Chapter 0216: Atavistic Bloodline

The first time he used it, the power he could call forth shocked even Wu Yu himself.

That explosion shocked every Shushan disciple present down to their core. All eyes were here now. All they saw was the furious enlargement of the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, to a thickness unseen before. It smashed through the five from the God's Wing Sword Palace like dry kindling.

The five employed all kinds of sword cultivation dao techniques. They were ultimate moves of the God's Wing Sword Palace, and extraordinary.

But in this clash, Wu Yu's staff smashed through them all, causing all five disciples of the God's Wing Sword Palace to be sent flying. They coughed blood in mid-air and fell heavily to the ground.

Even the genteel and scholarly Yu Huasheng was in the same boat.

But Wu Yu was clearly only a first tier Jindan Dao Realm cultivator, while Yu Huasheng was a third tier Jindan Dao Realm cultivator. Crucially, this Yu Huasheng was not just a run-of-the-mill disciple at the God's Wing Sword Palace, but known to be talented. He was only twenty plus years old.

Such an anomaly was not something that many could accept.

Instantly, Qing Chuanxue, Li Dongyan, and the others all ceased fighting, turning to face Wu Yu in alarm. Silence fell.

Their eyes were round, their minds blank. Someone even sucked a cold gasp.

Especially Qing Chuanxue. From under her veil, her face twitched. She was likely recalling the scathing words that she had spoken to Wu Yu.

If he had been more brazen, he would have hit her on the face.

"That's right. This person could capture the fox demon. He must be very strong."

"I guess he is actually at the fourth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, but pretending to be at the first tier."

"Not possible. He's only at the first tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. It isn't so easy to fake. Besides, in Shushan, if he were a fake genius, he would already have been beaten up by others."

"Then that's even more impossible. How could a first tier Jindan cultivator defeat Yu Huasheng?"

The crowd turned bemused eyes on Yu Huasheng and the other disciples. All five had activated their Vajra Sword Talismans for protection. They were unafraid that Wu Yu would continue to attack them. Therefore, the only reason why they would use their Vajra Sword Talisman now was that their wounds  were serious, and they needed a senior to help them out.

However, Wu Yu was not paying attention to them. He met Qing Chuanxue and Li Dongyan's eyes. With a hearty cry, the eight Shushan disciples actually swarmed Wu Yu!

Twice the previous number!

There were two at the third tier of Jindan.

"We don't care who you are! The fox demon was the claim of our Green River Sword Palace first! It is ours! If you do not return it to us, we will not let you rest in peace, even if you successfully obtain the merits!" Qing Chuanxue screamed.

"Cut the crap. On with it, then." Wu Yu used the Argenti Chain to secure the fox demon to his body, and then stowed the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. He pulled out the Sword of the Mystic Eye and the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow.

He had a rough sense of the power of the Violent Art now. At this moment, he was looking forward to a hearty brawl!

This was his will! This was his goal!


The word had been in his blood since young, and especially after receiving the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal. The Great Sage had another name: the Victorious Fighting Buddha!

And now Wu Yu lived to fight!

Ding! Ding!

The two swords clanged in his hands.

Anyone with a glimmer of understanding could feel Wu Yu's will for battle.

When Qing Chuanxue and the others rushed up, Wu Yu's clothes had already ripped apart. The sheer power and awesomeness of his well-built body and his arms rippled with even more power. He even grew golden claws! The golden fur covered his body, and golden flames sprung forth from his body. His features had already turned into an ape's, and long canines sprouted forth. His eyes burned with golden fire - they were like a pair of suns that burned straight into one's heart. 

Immortal Ape Transformation!

After the Immortal Ape Transformation, Wu Yu was even closer to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal!

Of course, this was the first time that he had used such a transformation within the Shushan Immortal Sect.

This transformation was another shock to those present.

Someone shouted, "He's a demon! He's a demon! Quick, kill him!"

But someone was quick to counter: "No way! Not a demon. His aura is completely that of a martial cultivator's. Besides, demons' demon essence is inferior to our Jindan essence. He cannot possibly be a demon."

"Then why is he like that?"

"You naive fool. Haven't you read The Lore of the Divine Continent properly? People can shift into beasts, and there are two common kinds. The first is that one has an ancient bloodline. It's said that a long time ago, humans and beasts were closely related. The portion that was close to bestial bloodline remained, and very likely has become an enviable talent. Second, many immortal roots allow one to have such a change. I think this person's immortal root must allow him transformations. This immortal root must boost his strength greatly."

While many were rooted with fear by Wu Yu's Immortal Ape appearance, Qing Chuanxue and the others were unfazed. To them, Wu Yu's transformation was considered normal.

Besides, Wu Yu was completely different from a normal monkey. His features hovered between man and monkey. He was more human-looking than an ape, especially in his facial features.

"It must be an immortal root transformation!"

Their final confirmation.

And at this time, Wu Yu had already begun fighting with Qing Chuanxue and Li Dongyan, double swords in hand. The six second tier Jindan cultivators were supporting from outside, and causing all sorts of trouble for Wu Yu.

