Chapter 0221: Black Talisman

After making the rounds here for so many days, finally a break.

This was also something that Wu Yu had come by through his efforts.

Cultivation was not just about secluded cultivation. One had to go out, to seek adventure in the world.

Now he finally had some hope. He passed those people, flying speedily in the direction that they were headed.

"Cloudy Palace, according to the records in The Lore of the Divine Continent, is a nearby sect that has made quite a name for itself. Its name comes from being built above the clouds. Of course, it's far from the Clear Sky of Shushan.

"Their strongest experts are roughly at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm."

Now the ancient battlefield was occupied by them. Who knew how much strength their immortal sect would mobilize?

"There are also many martial cultivators who are alone, or from smaller sects. They will not stand for Cloudy Palace taking the loot alone. Once the situation gets messy, we have a chance to slip in as well. With the status of Shushan disciples, there should not be many who will dare to touch us."

"Big Brother, with you around, I'm not afraid." Nangong Wei smiled sweetly. She was on Wu Yu's sword now, and tugging on the corner of Wu Yu's clothing as they flew on the sword.


Wu Yu increased his speed.

Ancient battlefields were normally a veritable treasure trove. Those that had died back then would have left behind many immortal treasures. If enough time had passed, their Sumeru Pouches would have split open, scattering the contents on the floor. The immortal essences and medicines were unable to keep for very long. So mostly it was about scavenging for spiritual immortal treasures, as well as other high ranking immortal treasures.

After around four hours, Wu Yu finally found the patch of land that had been changed within the Zhulong Mountain Range. This mountain range snaked and curved like a resting dragon. The changes in the landform had caused some huge fissures, tearing the dragon into many segments.

For the moment, Wu Yu hid a distance away, because there were too many people nearby. The Zhulong Mountain Range was surrounded by ancient forests, and Wu Yu could see hundreds of martial cultivators inside. Some were at the Qi Condensation Realm, while others were at the Jindan realm. They lay in wait, even while the experts had already reached Zhulong Mountain Range and begun their struggle against Cloudy Palace.

From afar, even more people were flying in.

It was difficult to even see the form of the entire Zhulong Mountain Range now.

Wu Yu and Nangong Wei were hidden on the tree. In front of him, dark clouds had already obscured the mountain range, as well as everyone's vision. The dark clouds were like a cover that shrouded the Zhulong Mountain Range. Sounds of fighting continued to ring from within, and the clashes made one's heart race.

"The Cloudy Palace cultivators have used their cloud cover. It must be some fog-related dao technique, and well controlled."

This Cloudy Palace was a special place indeed. They had many experts that far surpassed Wu Yu, except they were considered a fifth class power in comparison to a superpower like the Shushan Immortal Sect.

For the Shushan disciples of the four major sword ranks, two or three disciples of the Earth sword rank would be enough to crush Cloudy Palace completely.

Looking out, the Cloudy Palace members were hidden within the fog, guarding the gaps of the range. They wanted to take the ancient battlefield for themselves, and their allies continued to stream in. But the other martial cultivators who had come were just too many. In a while, it seemed like more than 200 people were doing battle against Cloudy Palace.

They outnumbered Cloudy Palace two to one.

"Cloudy Palace, Huang Feiyun, don't be hard-headed about this! The ancient battlefield is not a place you can take for yourself. Get real! We can all split it - and leave what we find up to luck!"

"That's right! You greedy snakes, stop trying to swallow a whole elephant! In the end, it will be your sect that suffers. When you have more casualties than coin, Huang Feiyun, it'll be too late to cry!"

"If you keep this up, and even more experts arrive, you and I won't even have a share. Give it up! Don't think you can do as you please just because you showed up first! This is a life-changing discovery - do you have the ability to protect it!"

The martial experts came from all around, attacking and battering at the heavy defenses of Cloudy Palace. Their barrage was followed up with a verbal one, although they were right - more and more people were gathering.

Of course, some of Cloudy Palace's members must have gone in already. They might be utilizing the time to search. No matter what, they would hold out as long as they could.

"Haha! I, Old Zhu, want a share too!" At this time, a muddy, yellow wine pot flew out. On it sat a fat, burly, middle-aged man. He wore a yellow dao robe, and his scalp was greasy with oil.

"So powerful." Seeing this person, Wu Yu was slightly taken aback. It was clear that this was someone who could slaughter the entire field. He might even be at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!

"It's Zhu Zixing! The Gluttonous Dao Practitioner," someone exclaimed.

Here at the Southeast Thoroughfare, there were a few well-known martial cultivators, and they all had nicknames. This Zhu Zixing's nickname was the Gluttonous Dao Practitioner.


