Chapter 0215: Qing Chuanxue, Yu Huasheng

"They're here so quickly?" Wu Yu had not foreseen that.

Perhaps he had been held in the thrall of the Natural Mystique for quite a while. He had not noticed time passing while he was resisting it.

"Big Brother, have you captured her?" Nangong Wei's eyes lit up. She only knew that a titanic struggle was going on within, but she was unable to help. Now that she saw people approaching, she came in to warn him.

But she had not expected Wu Yu to have already succeeded.

Her idolization of Wu Yu naturally deepened further.

Perhaps because of the 40 merits, Nangong Wei was extremely pleased. However, she was anxious because of the many experts swarming over. She said, "Big Brother, quickly kill the fox demon and put it in your Sumeru Pouch. Let's escape. If they surround us, they might steal what we have!"

Fights within the Demons' Abyss were sanctioned by Shushan.

Wu Yu hauled on the Argenti Chain, dragging the fox demon over to his side. Yet he stayed his hand, hurrying over to Nangong Wei and saying, "Let's leave first." Nangong Wei's expression was hurt. She threw a loathing look at the fox demon and said, "Big Brother, are you unwilling to kill the fox demon? I have a feeling that you pity demons. But the demons are not worthy of sympathy. Especially these fox demons. The harm they cause humans is more than you can imagine!"

This was her position. And her words were not wrong.

Wu Yu wanted to leave, but seeing her sensitive and hurt, he could not bring himself to. A moment's hesitation, and they were too slow. The ground shook.


A thick beam of sword light flashed past. The peak above Wu Yu's head was actually cut clean off, along with the top half of the cave. They were now in a small crater.

With loud cries, many Shushan Immortal Sect disciples appeared around Wu Yu, standing on the gash of the mountain. They looked down at Wu Yu and Nangong Wei.

Basically all the Shushan disciples who had been chasing the fox demon had arrived.

Wu Yu's eyes swept over them. He realized that there were three that he had to be wary of. These three stood in front of the pack. Even the youngest amongst them was clearly Wang Fu's superior in every aspect.

They were not much older than Wu Yu, and they were all at the Jindan Dao Realm. The three that were outstanding should, barring any anomalies, be at the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm.

One of them was a green-clad disciple of the Green River Sword Palace, and the leader of the four disciples they had met.

The other two were from other sword palaces, and they also had many disciples of their sword palaces supporting them.

Besides these three groups, there were also a dozen stragglers in ones and twos. Some of them first tier Jindan, some at the second tier. Unworthy of his regard.

"The fox demon is in that punk's hands!"

"He's caught the fox demon!"

Widespread shock. All gazes fell on Wu Yu.

To them, Wu Yu was a strange one. They were naturally surprised as to how Wu Yu had vanquished the fox demon.

Martial cultivators' judgments of their enemies' ability, especially those of a lower level than theirs, was largely faultless. What they felt was volume, and not the quality of one’s Jindan essence. Those higher than Wu Yu could very easily tell that he was at the first tier of the Jindan Dao Realm.

That level was insufficient to take down the fox demon.

Thinking of an unqualified Wu Yu taking the 40 merits, they were instantly roused, galvanized to action, and preparing to take it away from him.

"Nobody move!" the strongest Green River Sword Palace disciple shrieked from under her veil, her voice echoing around.

This cry gave pause to those who were afraid of her.

The other gang mostly wore golden sword lanyards, which even had a golden dragon emblazoned on it. They had the air of tyrannical conquerors and a majesty about them. Their leader was a handsome man burning with energy. He laughed easily, addressing the Green River Sword Palace disciple. "Qing Chuanxue. This fox demon is not yours. What are you even flexing about?"

The girl called Qing Chuanxue said in a chilly tone, "It was we who injured that fox demon. Bearing grievous wounds, it escaped here, then these people took advantage. This fox demon was our prey, and nothing to do with you. All of you are male. If you met this fox demon alone, you wouldn't even have the chance to use the Vajra Sword Talisman before you died. How dare you contest it! Li Dongyan, could you stand up to this fox demon?"

She had naturally recognized Wu Yu and Nangong Wei. And therefore, her face was green with anger upon seeing the fox demon in Wu Yu's hands.

Done speaking to the Golden Imperial Sword Palace's Li Dongyan, Qing Chuanxue turned a cold eye on Wu Yu, extending her hand. "I don't know where a punk like you came from. Quickly return the Beautiful Fox of the Nine Heavens to me, or I will see you begging on your knees. You dare to steal the property of the Green River Sword Palace?"

The Green River Sword Palace female disciples were known for being very haughty, and today was proof enough.

