Chapter 0217: Abyss Guard

Wu Yu was currently in his golden immortal ape form. He was extremely intimidating, and his lack of apparent anger exerted intangible pressure on Li Dongyan.

And at this moment, Wu Yu was even more savage than usual.

Just as Li Dongyan was being aggressive, Wu Yu only laughed coldly. "Very well, then I will kill you today! If you have the guts, kill her!"

In the sect, injuries in battle was one thing, while killing was something else entirely.

Without a word, Wu Yu charged forth, two swords in hand.

Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike!

The two bursts of sword qi were in perfect harmony. Yin and yang, one left and one right. It was connected with nature itself.

The two bursts of sword qi were aimed straight for Li Dongyan's eyes!

Li Dongyan and all others present were frightened out of their wits by Wu Yu.

Wu Yu was not only overwhelmingly powerful, but his decisive, callous manner struck fear in them. No one had expected him to go on the offense with his sister held hostage.

Although Li Dongyan's actions had already thoroughly shamed the Golden Imperial Sword Palace and earned the scorn of all the disciples present, Wu Yu's direct attack, uncaring of Nangong Wei's safety, made them fearful, even respectful of Wu Yu.

And even Nangong Wei herself had not expected him to do such a daring thing.

In truth, all of this had happened in just a flash!

Wu Yu pulled his two swords and simultaneously blew. A puff of air even faster than sword qi caught Li Dongyan.

"Fixed Body Art."

Held for a moment.

And this moment was all the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike needed to reach him.

Li Dongyan did not dare to commit murder. He had wanted to take Nangong Wei and dodge, but in the moment he intended to evade, he realized he could not move....

"Impossible...." He could think normally, but his body was rigid.

A second was all that was needed. Even his reaction after this second could not evade one bust of sword qi, which skewered his shoulder blade. He was sent staggering back.

Li Dongyan, defeated in a moment!

In that instant, Nangong Wei was thrown high into the air, her skirt flailing. Wu Yu caught her quickly, gently landing on the floor.

A distance away, Li Dongyan was pale with fright. He looked at Wu Yu, then quickly activated the Vajra Sword Talisman to protect himself. He was afraid that Wu Yu would kill him in his rage.

Besides those who had escaped at the start, the three groups of people who had fought Wu Yu had all used their Vajra Sword Talismans.

The rest did not dare to contest for the fox demon anymore.

"Big Brother...." Nangong Wei felt like she was in a dream. She was in Wu Yu's arms, looking up at his hard, masculine face. Her little face flushed.

Wu Yu quickly shed the Immortal Ape Transformation, reverting back to normal.

And then he set Nangong Wei down.

But Nangong Wei still clung longingly to his neck.

"Spoiled girl, don't fuss." Wu Yu smiled and patted her head. This startled her.

"Not afraid, are you?" he asked.

"With Big Brother around, I'm afraid of nothing," Nangong Wei said sweetly.

Everyone stared at him now. Mostly with respect. Some stared at him with hatred, although they did not dare to meet his eyes.

From within the Vajra Sword Talisman, Qing Chuanxue spat at him, "Who are you?! Which sword palace are you from!? If you have the guts, report your name." 

Wu Yu looked at her and said lazily, "Green Glass Sword Palace, Futu Hall, Wu Yu! Hall Master Zhang Futu is my master. You want to make something of it?"

Wu Yu saying his name was a calculated move. His thinking was that the more well known his name, the harder it would be for Zhang Futu to silently get rid of him. And if one day Wu Yu's name was well-known within the Shushan Immortal Sect, then Zhang Futu would not be able to touch him at all.

That was why he had also reported Zhang Futu's name.

"I do not know this Zhang Futu, but you, Wu Yu, are powerful. Don't tell me you're really at the first tier of Jindan!"

From the side, Li Dongyan still dared to speak.

If Wu Yu was an ordinary third or fourth tier Jindan Dao Realm cultivator, then the outcome would have been no different, but their shock would not be so intense.

Since he wanted to rise, then he had to get his name out. The higher his profile, the better. That was something that Wu Yu had realized through this battle. Anyway, he did not want to hide.

But Nangong Wei beat him to the pass, declaring proudly, "That's right. Big Brother and I are both at the first tier of Jindan, but he's stronger. None of you are even fit to shine his shoes!"

Nangong Wei said. That thoroughly cowed them.

Especially since Nangong Wei looked to be a young girl of barely ten plus years. She would only become a young woman in a few more years.

The contest was over.

Nangong Wei said quietly to Wu Yu, "Big Brother, in a while more, the Huang sword rank disciples will arrive. We had best deal with the fox demon quickly and leave this place...."

Deal with the fox demon....

Back to the same question.

