Chapter 224 - Deadly Poison

Perhaps it was because the Corpse Flower was too horrifying. Despite knowing it could be sold for a high price to a ghostly cultivator, no one dared to fight with Wu Yu over it in broad daylight. 

If one had encountered it by himself, they might have risked it under the temptation of monetary benefits. 

Within this ancient battlefield, the general direction was still controlled by Huang Feiyun and Zhu Zixing. If one could get something out of it by picking up the leftovers, that would be considered really lucky too. 

Obviously, some of them still threw glances of envy over from time to time. 

To become a Shushan disciple was perhaps the dream of many on the ground. It was just that they had been eliminated. 

Wu Yu and Nangong Wei exchanged glances. Wu Yu asked, "Do you have a better solution?" 

Nangong Wei shook her head and answered, "Nope. Let's just cut it down and grab it with our Sumeru Pouch. Let's do it with our spiritual immortal treasures and not get near it." 

They were afraid of getting poisoned by the Corpse Flower and getting devoured by it if they got too close. 

"I guess that's all we could do now." 

Wu Yu and Nangong Wei kept their distance from the Corpse Flower. After verifying that the vines of the Corpse Flower couldn't extend to their position, Wu Yu then controlled the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow and Sword of the Mystic Eye with his Art of Sword Control to pierce towards the roots. 

Wu Yu wanted to pull out the Corpse Flower by the roots.

The Sword of the Mystic Eye was the sword of the vajra and was extremely sharp, while the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow had raging, scorching flames that were the best counter against the evil and creepy Corpse Flower. When these swords approached, the Corpse Flower let out incessant, piercing shrieks. Large numbers of vines rolled up as it attempted to hit the swords away. 


However, Wu Yu was very cautious. Furthermore, the vines of the Corpse Flower were only known for their poison. Its toughness couldn't be compared with spiritual immortal treasures. All one could see were golden lights flashing and flames of seven colors raging. In just a short while, Wu Yu severed that Corpse Flower and even pulled out most of its roots. 

Once the Corpse Flower lost its support, it fell flat to the ground. After being severed by Wu Yu, it seemed to have lost its power and no longer struggled. It was as though it had died. 

However, it was an object with four spiritual marks. It retained its colorful appearance and was inhaling and exhaling spiritual qi through its spiritual marks. One could easily tell that this was no ordinary object. 


Seeing that the Corpse Flower had lost its vitality, Wu Yu remarked as he cleared out his Sumeru Pouch with the largest space, "I will need a Sumeru Pouch with a large space in order to fit it."  After arriving at the Shushan Immortal Sect, Wu Yu witnessed that the Sumeru Pouches in this place were really huge. The largest of them might even be able to fit an entire mountain. 

However, Wu Yu was still wary of touching the Corpse Flower, as it was poisonous. 

"The sect has no use for this Corpse Flower. The reason why it can be exchanged for merits is mainly to reward disciples for destroying it and preventing it from falling into the hands of the ghostly cultivators.  In that case, I don't have to be worried about getting a complete Corpse Flower. All I have to do is to bring it back to prove that I have annihilated a Corpse Flower." 

Wu Yu got a little agitated at the thought of being able to exchange this Corpse Flower for over 800 merits. After killing for a long time within the Demons' Abyss, he had only obtained 20 merits. A fox demon that possessed a Natural Mystique was worth a meagre 40 merits. Yet he had obtained a talisman that could save his life and 800 merits this time. 

The rewards were too great. 

Obviously, he had also obtained the Sumeru Pouch of Huang Lingyun. It wasn't appropriate for Wu Yu to check it right away. Nonetheless, there would definitely be a substantial amount of treasures in it.

The advantage of merits was in the fact that once one could gather a certain amount, they could be exchanged for countless treasures from Shushan. There was a wide variety of treasures, and one could definitely find something that he would need! 

"Argenti Chain." He threw out the Argenti Chain and extended it greatly to wrap the corpse flower into a ball. After ensuring that the Argenti Chain had completely sealed it, Wu Yu finally pulled it over slowly. 

At the same time, he pulled the opening of his Sumeru Pouch to the largest possible.  The Na Word Array changed accordingly. Using one's spiritual power, one could, in fact, adjust the size. The Sumeru Pouch could be adjusted to the size of its interior space. For example, the one in Wu Yu's hand could be adjusted to the size of two rooms, which would just barely allow the Corpse Flower to be squeezed in. 

Wu Yu saw the Corpse Flower as money and assets. Therefore, he controlled it carefully as he placed it within the Sumeru Pouch. 

The surrounding crowd could only look at Wu Yu in envy. They weren't disciples of Shushan and would have no use of it even if they managed to get their hands on it. 

Nangong Wei jumped up in joy and had a radiant smile. "That's great! Now Brother will be able to trade for all the things that you want and learn and the things you are interested in!" 

Seeing that she was so thrilled, Wu Yu unconsciously relaxed a little. 

At this instant, the accident occurred!

Immortal essences were a form of plant, so they typically wouldn't possess intelligence and wouldn't move on their own. 

However, the Corpse Flower was extraordinary. Perhaps it was because it had grown by absorbing corpses. Within the four spiritual marks, there was too much deathly energy and grudges. These allowed the Corpse Flower to move as though it was a living animal. 

Its consciousness was similar to the erratic state of evil ghosts, and it had a basic instinct of survival. 