After she was done speaking, the third group of people all laughed. They were from the God's Wing Sword Palace, and they were dressed in pale green. Their sword lanyards were decorated with brush ink, and they had a genteel, elegant look to them. They were a mix of men and women. Their leader was known as Yu Huasheng. He had a scholarly quality to him, and his mannerisms exuded class. Unhurriedly, he said, "Qing Chuanxue is indeed too domineering. As is said: the treasures of heaven and earth belong to those who dare. This youth has captured the fox demon. Naturally, it is his. Do you have the cheek to steal something that he has taken? In front of everyone?"

The three parties bickered back and forth about the fox demon.

It was too late to kill the fox demon now. Wu Yu lowered his head. Seeing the situation, Nangong Wei was anxious as well. Wu Yu said to her, "They are unreasonable. There will be a terrible fight. Watch from the side."

Nangong Wei was on the verge of tears. She shook her head. "Big Brother, I cannot let them bully you.”

The matter of the demons aside, she was still true of heart to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu laughed, saying, "Don't look down on me. If these few want to try to bully me, they'll have a hard time."

Saying thus, Wu Yu brooked no further objection. He directly hauled her by her clothes and threw her on top of a nearby tree. Done, he secured the fox demon to his arm.

At this moment, Qing Chuanxue and Yu Huasheng were arguing heatedly. As the argument escalated, Wu Yu suddenly extended a beckoning finger, saying, "You. If you want to snatch it, then don't beat around the bush. But if you don't get it, you're not allowed to go sniveling around in front of everyone."

"You!" The four green-clad disciples shook with anger. With gentle whistling sounds, they whipped out their bamboo-like immortal treasure longswords and faced Wu Yu. They soared towards him, their figures swaying like willow branches. A riveting sight.

From Wu Yu's perspective, he seemed to be faced with a bamboo forest gone berserk. The razor-sharp bamboo leaves filled the air, a terrifying attack.

But others helped Wu Yu out. It was the bunch of male disciples from Golden Imperial Sword Palace. When Green River Sword Palace attacked, they too entered the fray to stop them. Li Dongyan clashed with Qing Chuanxue. Even before reaching Wu Yu, the two had begun to fight amongst themselves.

Instantly, sword cultivation dao techniques were flying back and forth.

Li Dongyan had a huge golden sword that was rich with power. He must have been the one who had cleaved the entire mountain in two.

Yet in the fight with Qing Chuanxue, the two were evenly matched, and neither found the upper hand.

"When the stork and the clam fight, the fisherman wins!" At this moment, it was Yu Huasheng from the God's Wing Sword Palace who laughed. The five from the God's Wing Sword Palace rushed towards Wu Yu!

One at the third tier of Jindan, four at the second tier!

Wu Yu would only clash with them. Their objective was naturally to suppress Wu Yu and snatch away the fox demon before making their escape.

"If you know what's good for you, hand it over. It would hurt me to have to harm you." Yu Huasheng smiled. His sword slashed a complex pattern and filled the air with white feathers. He then flew towards Wu Yu at great speed.

His dao techniques were highly varied, and his Jindan must’ve been at least golden in color.

However, Wu Yu was composed from start to finish. When Yu Huasheng attacked him alone, he pulled out the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. He held on to one section of it and thrust the Paranormal Pillar of Blood into the air. In that instant, flames raged in Wu Yu's eyes. He seemed to be transported back to that fiery world!

In that world of roiling flames, the Unparalleled Monkey King held the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hand. It became a pillar reaching to the skies, and with a colossal swing, he smashed the world!

That was the Violent Art!

And now, with this scene in his heart, Wu Yu subconsciously began to recite the immortal art's chant!

He closed his eyes for an instant, then opened them.

The world before him was different.

In this instant, his whole body was on fire, a fire that raged within him. Wu Yu's bones, blood vessels, internal organs - all of it was heating up.

This was not painful. On the contrary, this change gave Wu Yu an explosive feeling!

This was a doubling of strength!

Even the Immortal Ape Transformation had not given him such a monumental change. If Wu Yu used the Immortal Ape Transformation at this point, the change would be even greater.

Violent Art!

Fortified transformation!

More accurately, it was a transformation of his flesh and bones.

As the fire burned through him, his eyes burned brightly like two suns. He appeared before Yu Huasheng.

In that instant, the Paranormal Pillar of Blood grew to 10 zhang long, and thickened to fill Wu Yu's single handspan. With a wild cry, Wu Yu lashed out with the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. The supernatural strength of the Violent Art rang out, sending the staff flying in the direction of Yu Huasheng and the other four disciples!

Perhaps because Wu Yu's aura was too fearsome, all of them knew to use their dao techniques to counter Wu Yu!


All five were sent flying, coughing up blood in midair.

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