Chapter 0213: Natural Mystique

Wu Yu roamed the Demons' Abyss, hunting and killing demons. In a flash, more than half a month had passed.

Towards the end, he got used to Nangong Wei's vehemence towards the demons. He himself killed demons to the point of numbness.

In truth, besides the extremely rare demons at the fourth tier of Yaodan, the other demons were basically not Wu Yu's match.

Although he was only at the first tier of Jindan, the entire Demons' Abyss was basically his to roam.

The corpses within the Sumeru Pouch were roughly worth 30 merits. Giving a share to Nangong Wei, he would not even have 20 left.

After all, the majority of the demons within the Demons' Abyss were equivalent to first tier Jindan, and worth one or two merits, or three or four at best.

"Big Brother, if we want to exchange these merits for resources, this is far from enough." Nangong Wei pulled a face as she counted them.

She too wanted to try her hand at refining immortal medicine.

"Then let's continue." Wu Yu nodded.

After killing the Green-eyed Demon Wolf, they had not met any opponent like him. All the demons they met were savage and cruel. They rushed to attack and showed no mercy.

The two continued to travel around this desolate and cold land. They moved with speed, traversing the dark forests, the rotting land and rivers, and through the harsh mountains.

 Nangong Wei threw a little tantrum as she huffily said, "The demons have been especially good at hiding recently. They're really sly. They don't dare to fight head-on. What would they do if they hide?"

"Survive." Wu Yu said.

"Oh...." Nangong Wei was silent for a while. The two decided to rest for a while. Nangong Wei leaned against Wu Yu's arm, and the two sat on a fallen branch.

Nangong Wei swung her pert legs, her skin fair and appealing. Sometimes, she snuck a look at Wu Yu's profile, and could not resist a surreptitious giggle.

"What are you laughing about?" Wu Yu was puzzled.

"I've been with Big Brother for a while now. Wei Er feels like she is getting more and more unable to leave Big Brother. Big Brother, when Wei Er grows up, will you be Wei Er's dao companion?" Nangong Wei's eyes were shining, waiting for his answer.

Wu Yu started and then reacted. He was shocked, and said seriously, "Don't make jokes about that. You're still young, and don't know about the affairs of love. You can't make such a decision. Besides, becoming dao companions is about destiny as well. Whether the two can walk the road of dao together. Lastly, you have to obtain your father's permission. You can't make the decision by yourself."

"If that's the case...." Nangong Wei nodded and then said seriously, "I'll get my father to consent. Then, when I'm older, you can't worm your way out of it."

Wu Yu could only laugh dryly.

This girl had not met many of the opposite gender, which was why she had been attracted to Wu Yu. Wu Yu did not consider this love, but simply a temporary reliance on him. When she left him, such feelings would fade quickly.

Nangong Wei was just about to say something when the two noticed a disturbance ahead. When they looked closer, a white shadow rushed by them.

Wu Yu's eyes locked on to her.

It was a woman in white, her white skirt floating in the breeze. But the white clothes were clearly stained with a few scars and bloodstains that colored a majority of her garments red.

Looking up, her hair was disheveled. Her nervous expression indicated that she was on the run.

Under the white skirt, this girl's nubile figure was world-class.

And her face, cool and enchanting, marking her as a rare beauty. A fleeting glimpse had been enough to shock Wu Yu intensely.

This was a beauty of the Ninth Spirit's level, although she was clearly someone else.

"Demon." The demonic aura from her was strangely faint. Clearly it had been suppressed through some method, but Wu Yu sensed the demon immediately.

He could almost confirm that this was a fox demon, just like the Ninth Spirit.


The injured fox demon disappeared from Wu Yu and Nangong Wei's sight in a flash.

The pair was still deciding whether to chase, when they heard a cacophony of voices. Looking up, they noticed a few streaks of green sword light streaking past!

They were sword cultivators on their swords, chasing the fox demon.

Wu Yu looked and saw that virtually all of the fliers were women, and their faces were covered with light veils. They were all girls in their prime.

This group of sword cultivators chased her quickly.

At this time, Wu Yu stood up to see better. He saw many groups of sword light streaking over!

"So many Shushan disciples congregating here. Are they all chasing that fox demon?" Wu Yu was totally confused.

But if that was true, then it was highly likely that there was something unusual about that fox demon.

"Big Brother, there must be something special about that demon. Let's go take a look." Nangong Wei was immediately excited.

Wu Yu was of the same mind.

But first, he would find someone to ask.

Just as he was planning to give chase, a few Shushan Immortal Sect disciples rushed past. But these were slower than the previous group. They were weaker, and a majority were at the first tier of Jindan.

Wu Yu hauled back a young sword cultivator at random, asking, "What's special about that fox demon? To cause such a fuss."