As he spoke, Zhu Zixing was already hovering above the Zhulong Mountain Range. He gave a hearty laugh, and then snatched up the huge wine pot, taking a swig. His stomach was ponderous, and he hefted it up with a belch before slamming the huge wine pot to the ground.

As it fell, the wine pot had a shapeshifting design that allowed it to grow more than 10 times larger. It was more than 20 zhang wide!

Such a humongous wine pot smashed down on the Zhulong Mountain Range.

With a deafening sound, the ground shook. Surfaces were cracked, and even the trees around Wu Yu were uprooted, falling to the ground.

The Zhulong Mountain Range was completely devastated. The original few cracks had been widened to twice their former size, and more rocks tumbled down, crashing directly into the ancient battlefield!

The shockwave created by this dao technique doubled the number of entrances into the ancient battlefield, and Cloudy Palace did not have the manpower to guard them all.

Instantly, the martial cultivators who were still doing battle seized the chance, rushing into the ancient battlefield. 

"Zhu Zixing, you!" The clouds parted, and the entire Zhulong Mountain Range was exposed. Cloudy Palace's leader was beside himself with fury, but could do nothing about it.

"Treasures are for all to share. Old Father here can't bear to see you take it all for yourself. Young 'uns, go forth! Take as much as you can. Don't stand on ceremony with Old Father here."

The Gluttonous Dao Practitioner retrieved his wine pot and roared with laughter.



Instantly, the hundreds outside also rushed in. Some had even just condensed their qi, and they had come for the fun as well. A whole bunch of people swarmed and pushed past Cloudy Palace's defences, rushing in.

Of course, Zhu Zixing himself was the first to stride into the ancient battlefield.

"Let's go!"

Taking this chance, Wu Yu dragged Nangong Wei after him, slipping in with other strong experts. In truth, there were many martial cultivators nearby who were stronger than Zhang Futu, only they did not notice Wu Yu.

The two moved speedily, and very quickly found a gap. The crack in the mountain was pitch-black, and a musty, ancient smell of decay assailed their nostrils. This musty smell had probably been fermenting for thousands of years below.

"It stinks." Nangong Wei wrinkled her sweet nose as she frowned.

But they were both martial cultivators, and with a simple dao technique or two, they banished the smell. The other martial cultivators who rushed in held fires in their hands. As the numbers swelled, the entire ancient battlefield was lit up.

Under the mountain peak was a grey land. After countless years, the strewn bones belonged to both humans and beasts. Some were in poor shape.

Looking out, it was a sea of white bones. Who knew how many had died here.

Although the people who entered numbered more than a thousand, this ancient battlefield was huge, and the horizons could not be seen. It was a dusky gloom on the edge, exuding a sinister feel to the place.

"Let's go deeper in. Even if there are things nearby, they'll be cleaned out by others." Wu Yu said. He and Nangong Wei promptly left. In truth, others were doing the same, spreading out towards wherever they thought the treasures might be. As for what they would find, that all depended on their luck.

Wu Yu did not move very quickly. He was searching carefully. After a period of time, he realized that there were many weapons wherever there were corpses. But the immortal treasures were mostly ruined, and even their materials had decayed. They were of no value.

“Time is a frightening thing. No matter how sturdy the immortal treasure, it will eventually return to the soil. Let alone immortal medicines and essences."

Wu Yu was moved. Seeing these corpses of every size and shape, he imagined how the battle must have been back then.

Perhaps one day, very far in the future, he would also be a corpse that his successors would find. 

Thinking about death, there was a pang of fear in his heart. How would he be after he died? When everything was gone? It was precisely this sort of panic that had led him to his decision to become immortal.

After about an hour, there were very few people around them. In truth, immortal treasures were everywhere, although they were mostly ruined. Some still had salvageable materials, and Wu Yu stowed them for now. Perhaps he could exchange them for merits when he returned to Shushan.

"No immortal medicines or essences."

Regret. Actually, what he wanted most was a ton of Golden Essence Pills.

"Let's go deeper in." This ancient battlefield was even bigger than they had imagined. They had yet to reach the end.

After walking for a long time, Nangong Wei suddenly stopped, saying, "Big Brother, these two look like talismans."

Wu Yu walked up and saw two black pieces of paper put in a very obvious place. They were covered in dust, and he flipped them over. They were indeed talismans, and these black talismans had spirit designs drawn on them in dusty blood. Perhaps because of the long time that had passed, these marks were faint.

"They should be expended already." Wu Yu looked at them and realized how old they were. He was about to throw them away.

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