh had returned to its pert and round form, her complexion as fair as fresh fallen snow.

Color had returned to her face as well, her eyes gleaming.

At this time, although much of the poison still remained within her body, she was already out of danger. Chased down by the immortal fire, it was powerless to affect her.

Because of their naked bodies pressed against each other, her heart was racing, and her face beet-red. The process felt like an eternity.

But Wu Yu had no choice. The poison ran everywhere, and the immortal fire had to follow, until it was destroyed by fire. And that meant the clothes had to go too.

A long, long process.

After about half a day, Wu Yu was extremely fatigued. His Jindan grew dull. Whether using Jindan essence or immortal fire, it drained one's Jindan.

He reached into Huang Lingyun's Sumeru Pouch and retrieved a Golden Essence Pill. He consumed it as he continued to call forth the immortal fire.

Nangong Wei did not dare to look at him, but she knew that he had to be tired. A little heart-sore, she said, "Big Brother, how about you rest for a while? Wei Er is fine."

"No way. If I stop, the remaining poison will still run rampant, and you will feel horrible," Wu Yu said.

"A little discomfort. It's nothing. Rest, Big Brother." Nangong Wei's voice trembled a little. Perhaps even speaking to Wu Yu was making her nervous now.

"Focus. Don't speak," Wu Yu said.

He felt responsible for this, and so he could not stop. He had to carry on even if he was tired.

Nangong Wei was a little disconcerted. The warmth enveloping her body melted her heart. She would remember her time at the bottom of this lake for the rest of her life.

Each breath was a nervous skip of her heart.

At their proximity, she could even hear each and every breath that Wu Yu took.

Continuing thus, Wu Yu continued to consume Golden Essence Pills to fend off his fatigue. This process took a full three days and three nights. Nangong Wei could clearly feel that the Corpse Flower's poison was lessening within her body, until it was completely gone.

After they were done, Wu Yu's voice said from beside her ear, "Close your eyes and put on your clothes."

"Hmph! I wouldn't look at you." Although Nangong Wei's eyes were shut, her lips were turned up. She was super happy on the inside.

From her Sumeru Pouch, she chose her prettiest skirt and quickly donned it. Done with her adjustments, she saw that Wu Yu was already properly dressed, his back to her.

"Big Brother, all done." Nangong Wei was still a little nervous. After this incident, Wu Yu now held a very important place in her heart.

Only now did Wu Yu breathe a sigh of relief. He turned around to see her dressed charmingly. He could not resist looking a few more times. Especially her smile, full of life. It was wonderful that such a girl had not died before her time.

But after holding out for a few days, he was extremely fatigued.

"I'll rest for a while. You can play by yourself, but don't go too far. You hear me?" Wu Yu told her. At this time, he was already completely spent.

"Mm, mm!" Nangong Wei nodded fervently. She was going nowhere.

Wu Yu sat in the lotus position and began to recuperate. His recovery took at least three days. Three days later, he was finally fully recovered. Seeing Nangong jumping up and down vigorously, he knew that the ancient battlefield affair was finally over, and that they had come out with great rewards.

"Let's split our booty!" Wu Yu was in good cheer. Still at the bottom of the lake, the two took out Huang Lingyun's Sumeru Pouch.

But first Wu Yu said, "Wei Er, you found the Soul Devourer Talisman first, but I have great need of the remaining one." Before he finished speaking, Nangong Wei said, "Big Brother, you saved Wei Er's life this time. I don't want anything else, except to be able to adventure with Big Brother in the future. That will make Wei Er very happy."

In her bones, she was still excited to explore the vast world.

Wu Yu shook his head. He had his rules. "That won't do. What's yours is yours. We are a team, and I can't have it all for myself."

He regarded the Soul Devourer Talisman as the best reward. They had left for three months, but they would have to go back. And the Soul Devourer Talisman was his courage. The moment Zhang Futu laid a hand on him, he would not care about the sin of killing one's master. He would send Zhang Futu on to the next world.

He guessed that Huang Lingyun was about as powerful as Zhang Futu.

And then he would clean out all that Zhang Futu had.

Wu Yu carried virtually all his possessions with him, but that was not the case for everyone. In order to guard against theft, they would put some valuables within the sect's vault, under the sect's guard. That was safer.

Opening the Sumeru Pouch, Wu Yu realized this.

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