The truth was other than beasts, plants and the dead could also become demons. Typically, plants that became demons were more likely to be immortal essences that had turned into demons directly.  This Corpse Flower clearly hadn't reached the stage of a demon. 

Ordinary plants, rocks, and similar objects would be much stronger than ordinary demons once they became demons. 

Just as it was about to be fitted into Wu Yu's Sumeru Pouch, the severed ends of the Corpse Flower suddenly ejected a black misty fog towards Wu Yu and Nangong Wei. 

This happened so suddenly that the two of them couldn't react to it. The two of them immediately tried to dodge, but Wu Yu felt part of this black, misty fog land on him. 

"Vajra Transformation!" 

In that instant, his body turned into gold. When the misty fog landed on him, it wasn't able to penetrate his body. Wu Yu immediately swung it off. Still in shock, he quickened his pace and pulled the Corpse Flower, together with the Argenti Chain that bound it, into the Sumeru Pouch. After which, he closed it and shrank the Sumeru Pouch until it fell onto its hand. 

The Argenti Chain had to remain there. Otherwise, the Corpse Flower would wiggle and even break out of the Sumeru Pouch. 

After everything ended, Wu Yu did a quick check of himself. As he had activated the Vajra Transformation in time, so the poison of the Corpse Flower had not affected him. 

At this moment, Wu Yu's Invincible Vajra Body was much stronger than all the physical bodies he had seen. Even if the poison had penetrated into his body, it would likely not have been able to harm him. 

However, Wu Yu was worried about Nangong Wei. 

The accident happened too suddenly and he did not have the time to think about her. Now that he took a glance, he was shocked. Wu Yu saw with his eyes that the black poison had penetrated into Nangong Wei from her forehead and limbs. When he noticed it, it was too late to stop the poison. 

"Brother... I'm so dizzy and I can't move..." Nangong Wei's complexion paled rapidly and her eyes dimmed. 

This gave Wu Yu a scare, and he immediately held onto her. Clearly, she was poisoned by the Corpse Flower. 

"Antidote Pill!" He still had some Antidote Pills with him. At this moment, he took them out rapidly and fed them to Nangong Wei, who had a ghastly expression. He looked on anxiously. However, after a short while, Wu Yu realized that it was completely ineffective. Furthermore, Nangong Wei's condition seemed to be worsening. 

The reason why the Corpse Flower could devour humans was because of this poison. Therefore, it was definitely terrifying.  

"Brother, am I dying?" Nangong Wei felt her strength leaving her as she fell into his embrace. She was struggling to even keep her eyes open. 

She knew her body’s condition well and said, "The poison is corroding my flesh starting from the viscera. Although I'm not being eaten by the Corpse Flower, it is still going to digest me..." 

The situation quickly became a lot worse than what Wu Yu had expected!

Looking at the frail and weak Nangong Wei, her complexion and her skin started to dim and even crack. Despite being at the best years of a girl, she seemed to be withering in front of Wu Yu. 

"It can't be!" Wu Yu was thinking hard. There had to be a solution. 

"Brother, I'm so sleepy. I'm going to sleep," Nangong Wei said bitterly with a crying intonation that could break one's heart.  This was the most horrifying part about the Corpse Flower. Once a person was poisoned, they could only wait helplessly while being devoured. 

Moreover, Nangong Wei had taken in quite a bit of the poison. 

At this instant, Wu Yu's was unprecedentedly flustered. After spending time together, he had seen Nangong Wei as his best friend or even his younger sister. However, now that she was about to die, all he could do was stand and watch. Moreover, it was because of him wanting to get the merits that resulted in her current state... 

Holding her in his arms, his heart was discombobulated. 

"Don't fall asleep, Wei Er. I'll find a way out!" If she really fell asleep, it would be difficult for her to ever wake up again. 

The poison of the Corpse Flower was corroding and devouring her flesh nonstop. 

"Ming Long!" Under such circumstances, Wu Yu could only think of the experienced and knowledgeable Ming Long.  After his shriek, Ming Long stretched her back and appeared in front of him. She asked nonchalantly, "Why did you wake me up from my slumber?" As he completed her sentence, she took a glance at Nangong Wei. 

"The poison of the Corpse Flower." Wu Yu looked at her with begging eyes. 

Seeing that he was so sincere and anxious, Ming Long pondered for a moment before replying, "Forget it, I wouldn't take advantage of you for this. The Great Way of Immortality Art is the most righteous cultivation art. All evil, vile, and darkness avoid it when in contact. Now that you have cultivated a Jindan, its core is its strength. Not only could the immortal fire be used for refining immortal medicine, but it could also be used to burn all evil energies of the world. Poison is just one of the evil energies. Although I'm not sure if you have sufficient immortal fire, you can still give it a try." 

"Thank you!" Now that Ming Long and Wu Yu relied on each other to survive, and having spent some time together, Wu Yu found her easier to live with. Perhaps all she was doing was ensuring her revival. 

Wu Yu had not expected his immortal fire to have such effects. 

Without further ado, a white immortal fire appeared in his hand, and he placed it between the chest and stomach area of Nangong Wei. The immortal fire quickly burned away the clothes around the area, revealing Nangong Wei's dried-up skin. When the immortal fire was brought closer, Wu Yu could see a portion of the black substance within Nangong Wei's flesh retreating rapidly. This at least proved that the immortal fire was effective!

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