That person was reluctant to answer Wu Yu's question, but Wu Yu's stare pressured him to, subconsciously breaking down his will. Without thinking, he answered, "That fox demon awakened her Natural Mystique! Demons who awaken their Natural Mystique are worth at least 40 merits! Whoever gets it will make a tidy sum!"

After saying so, he passed Wu Yu and ran for it.

"Natural Mystique?" It was said that the Great Dao Mystique of martial cultivators had been derived from the Natural Mystique of demons.

Martial cultivators had to reach the fifth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm in order to cultivate a Great Dao Mystique, while demons could awaken their Natural Mystique at any point after attaining their Yaodan.

The fox demon that had passed them had clearly been injured. And with so many chasing, she was virtually doomed.

She could not be at the fourth tier of Yaodan. If she was, not many ordinary dan disciples could stand up to her with her Natural Mystique awakened.

"Big Brother, 40 merits is enough for you to trade for the best immortal medicine refining art, and also to get a very good medicinal furnace." Nangong Wei's eyes lit up.

With so many people fighting over the fox demon, Wu Yu's heart was lit up as well.

He held on to Nangong Wei, and they chased on their swords. He knew where the fox demon was headed for.

"Wei Er is right. I have to get those 40 merits!"

His sword speed was faster than even those at the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. A streak of golden light blazed through the black night, quickly overtaking many in a flash.

"Another expert in the fray!"

As Wu Yu passed, many exclaimed.

At this moment, dozens of Shushan disciples were closing in, running around and challenging each other. At this time, Wu Yu felt like he was completely immersed in Shushan.

Shushan, where the sword cultivators fought!

Whether it was himself, Feng Xueya, or the entire Heavenly Sword Sect, they all hoped for Wu Yu to rise here and win fame and glory.

And only by cultivating and winning his battles could his sword dao reach the pinnacle, and he could emerge successful! One day, his name would not only shake Shushan, but the entire Dong Sheng Divine Continent!

His youthful passion was completely stirred.

Whoosh, whoosh!

Wu Yu's eyes scanned the ground, searching for traces of the fox demon.

All around them, sword cultivators were flying up and down, searching.

Very quickly, they had lost all traces of the fox demon, and everyone was getting anxious.

Wu Yu's mind rewound to the scene where he had shared a look with the fox demon, going over the circumstances.

"This way?" He remembered that she was bleeding. There had to be the smell of blood, so he landed and followed the faint scent of blood. However, even that became hard to detect after a while. The fox demon was on her guard now.

Passing through a forest, they suddenly saw four young women in green. They held spiritual immortal treasure longswords and their faces were veiled. They had sexy figures and a sharp look about them. Their superior attitude belied their high status.

Wu Yu had come across them with Nangong Wei in tow. They were immediately alerted. Seeing that it was not the fox demon, the four young women were a little displeased.

Amongst them, one young woman used her sword to point at Wu Yu and Nangong Wei, saying, "This fox demon is the prey of we, the Green River Sword Palace disciples. All you calefare had best be on your way, or we sisters will show you no courtesy."

Their cold gazes pinned Wu Yu. Perhaps the fox demon had slipped through their grasp and they were looking for someone to vent their anger on.

"Green River Sword Palace?" Wu Yu remembered that they were a neighboring sword palace to the Green Glass Sword Palace, except they were slightly more well known because their disciples were all female.

"Get out," another woman in green said.

After they finished, they did not bother further with them, preparing to take off in a different direction.

Before Wu Yu could speak, Nangong Wei spoke up, displeased. "The demons in the Demons' Abyss are shared among all Shushan disciples. That fox demon is not your prey."

Her words gave them pause, and they turned in unison to Nangong Wei.

"Little girl, you are but a first tier Jindan cultivator. Hurry back to your parents' arms. If you meet a demon later, don't go crying and sniffling."

Nangong Wei said, "I'll do as I please. I'm not impeding you either. What business do you have policing me? Go chase your demon."

After all, they were disciples of the same sect. Nangong Wei did not like the way they spoke, but did not escalate the quarrel.

The four female disciples gave a hostile laugh, and one turned to Wu Yu. "That fox demon is at the third tier of Yaodan. You two are but first tier Jindan cultivators. You had best go away. We say this for your sake. If you don't want our good intentions, then so be it!"

Finished, they mounted their swords, chasing and searching for traces of the fox demon.

"Big Brother, they are too much," Nangong Wei said, irritated.

"Don't get hung up. When we find the fox demon before them, they'll be stunned." Wu Yu laughed lightly. Leading Nangong Wei, they headed in a different direction from the four green-clad disciples.

Because he had discovered a small trace of blood on the ground.

That should be the fox demon's.

"Let's go."

Moving in their direction, added to Wu Yu's knowledge of fox demons, they searched seriously, and soon left the group of Shushan disciples behind.

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