Chapter 0222: Soul Devourer

"Big Brother, the materials of talismans are inferior to immortal treasures. And yet many immortal treasures here are already ruined, but these talismans are still preserved. They might be valuable. How about keeping them for now?" Nangong Wei was actually very knowledgeable.

"Right." Wu Yu had almost tossed them, but now he was reminded. He hurriedly wiped the talismans clean, incidentally noting that the red of the talisman spirit designs grew brighter. The strange symbol seemed to tug at one's soul, like an abyss about to devour them.

For a talisman to achieve such an effect, it had to be even more powerful than the Homing Soul-Shocker Talisman.

"It's actually usable, and in perfect condition. For it to endure for so long, it must be quite a powerful talisman. After all, we have yet to see any other talismans that could be preserved until now. I just don't know what kind of talisman it is, or what it does."

Wu Yu took a look but could make neither heads nor tails out of it. He could feel the violent, bloody nature of the talisman, however, and guessed that it was the work of a ghostly cultivator.

"Keep it first, deal with it later." Without paying much attention, Wu Yu directly put the black talismans into his Sumeru Pouch.

Just as they were planning to leave, someone spoke from behind them, giving Wu Yu a fright.

"My two children, show me the talismans that you just took." The voice was warm and modulated, and the speaker did not seem like a bad person.

They turned back to see a black-haired middle-aged man wearing a cloud-patterned dao robe. His black hair fell like a waterfall, and his eyes were as bright as stars. He looked dignified and elegant, and was clearly a member of Cloudy Palace.

This person stood impressively before Wu Yu. He was no less powerful than Zhang Futu. In Shushan, he would definitely be of the Huang sword rank or above.

They had just ascertained that it was a treasure, but this person had already spotted it too.

Wu Yu shook his head. "And who are you, pray tell?"

"Cloudy Palace, Huang Lingyun," he said unhurriedly, extending a slow hand and a smile to Wu Yu. He gestured for Wu Yu to pass him the talisman.

Wu Yu naturally did not wish to hand it over. In a cold voice, he said, "Whether the talisman is useful or not, it is what the two of us have found. Does this gentleman dare to snatch the property of us Shushan disciples?"

"Shushan disciples!"

Huang Lingyun's warm smile faded into fright upon hearing that phrase, and he retreated a few steps warily. He looked at the pair doubtfully. Seeing that they were at the Jindan stage despite their young age, he probably believed them already.

"Why would Shushan disciples be here?" Huang Lingyun asked, taken aback.

It was all too easy for Shushan disciples to prove their status. Wu Yu had laid down his Disciple Amulet before, and a simple gesture allowed him to fashion a pale gold Disciple Amulet from Jindan essence, a replica of the Disciple Amulet that he had laid down before. This was a unique way for Shushan disciples to prove their identity - others could not create a replica Disciple Amulet.

"Common Sword Domain, Green Glass Sword Palace, Futu Hall, Wu Yu. Any other questions?" Wu Yu asked.

Outside, the name of Shushan disciple was very useful. Even this guy, upon hearing those words, had changed tack immediately.

"No, naturally not. Who would have thought that this humble Huang could actually meet Shushan disciples. A real honor." Huang Lingyun very quickly regained his composure, but his eyes were different now, thinking of something else.

"Well then." Wu Yu did not want to be caught up with him.

"Wait." Just as they were about to leave, Huang Lingyun stopped them again, and walked before them, asking, "Brother Wu, may I dare ask whether what you just obtained was the Soul Devourer Talisman?"

Wu Yu had never heard that name before.

So he shook his head, saying, "Best not to ask. It's my loot, and nothing to do with you."

Huang Lingyun said irritably, "This humble person really requires a Soul Devourer Talisman. How about this: I will trade a spiritual immortal treasure for one Soul Devourer Talisman. How's that?"

This coaxing and wheedling showed how much he wanted the black talisman, which had to be a wonderful object.

Wu Yu could sense it, and shook his head, "I think you should forget it. This item is very important to me as well. I'm sorry."

"If that's the case, there's no way then," Huang Lingyun said dejectedly. From his expression, he did not look satisfied. If they had not been Shushan disciples, he would have directly snatched it.


Wu Yu lifted a hand as he retreated, pulling Nangong Wei along with him.

He thought to himself, "So the identity of Shushan disciple is so useful that even this Huang Lingyun dares not to touch us." This was something he had not expected.

Just at this time, he instinctively sensed danger!

He had overlooked something!

They were already deep in, and there was no one else in this area besides them and Huang Lingyun. Huang Lingyun obviously knew that they were Shushan disciples, and he could not openly kill them. But if he attacked now and wiped them out before escaping, who would know that he was the culprit?

Even for Shushan disciples, there were many who died outside the sect each year! In fact, a majority died with the murderer uncaught.

Wu Yu had underestimated the temptation of the Soul Devourer Talisman for Huang Lingyun.

Just as he turned around, marveling at the usefulness of the Shushan disciple name, Huang Lingyun immediately struck!

