Chapter 0210: The Second Transformation

In order for one to improve one's level, a safe environment, dense spiritual qi, and enough immortal medicines and other resources were needed, along with complete focus.

But the cultivation of dao techniques was more versatile. One did not need to be settled in. One could practice and learn at any time, even through battle.

Therefore, if Wu Yu wanted to increase his Jindan tier, he would have to go to places like Jindan Cave, which were safe and resource-rich. But if he wanted to train his dao techniques, he could do it within this Demons' Abyss.

For the moment, Nangong Wei did not want to leave this place either.

She must’ve been someone who had run away and was afraid of being apprehended.

"Since that's the case, then let's find a secluded place out of the demons' way."

"Alright." Nangong Wei looked around her and said, "Let's go this way. There are very little demons there, and it's not near the entrance."


It was actually easy enough to find a place that satisfied their conditions.

There were thousands of demons hiding within the expanse of the Demons' Abyss. There were many mountains, rivers, and forests. And with everything pitch-black, there could be demons right beside you, and you would not know.

Wu Yu and Nangong Wei got on their way again. They left this sector far behind, moving towards a desolate place that was the edge of the Demons' Abyss.

After roughly a day, they had found a suitable place. This was a hilly land covered with jet-black trees. There was a cave deep within the valley that was rather clean and spacious. 

After Wu Yu entered, he used a few Unorthodox Arts to clean the ground, air, and even walls inside. He freshened the place up, and also kindled a fire. He brought some life to the cave and then used a minor dao technique to block the cave entrance so that their firelight would not be seen from outside.

In the sealed cave, the wavering firelight flushed Nangong Wei's little face, making her look even cuter.

When opposite genders who did not know each other well were within the same enclosed space, the atmosphere would turn awkward, but Nangong Wei was still young, so there was no such feeling. As they spent more time together, it was like Wu Yu had a little sister tagging along, and his thoughts were honest.

"Big Brother, this place is great. Very quiet." Nangong Wei looked around, satisfied.

At her age, everything was a marvel.

Ever since Wu Yu had entered the Jindan Dao Realm, he had been anticipating the second art. The Ground Demon Transformation Art. At this time, he hurriedly entered a trance, communicating with Ming Long.

"It's time for you to pass on the second art, the Ground Demon Transformation Art, to me, right?" Wu Yu asked.

Ming Long appeared before him. She looked even younger than Nangong Wei and would have been pretty cute herself, if not for the fact that her expression often coarsened her features.

From the sly look on her face as she appeared, he knew she had some devilish ideas again.

But after all they had been through, Ming Long had not hesitated to give aid when it was needed, and had been a great help to Wu Yu. And now they were already like ants on a line. Their fates were entwined, and Wu Yu trusted her very much.

"Time is time, but old mother here doesn't do trades for nothing. Shouldn't you show some sweetness?" Ming Long cleared her throat as she spoke strangely.

"What do you want?" Wu Yu already knew she would be like this.

Ming Long cackled. She was not shy either, saying, "Don't think I'm taking advantage of you either. Let me tell you: for these 72 transformations, every single one is a priceless treasure. My price for you is a real steal."

"Cut the crap."

"Then, all I want is a promise."

"What promise?"

"You must reach immortalhood before you can bring me back from the dead, right? After you bring me back, I probably won't have much capability. At that time, you must help me, protect me, until one day when I can also reach immortalhood."

This was a promise built on the fact that Wu Yu would reach immortalhood.

Ming Long was too insecure.

She was afraid that Wu Yu would abandon her at that time.

Or perhaps to her, she had made such a request because she would not have agreed to it herself. After all, she might very well be a burden to him.

But she still did not understand Wu Yu.

Actually, she need not have made so many deals with Wu Yu. If one day Wu Yu really reached immortalhood, he would not forget all the grace that she had bestowed upon him.

"No problem." He agreed easily.

"You had best think about this carefully. It won't be easy."

Wu Yu said, "You don't need to make this deal. I would have done it anyway."

"Eh?" Ming Long started. She looked Wu Yu in the eye, a little suspicious.

Perhaps she had been too used to these tricky, chess-like games. Used to that kind of struggle and fencing. Even after meeting Wu Yu, she had not changed.

And so she dealt with Wu Yu in her old ways.

This also meant that her insecurities were revealed.

Ming Long crossed her arms and said mulishly, "Don't come and patronize Old Mother! Granny here likes to deal with you! I won't owe you a hair!" 

"Alright then...."

Wu Yu could not be bothered to press this issue. He just wanted her to impart the Ground Demon Transformation Art to him.