Nangong Wei was unafraid. She was carried away by Wu Yu's one-shot of his previous opponents. She naturally knew that this was not a demon, because she had precisely that legendary Atavistic Bloodline.

"Who would have thought that Big Brother also has the Atavistic Bloodline."

This made her heart race even quicker.

"Sky Quake Thrust!"

After Wu Yu transformed into the immortal ape, he was an awesome figure. Faced with a 1 v 8, he was not at all fazed. The Triple Kill of the Heavens employed, suppressing them all. Those at the second tier of Jindan could not even stand against his strike, and were sent flying immediately!


The key was that Wu Yu was too fast. He had not been surrounded, but instead weaved in and out. He basically downed one person with each strike, and completely avoided dealing with Qing Chuanxue and Li Dongyan head-on!

The crowd watched, dazzled. It felt like only a moment had passed, and three of the six second tier Jindan disciples had already been downed. Against Wu Yu's sword, they could only use the Vajra Sword Talisman.

The remaining three immediately escaped from Wu Yu's fighting radius.

"He can split his attention. Fighting with him is like fighting two people at once!" Very quickly, they understood how exceptional Wu Yu was.

This was the power of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel. Wu Yu had not even used the immortal root to its full potential, but there was no doubt that this was a fairly good immortal root. Those who used it well could even feel like they had two separate bodies at once.

Of course, there were still many marvelous immortal roots within the Shushan Immortal Sect, and Wu Yu's was considered normal.

"Qing Chuanxue." Wu Yu locked onto her.

"Die!" Qing Chuanxue's veil had already been ripped off. She was quite the beauty, although her foul temper was not to Wu Yu's liking.

Qing Chuanxue held a sword in one hand and a green lantern in the other. This spiritual immortal treasure was extremely special. The lamp's flame constantly wicked towards Wu Yu, threatening to burn him.

But Wu Yu was faster! He took the initiative!

His immortal dao technique was extremely powerful.

"Sky Fissure Thrust!" His single sword struck faster than lightning, scoring a cut on Qing Chuanxue's arm which held the lantern.

"Heavenly Sword Thrust!" His two swords lunged out at once. The Heavenly Sword Thrust's power was even greater, and rainbow-colored fire poured forth, targeted at Qing Chuanxue. The Heavenly Sword Thrust was hidden within the flames, and the force of the attack caused the air itself to ripple.


From the ground beside Qing Chuanxue, willow leaves began to sprout at a furious rate, shielding her. It blocked much of the Heavenly Sword Thrust, but Wu Yu's true killing blow was the Sky Fissure Thrust. The Sky Fissure Thrust was straight and powerful. It cut clean through Qing Chuanxue's fair, white arm!

"Nngh!" Qing Chuanxue's face contorted with agony as she looked at Wu Yu.

"Get out!"

Wu Yu did not show her any mercy. After severing her arm, his sword scythed out, sending Qing Chuanxue flying. Another sword strike followed!

Faced with death, Qing Chuanxue could only invoke the Vajra Sword Talisman!

Instantly, the vajra swords surrounded her, and it was difficult for Wu Yu to attack her again.

Within the Vajra Sword Talisman, Qing Chuanxue's face was twisted as she ranted and raved at Wu Yu. Her face was grey, and her fallen arm had been sent flying. One of her junior sisters picked it up, and they hurriedly reconnected the arm.

Qing Chuanxue had lost in a fair fight. They were again taken aback by Wu Yu's strength!

Instantly, everyone was paying close attention to this youth of unknown origin. They confirmed that he had never appeared before.

He had never been on any leaderboard, and was no one special.

There were countless geniuses within the Common Sword Domain, and some were disciples of the Heaven and Earth sword ranks. Some were even disciples of the Shushan Sword Sages. But Wu Yu was not amongst their number.

Just as they were wondering who Wu Yu was, he suddenly heard a cry. Turning back, he saw the huge golden sword of Li Dongyan pressed against Nangong Wei's neck. At the same time, a golden chain trussed Nangong Wei up completely, preventing her from even using the Vajra Sword Talisman.

"Big Brother!" Trussed up like that, Nangong Wei was definitely not feeling good. She burst angrily at Li Dongyan, "You despicable swine! You dare to kidnap me? Do you have any pride?"

Li Dongyan's face was ugly as he stared at Wu Yu. "I don't like to repeat myself. Give the fox demon to me, and I will spare your sister. Or she will know pain!"

The golden chain tightened against Nangong Wei's body. If he pressed more, tearing her to pieces would be no problem, although he did not dare to do so. But making a little girl scream did not give those present a good feeling.

"To think you would dare to do such a despicable thing. And before everyone. Do you dare to call yourself a Shushan disciple?" Wu Yu laughed.

But seeing Nangong Wei's agonized figure, he was seething inwardly.

"Cut the crap! You have three breaths' time!" Li Dongyan shouted.

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