Chapter 0212: In Memoriam

The demon reverted to its original form - a truly startling sight.

Wu Yu could clearly see him change from a standing posture to a crouching one. His hands pressed against the ground, the fingers already elongating to wolfish claws.

At the same time, his fur and tail were beginning to grow.

His human skull was changing as well. His mouth opened, becoming a wolf's maw. His human head had completely become a wolf's.

Throughout the entire shapeshift, only his ferocious, green eyes remained the same.


Before Wu Yu stood a black wolf with green eyes. It was not huge, but it was well built. Its teeth and claws were comparable to spiritual immortal treasures, and there were many resources that could be harvested from its body that could be used to make spiritual immortal treasures.

A demon's corpse was a valuable thing. The most valuable item on the green-eyed demon wolf's body was naturally the eyes. It was said that it could be used to make some type of talisman.

Wu Yu did not dwell on this. He treated the green-eyed demon wolf as nothing more than a whetstone for his sword.


The two clashed!


The green-eyed demon wolf's speed was fairly terrifying. In a flash, it disappeared. Only the pair of green eyes flickered in the dark like an ominous lantern.

It lunged!

Through the air came an ear-splitting scream. From the darkness, two beams of green light darted swiftly towards Wu Yu.

This was the Green-Eyed Demon Wolf's unique demon technique, the Green Sea Eyes. It looked innocuous, but actually had even more piercing power than spiritual immortal treasures!

Wu Yu's attention was completely riveted on it.

The Green Sea Eyes burst forth, one beam flying towards his skull, the other towards his torso.

A distance away, Nangong Wei was extremely anxious. Her palms were sweating.

The green-eyed demon wolf was clearly a prideful demon. Wu Yu could feel its condescending gaze on him. Truly, he was proud, so much so that he did not even want Vajra Sword Talismans to buy his freedom.

But Wu Yu wanted to smash his pride to dust!

All that he had learned in the last three months was brought to bear. Within his Sea of Breath Meridian, his Jindan essence roiled. It was divided by his Yin Yang Sword Wheel, and then directed separately to both of his hands. Almost at the same time, his sword cultivation dao techniques exploded forth.

In his left hand, the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow scythed through, sending forth a seven-layered wave of fire. Within this wave of fire was a rending wave of sword will that clashed with the two bursts of Green Sea Eyes!


The firelight engulfed the Green Sea Eyes.

But this was not all. Simultaneously, Wu Yu used the Sword of the Mystic Eye to execute the final Heavenly Sword Thrust. The heavenly will of the Heavenly Sword Thrust warped space itself at the green-eyed demon wolf's position, creating intense shockwaves that scored deep wounds on the green-eyed demon wolf. Fresh blood spurted.

It collapsed with a pained yelp.

The battle was over.

Wu Yu hurried over to bind it with the Argenti Chain. But upon closer look, he had not only caused many external wounds, even its internal organs and bones were severely damaged by the Heavenly Sword Thrust, so there was no need to hold him.

Wu Yu had not expected that he could take down an opponent at the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm so cleanly.

This was all thanks to his white Jindan and the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, as well as the sheer power of the Triple Kill of the Heavens.

He extended his Sword of the Mystic Eye before its eyes, a gesture of control over its life and death. Not only the green-eyed demon wolf, but even Nangong Wei was stunned. Her wide-eyed look of confusion was a rather interesting one.

The green-eyed demon wolf opened its eyes in pain, looking at Wu Yu accusingly. "What are you? You look weak, but you are so powerful!"

"Jindan first tier. Do you believe it?" Wu Yu asked.

The green-eyed demon wolf's expression changed and then he laughed. "Looks like I've met an uncommon talent. That I, Qing Sheng, can die by your hand is an honor.  At least better than dying at the hands of some good-for-nothing Shushan disciples!"

Wu Yu had wanted to kill him, but now his curiosity was stirred. He asked, "All the demons within the Demons' Abyss seek Vajra Sword Talismans. Why do you not?"

The green-eyed demon wolf was in pain, but it endured it and replied, "Since I was caught, I had no intention of leaving this place alive. I, Qing Sheng, only wished to die at the hands of someone worthy! Shushan uses this Vajra Sword Talisman business to make fun of us. I will not be part of that cruel joke."

If demons accumulated enough Vajra Sword Talismans, they could indeed leave. But those that succeeded were few in number. Wu Yu understood. If any demon neared the quota of Vajra Sword Talismans, the Shushan side would normally send people to dispatch those demons. Of course, this was something that had to be kept from the demons.

However, this green-eyed demon wolf was a courageous one.

