Chapter 0211: Green-Eyed Demon Wolf

One staff that shook the mountains.

One staff that shattered the heavens and earth.

One staff that churned the rivers.

One staff that ruptured the skies.

Golden flames began to burn in Wu Yu's eyes, drowning out his world. At the heart of the golden flames, the golden ape looked down disdainfully on the world. Its staff conquered all!

The shining armor and red fur was branded on his heart and mind. 

Wu Yu watched as his whole world was smashed before him. Only the monkey remained, the conqueror over all that had been broken!

The staff's ferocity was seared into Wu Yu's pupils, causing his eyes to also shine with mystical light.

That was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha!

These two names had been created to bring this body to life. Hearing these names, the figure sprung out.


Suddenly, the Great Sage turned back amidst the world of fire. In a flash, he reached Wu Yu, who felt as insignificant as an ant before him.

Within the raging flames, he stretched out a finger. His fingertip alone was larger than Wu Yu's head, and he touched it to Wu Yu's skull.

Instantly, the seed of the Violent Art was firmly embedded within Wu Yu's body.

In that moment, Wu Yu felt like his entire body was being changed. He could sense the mental will of the Great Sage, and the unruly and turbulent spirit deeply affected him.

This was a shock to his soul itself!


Suddenly, the Unparalleled Monkey King's body disappeared with an explosion, fading like smoke. Wu Yu opened his eyes, only to find a fire burning before him. On the opposite side was a girl. She lifted her head, and her youth shone under the firelight. But the ultimate beauty of her features was already hinted at underneath.

"What's wrong, Big Brother?" Nangong Wei asked curiously.

"Nothing much." Wu Yu took a deep breath.

The golden world before his eyes had already faded. He had just finished reading the incantation for Violent Art with Ming Long. In truth, the seed of the Violent Art had already been implanted within Wu Yu's body.

And from then on, Wu Yu need only reach for that seed for him to be able to employ many wondrous techniques. Of course, this was very far from true control.

Wu Yu had been cultivating the Fixed Body Art all this while. Although he was far from true mastery, at least his rate of success was higher.

Following next, Wu Yu spent more than 10 days to feel it out and experience it. Although he did not actually use it, he roughly had a sense of it now.

The Violent Art was not like the Fixed Body Art. As long as you used it, it would succeed, although it would inflict self-harm. Therefore, he could not use it too often.

After getting a sense of it, Wu Yu first put the Violent Art aside.

He still had two Jindan dao techniques to cultivate.

The Shushan Immortal Sect had countless Jindan dao techniques, some of which were excellent - to the point where even the elites of Jindan would treat them as a treasure. Of course, the better treasures would be exchanged for even more merits.

At the Shushan Immortal Sect, besides being rewarded by one's master, everything would have to be earned through one's own merits.

This also meant that the Shushan disciples would spend a long time honing their battle skills. They would pit their dao techniques in battle and accumulate much experience.

"Master has given me the Triple Kill of the Heavens, as well as two more Jindan dao techniques. The Violent Art can add to my attack power, but for normal battles, I still need these Jindan dao techniques. Ordinary dao techniques can no longer bring forth my Jindan essence's full strength. Unless the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike still has a new form."

Nangong Wei was also seriously honing her dao techniques. Wu Yu therefore continued to study the Triple Kill of the Heavens.

In this time, the concealed nature of their cave meant that they were unmolested by both Shushan disciples and demons.

The Demons' Abyss was indeed a place where one could peacefully cultivate dao techniques.

"The Fixed Body Art and the Violent Art can indeed elevate my understanding of ordinary dao techniques if I train them for long enough. Even Jindan dao techniques are significantly weaker than the Fixed Body Art. Therefore, after training the Fixed Body Art, I find executing a Jindan dao technique like the Triple Kill of the Heavens relatively easy when I return to it."

After a long time, Wu Yu realized that training his Ground Demon Transformation Art had aided his comprehension of other dao techniques.

After all, the Fixed Body Art was a very profound thing that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had to help him with understanding. Although he had not achieved enlightenment, prolonged contact had fortified both his control over dao techniques as well as his own mental mastery. Besides, his comprehension level was still constantly improving.

"One's understanding of dao techniques is also a form of natural talent. This means that my talent in this aspect is also of the highest level.

"Although the Shushan Immortal Sect is vast, one day I will climb to the peak of the Clear Sky of Shushan and see the view from above!"

His superb natural talent had given Wu Yu strong confidence. His purpose began to strengthen subconsciously.

"Zhang Futu...."

When he first met him, Wu Yu had held a deep respect for him. And now, he was just an ordinary disciple of the Huang sword rank!

The more he lusted after what Wu Yu had, the more Wu Yu wanted to kill him.

And in order to capitalize on that moment when it came, he continued to train his remaining two strikes.

Sky Quake Thrust was the first strike!

The Triple Kill of the Heavens was a combination kill dao technique. Each strike was stronger than the last.

The second strike was known as the Sky Fissure Thrust.

The third strike was the ultimate move, and known as the Heavenly Sword Thrust!