He wanted to strike soundlessly and kill both of them in an instant. And then he would deal with the corpses and take away all that they had. If he was quick about it, no one else would know. And even if they saw it, they would not know that Wu Yu was a Shushan disciple.

It was Ming Long who alerted Wu Yu.

"He's going to kill you both!"

Hearing this, Wu Yu immediately understood. The opponent was even more anxious than he was. He had to kill them in one strike. If he failed and others were alerted, then he, Huang Lingyun, would be in danger.

His enemy's lust for the Soul Devourer Talisman had surpassed Wu Yu's guess. That was why they had come to this!

The threat of death loomed behind him!

At this juncture, there was no time to think. In such a short span of time, he chose the only way to protect his life.

The Fixed Body Art and the Violent Art were not useful when he was completely outclassed in terms of ability.

The only thing he had was the Soul Devourer Talisman that he had just obtained.

"Since you want it so much, here's one for you!"

In short order, he pulled out a Soul Devourer Talisman and activated it with spiritual power, hurling it behind him.

What followed threw Wu Yu and Nangong Wei to the ground. They landed badly.

Even before they crawled to their feet, they could hear painful howls from behind them. In truth, Wu Yu only knew that he had saved his own life, but had not known the effects of the Soul Devourer Talisman, nor whether it had even been activated.

Turning back, he saw Huang Lingyun on his knees in the gloom. His eyes had grown as wide as bells, and he contorted and twisted within a red puddle. He cried and moaned on his knees as his bloody eyes locked on to Wu Yu.

"Urrrk." He collapsed to the floor and then all was still. And then a black flame erupted from his body, burning ferociously. The flames rose towards the sky and reached more than three zhang in height. In a few breaths' time, Huang Lingyun had been completely burnt to ash.

Wu Yu was stunned. He himself had been moments from death, which was why he had used the Soul Devourer Talisman. Who would have thought that it would kill Huang Lingyun, an expert of Zhang Futu's level, in one move! This level of talisman, to him, was a terrifying treasure!

No wonder Huang Lingyun had dared to risk it all to kill them and snatch away the Soul Devourer Talismans.

And now he understood. But the price was one Soul Devourer Talisman, and a life.

However, this was not Wu Yu's choice. He had not expected Huang Lingyun to be so wild. At the last moment, he was only thinking of protecting his and Nangong Wei's lives.

But after killing someone, you had to bear the consequences.

Luckily, he still had one Soul Devourer Talisman.

"Big Brother, what should we do? Many people are heading here! There are many people from Cloudy Palace." Nangong Wei was flustered in a trice.

"No need to worry." Wu Yu's heart skipped a beat. He looked at the smoking ruins of Huang Lingyun's corpse. A few Sumeru Pouches remained, and with a swoop, he gathered them up. For a martial cultivator of this level, he had to have quite a few goodies on him.

"Big Brother, you're still taking...." Nangong Wei could not believe it. She felt that their lives were in imminent danger, but Wu Yu was busy looting....

"If I don't take them, others will. He's dead now, and everything is up in the air. What would he do with these treasures?" In comparison, Wu Yu was not at all psychologically stressed.

He would not actively kill the innocent. He would only eliminate those who stood in the way of his cultivation journey.

He had just finished tidying up when many people rushed up upon hearing the commotion. Huang Lingyun's screams had been too pregnant with anguish.

Instantly, more than 30 people surrounded Wu Yu, and more still streamed over. Amongst them, many Cloudy Palace people arrived. They could recognize Huang Lingyun's voice, but they saw no Huang Lingyun when they arrived on scene. All that remained was a black pile of ash and the two children, Wu Yu and Nangong Wei. They were not even powerful enough to kill Huang Lingyun....

Instantly, everyone was bewildered.


Even the Gluttonous Dao Practitioner, Zhu Zixing and the sect leader of Cloudy Palace, Huang Feiyun, had arrived. Huang Lingyun was a stooped elder. He rushed over and looked at the ground, then bawled. "This is Huang Lingyun? You killed him? How did you kill him!?"

As expected of a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm cultivator. A few quick sentences had stifled Wu Yu. But Wu Yu was not paralyzed by his fear. The more nervous he was now, the worse things would be for him. He went along with an arrogant stance, saying, "Of course this was Huang Lingyun! Of course I killed him! I am a honest-to-goodness Shushan disciple, and I told him who we were. This person still dared to attack us while no one was watching! He wanted to snatch our items! He tried to kill us silently! If not for my quick actions, finishing him off with the talisman my master gave me, then it would be us who lie dead now. You of Cloudy Palace are really bold! To think that such an unruly and contemptible disciple would be amongst your number!"

"Shushan disciple?!"

Hearing these words, another outcry. The crowd shuffled backwards.

Actually, seeing how young the duo was, and then connecting it with a talisman that could kill Huang Lingyun in an instant, they would already make the conclusion that they were from the Shushan Immortal Sect. And seeing such talent, they did not even need Wu Yu to prove his identity.

As expected, even the faces of Zhu Zixing and Huang Feiyun froze.

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