Should he kill him?

The green-eyed demon wolf was worth at least 10 merits. If he did not kill him, then how would Wu Yu acquire cultivation resources?

But when his eyes met those green ones, there was a voice of refusal speaking in his heart.

"I, Wu Yu, have no quarrel with him. Why must I chase and kill him?" This was a question he asked himself.

The green-eyed demon wolf saw that he made no move. He said, "Kill me! I can see your hesitation. But you still do not understand that humans and demons cannot exist together. We will always be enemies. Only either can live! I have lost with no regrets. If it was you that had been vanquished, I would have showed you no mercy! If you let me go now, I, Qing Sheng, will be dishonored!"

Wu Yu frowned.

He was conflicted. He recalled Wan Qing, the defense of the sect, and the Ninth Spirit....

The demons that had appeared in his life floated through his mind.

The Ninth Spirit had said that before. Humans and demons were not innately good or evil. There was evil in human hearts and goodness in demon hearts.

This Demons' Abyss was the slaughter ground of demons for the Shushan disciples. The poor demons had to hide in the darkness, living ignobly. A painful existence worse than death itself. Or perhaps Qing Sheng had had enough of this life. Finally, he had met a worthy adversary. He was willing to die at Wu Yu's hands. It might even be a form of release.

"Demons' Abyss...." Wu Yu was conflicted.

He did not understand how he should deal with demons. He might not be able to bring himself to kill them wantonly as the other Shushan disciples did.


Just as he was out of it, hesitating, Nangong Wei had anxiously leapt forward, taking the green-eyed demon wolf's life. Wu Yu looked down to see the frustrated look fading from the green-eyed demon wolf's eyes, as though discontent that it had not died by his hand.

"Wei Er!" Wu Yu stared at Nangong Wei with a sudden fury. She retreated a couple of steps, frightened.

"Big Brother, what's the matter?" Nangong Wei's face was pale. She was on the verge of tears, frightened by Wu Yu's shout.

"Nngh...." Wu Yu's conflicted heart was finally under control again. He looked at the green-eyed demon wolf, and then at Nangong Wei. He took a deep breath. "Nothing, nothing at all."

He felt that he should not blame Nangong Wei. She was clear that she should kill demons. To her, all demons had harmed her loved ones, and at least her father had always told her so.

"Big Brother, I didn't mean to- Only, you were out of it, and I was afraid that the demon would slyly take that chance to attack you...." Nangong Wei said aggrievedly. 

"I know. I didn't mean it either. I'm sorry. Let's go." Wu Yu patted her on the shoulder and smiled slightly. The matter passed.

He was questioning himself as well. Wasn't their original goal to come and slay demons and acquire merits? Why the change of heart? Besides, these demons wrought havoc, and on Wu Yu's kind, no less. He stood on the side of the humans, and naturally had to look out for them. Or he would be nothing less than a betrayer.

"But his merits, the green eyes. We haven't even taken them either. Even the other parts of its body can be exchanged for quite a few merits." Nangong Wei pointed to the green-eyed demon wolf's corpse. 

"If we don't take it, others will snatch it away again," Nangong Wei said.

Wu Yu turned back. Although his heart was still a little uneasy, he still collected the corpse of the green-eyed demon wolf, transferring it to a different Sumeru Pouch.

He had come here to kill demons. He had overthought things. That green-eyed demon wolf had been a strange one. If it had been the vampiric rats, Wu Yu would not have shown an ounce of mercy.

Along the way, Nangong Wei was still teary.

"What's wrong, Wei Er?" Wu Yu asked.

Nangong Wei brushed her tears away. "Nothing much. I just miss my mother. Although I was only six when she left, I won't ever forget her smile...."

Wu Yu did not know what to say.

"Big Brother, I hate demons. They hurt and kill people. Their unsavory methods are a tumor in our world. One day, I will kill them all and avenge my mother!" Nangong Wei declared seriously as she lifted her head to look at him.

Wu Yu wanted to tell her that the world of demons was not like she imagined. The feelings of demons could be more intense than that of humans at times. But he thought of how it would be to say such things to a young girl. It would be overwhelmingly hurtful, and she might not be able to bear it.

"Forget it, we'll talk about it again when she grows a little older." Wu Yu made up his mind.

If he did not kill demons, then what was he doing in the Demons' Abyss?

If he did not kill demons, how could he earn merits? Without merits, how was he going to rise in Shushan Immortal Sect?

Sometimes, he was conflicted. But for his present state, he had to continue. He roamed the vast expanse of the Demons' Abyss with Nangong Wei, looking for their next prey.

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