The subsequent two strikes were at the Jindan dao technique level, so they needed Jindan essence to properly employ.

Within this cave, Wu Yu held the Sword of the Mystic Eye in one hand and the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow in the other.

With the Yin Yang Sword Wheel as his immortal root, he could split his will into two. He could train both the Sky Fissure Thrust and the Heavenly Sword Thrust at once. His improvement was like traveling a thousand miles in a day.

"The Triple Kill of the Heavens is a fatal dao technique. It exists only to kill.

"Its moves pursue speed and savagery.

"Its essence is indomitability that startles heaven itself. The perfect match for my own will."

As time passed on, glimmers of sword shadow continued to flicker past Wu Yu.

Watching him, Nangong Wei was surprised as well. She had to duck occasionally as well, in order to avoid being injured by Wu Yu's sword will.

"Big Brother said that he was from the Green Glass sword palace. That seems pretty strange. Is someone looking for him too? That's why he's hiding here with me?" Nangong Wei mused.

In the blink of an eye, three more months flew by.

Within their three months together, Nangong Wei had already become an important part of Wu Yu's life.

They had known each other for about half a year. Within this time, Nangong Wei had matured quickly. She was in her pubescent years. She was 14 now. Her feminine scent had already started to grow stronger, and she could be charming at times.

Their period of seclusion was just too boring. After Nangong Wei had gotten a fair grasp of one Jindan dao technique, she waited for Wu Yu. After Wu Yu had thoroughly mastered the Triple Kill of the Heavens, she was anxious to leave with Wu Yu.

"Big Brother, do you want to refine immortal medicines?" Nangong Wei asked.

Wu Yu suddenly recalled that he had immortal fire but no secret arts for refining immortal medicines. Moreover, he did not have a medicinal furnace immortal treasure.

"Then let's go and kill demons and earn merits. Then we can trade for these things."

Wu Yu was of the same mind. It was common practice among Shushan disciples. Otherwise, how could they compete with others if they could not keep up in resources?

The Demons' Abyss was still the same - silent and eerie.

After Nangong Wei became familiar with the place, she shed her fear. She was boldly roaming out in search of demons. Two and a half days later, they had not only found a demon, but an adult demon at that!

This was a dark green valley sandwiched between two cliff walls, densely covered with withered vines that obscured one's vision above. Wu Yu and Nangong Wei had come down from above and encountered this adult demon.

In the darkness, Wu Yu and Nangong Wei saw a bare-bodied man. In the gloom, they saw his long hair tumbling down wildly across his face. He was long and lean, his muscles well-defined. Melancholic, green eyes.

"Humans." Seeing the pair, the adult demon called out hoarsely, showing Wu Yu his razor-sharp canines.

"Dog or wolf?" Wu Yu asked.

"Wolf," the demon responded curtly.

Nangong Wei was unable to keep her composure upon seeing the demon. Her hatred was starting to surface again, showing through her eyes.

"It's a Green-Eyed Demon Wolf. Even amongst demons, they are known to be ruthless!" Nangong Wei said through gritted teeth.

Wu Yu nodded.

Still, he pushed Nangong Wei behind him, saying softly, "You are not his match. Let me take him on."

"But Big Brother, this Green-Eyed Demon Wolf's demonic aura is so formidable. He could be at the third tier of Yaodan..."

That was two tiers higher than they were!

At least for Nangong Wei, she could only take on demons at the second tier of Yaodan.

"I know. Don't worry." With a light push, he sent her flying back.

Wu Yu's defeat of Wang Fu the previous time had left a deep impression on Nangong Wei. After all, she was younger, and therefore she hid herself, although she was still prepared to add her strength to Wu Yu's.

She reckoned that the two would need to team up in order to have a chance.

In the gloomy valley, Wu Yu faced the Green-Eyed Demon Wolf alone. He unsheathed his two longswords, holding them in either hand. Golden light and rainbow-colored light illuminated the valley.

The Green-Eyed Demon Wolf stared at him. "You are too weak. I do not care about Vajra Sword Talismans. Leave."

A demon that actually did not care about Vajra Sword Talismans? Did he not want freedom?

"But I want the merits you are worth," Wu Yu said. He recalled it now. Because the eyes of the Green-Eyed Demon Wolf were special, after you killed one, you would have to gouge out the eyes to exchange for merits.

"What a bother." The demon harrumphed. But he did not seek to dissuade Wu Yu further. He stalked out from the gloom, then his powerful Yaodan essence came crashing down on Wu Yu with the force of a tidal wave. Wu Yu felt like he was struggling against the ocean itself.

In terms of dan essence, a Yaodan third tier was indeed slightly stronger than Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu did not bat an eyelid. The golden sword in his left hand swished through the air with a hum, and a golden wall appeared before the Green-Eyed Demon Wolf. It suddenly exploded into golden sword qi that bloodied the demon wolf as it was sent flying.

The Green-Eyed Demon Wolf's gaze turned cold now.

"An expert. Then I will not hold back."

In the black night, he threw back his head and howled. The fur on his body grew, at a rate visible to the naked eye.

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