Ming Long began, "Before, you chose the fixed transformation, the Fixed Body Art, which would save lives. And now, given your abilities, you have already some self-defense capabilities. It's time for you to choose something to help your offense. Because I only learned a few, there aren't many choices. So I decided to let you learn the second transformation, the fortification transformation."

The fixed transformation was the Fixed Body Art.

Of the 72 transformations, they came in all forms, but each had unbelievable power.

What would this fortified transformation change about him?

Wu Yu did not interrupt, cleaning his ears to listen.

Ming Long adopted a wise manner as she paced before Wu Yu, saying, "The so-called fortification transformation is also known as the Herculean Art, or sometimes the Violent Art. Of course, I prefer calling it the Violent Art a little more."

"Violent Art, what does it do?"

"Violent Art is a fortified transformation. Naturally, it concerns the flesh. It is very simple: it causes one's body to instantly change. When you use the Violent Art to strengthen your flesh, your body will immediately be able to use twice its usual strength, perhaps even more. Three times, four times.... Legends say that there is no limit to it."

Hearing this, Wu Yu's jaw dropped. He thought Ming Long was pulling his leg. The Fixed Body Art was already marvelous enough. Could such a miraculous fortified transformation actually exist? He understood the terrifying implications of doubled strength, especially with a body as robust as his.

Ming Long did not feel Wu Yu's total shock, but continued in her wise tone, "The Fixed Body Art, the Violent Art are - my guess - skills of the immortal. This means that as your own body continues to improve, the increase in the Violent Art will not change. Even if you have the power to cleave the Clear Sky of Shushan, using the Violent Art means that you will have the power to cleave apart two Clear Sky of Shushans. The most astonishing thing is this limitless quality to it."

This was something that Wu Yu knew well. For example, the Whale Slaying Sword of the East Seas that he had used. Compared to a real dao technique, it was simple. Even the Great Dao of the Golden Sword was of too low a level. Now that his Jindan essence was expanding, they could not fully utilize Wu Yu's power.

But the Fixed Body Art and the Violent Art had no limits.

However, the Fixed Body Art drained his spiritual power greatly. Even with the Jindan essence, the possibility of failure was still there. After all, it was an immortal art, and Wu Yu had barely scratched the surface of it.

So Wu Yu guessed that he would also have a very imperfect mastery of this Violent Art.

And as expected, Ming Long said, "The Violent Art is very strong, but it stimulates one's muscular strength - an instant explosion. Although it has nothing to do with your Jindan essence, it will definitely cause harm to your muscles each time you use it. The more killing power you multiplicatively generate, the greater the self-harm. That is why it is best to keep it hidden and use it as an ultimate move. Paired with the Fixed Body Art, it is the best. Back then, I did exactly that. Using the Violent Art, I finished off many orthodox fighters."

Saying thus, Ming Long put her hands on her hips, laughing loudly and proudly.

This was understandable. The Violent Art's specialty lay in its physical triggering. It did not magically give Wu Yu double the killing power. Everything in this world had its reason, and magically-appearing strength was not a thing.

But even so, the appeal of the Violent Art was an instant doubling of killing power. To Wu Yu, that held enormous attraction.

One could imagine that this change would surpass many expectations! If one kept this skill hidden, it would definitely save his life on many occasions.

Now he had the white Jindan and the second tier of the Invincible Vajra Body. Combined with the Fixed Body Art and the Violent Art at full strength, he would be overpowered.

"Quick, teach me this Violent Art."

Wu Yu could not wait any more.

"You kid, you're as frantic as an ape, you silly monkey." Ming Long cackled but did not hedge anymore. She began to impart the Violent Art to Wu Yu.

The Violent Art was also a scripture that required Wu Yu to incant it with Ming Long. Wu Yu need only follow as she said.

It was about the same as the Fixed Body Art. The scripture of the Violent Art had roughly 900 words.

Wu Yu let Nangong Wei know, then he sank into a trance, following Ming Long's incantation. He sank into a mysterious world.

As he chanted, he heard a huge roar from before him. A torrent of golden flames rushed out, and even Nangong Wei was consumed by it. By the time Wu Yu came to, he was in an endless world of flame.

Within the fiery world, the armored Unparalleled Monkey King appeared.

Wu Yu saw that he held the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hand!

"You will... break!"

Suddenly, the Unparalleled Monkey King gave a hearty cry and lifted the Ruyi Jingu Bang. It expanded greatly, like a pillar of the sky, and then crashed down.

In that instant, the world shattered!

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