Wu Yu set the little fox down. The fox demon had been drained from using its Natural Mystique, and now had recovered slightly. But Wu Yu's Argenti Chain had locked her down completely, and she had witnessed Wu Yu's prowess. She knew that there was no chance, and she was resigned.

"Quickly, Big Brother. Wei Er knows you have a kind heart and that you do not like to kill the innocent. But this fox demon is evil. She has harmed countless innocents before, and is the great enemy of us martial cultivators. If you spare her life, then she will harm thousands more. At that time, they will all...." Nangong Wei stood at the side, staring at the fox demon with hatred.

Wu Yu's eyes met the fox demon's.

He understood where Nangong Wei was coming from. She had her own world view. Others had taught her so, and that was how she understood it. But Wu Yu was unswayed by her. He would think this through himself. If he killed her today, then his future would be a bloody path indeed, littered with demon corpses.

Previously, at Fox Branch Mountain, he had finished off the Ninth Spirit with a thrust because she had been on the verge of devouring him. The scene that day definitely impacted him today, because he was again faced with a Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens.

He lifted his sword and put it down again.

Everyone stared at him, uncomprehending.

"Big Brother, you!" Nangong Wei was a little disappointed. Wu Yu had just saved her, and she was in blissful ecstasy. But now she was getting nervous.

"You can't be so kind. Demons will kill you. Big Brother, if you set her free, she will not remember your kindness. She will even seek revenge on you!" Nangong Wei tugged on his hand, almost in tears.

For Wu Yu, this was not a question of good or evil. He was asking himself what to do.

Nangong Wei wanted to do the deed on his behalf, but he stopped her.

The fox demon watched his struggle intently.

"You are an odd person," the fox demon said.

"How so?" They spoke in low voices, not letting those around them hear. Of course, Nangong Wei could also hear.

"Shushan is a vast power. Within it, for you to question your true nature and stand by it is unique. It is an admirable personality, but it will consume you in the end. Just like this girl thinks." The fox demon shook her head.

Did she feel that he was not compatible with Shushan?

"Kill me. Since I entered this Demons' Abyss, my fate must be death. I have no hope of accumulating enough Vajra Sword Talismans to leave. That is only a fantasy created by Shushan. If you do not kill me today, someone else will tomorrow. Unless you bring me out of Shushan. That is my only chance at life. But Wu Yu, this will mean that you set yourself at odds with Shushan. If you have such thoughts, then you will not leave the Demons' Abyss alive. You will never understand the depth of the enmity between Shushan and the Gloomy Dreams Seas."

She understood the situation - unless Wu Yu could take on the entirety of Shushan.

Either betrayal, or her death.

That was why she felt that her death was inevitable.

"I understand. I cannot help you live, but neither will I be the murderer. I leave it up to your fate."

The experts around them were still in the Vajra Sword Talismans.

Wu Yu loosened the Argenti Chain. Without the fox demon even expecting it, he hurled her away into the dark night.

That was a decision that he had made.

Since he had no choice, then he chose to protect himself. At least he would not be the executioner. He should not have come to a place like the Demons' Abyss.

He could kill evil demons. But he could not kill innocent demons.

This decision was unbearable for Nangong Wei.

As expected, she looked at Wu Yu, her tears leaking out.

"This girl does not know that demons have good and evil. The hatred in her heart is too strong. Or perhaps I should speak more with her." Wu Yu did not want to see her too sad. He brought her along, saying, "Wei Er, let's go. I will give you an explanation." 

"Mm, I trust Big Brother." She struggled for a while, unsure how to face Wu Yu. But finally she bowed her head and followed Wu Yu away.

Wu Yu suddenly felt that although he still led her, the events today might have torn a rift between them.

Just as he was considering how to solve this problem, there was a swishing sound from above. Someone had come on their sword and descended, spotting Wu Yu immediately.

Zhang Futu!

Wu Yu lifted his head to meet his gaze, and felt goosebumps.

It was clear that he had been looking for Wu Yu!

And he had found him!

Logically, Zhang Futu should not appear within the Demons' Abyss.

"Respects to the Abyss Guard!" The other Shushan disciples immediately paid their respects upon seeing that a Huang sword rank disciple had appeared, assuming that he was the Abyss Guard come to help them.

Of course, Wu Yu did not kneel.

"He has evil intent, but I cannot let him know that I know that he is up to no good!" Thinking thus, he quickly affected a look of surprise. "Master, you are the Abyss Guard?"

The Abyss Guard was a Huang sword rank disciple who watched over this place.

Zhang Futu gave a thin smile, saying, "Actually, I am not. But I have a friend who is, and he left for some business. I came to stand in for him. Fancy seeing you here, Wu Yu."

So he had come in especially to find him.

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