Chapter 0209: Lavender Sword

Now that Wang Fu was howling miserably on the floor, no one dared to come up to touch him.

Zhou Xuan and the others were pale, their faces full of disbelief. They wanted to turn tail and run, but somehow their legs had turned to jelly, and they could not escape.

One could only imagine the tidal wave of shock they were experiencing now!

"This... this..."

The three looked at each other in horror.

To Wu Yu, this battle was one big, pleasant surprise.

He finally understood the class of his white Jindan essence's spiritual power.

A pale gold Jindan produced the weakest Jindan essence, but that was the standard spiritual power of an ordinary martial cultivator.

Golden Jindan, first tier, was a moderately strong Jindan essence, and that was why Wang Fu, with his golden Jindan, could become Zhang Futu's eldest disciple.

Deep golden Jindan, first tier, was formidable Jindan essence. It was virtually unparalleled, and with such quality, one would quickly rise to disciplehood in the four major sword ranks.

The core of the Shushan Immortal Sect mostly had deep golden Jindan.

And as for those like Nangong Wei, they had the highest quality Jindan, and the essence that she produced at the first tier was basically equal to a pale gold second tier Jindan.

This also meant that although Nangong Wei was one tier short of Zhi Ying, in terms of Jindan essences, they were evenly matched.

And as for Wu Yu's white Jindan essence, this test meant that his Jindan essence was stronger than Wang Fu's. This meant that although he was at the first tier of Jindan, his Jindan essence was of a marvelously high quality, already surpassing a golden second tier Jindan. He had to be roughly equal to a martial cultivator with a second tier deep golden Jindan.

His Jindan essence likely surpassed the highest quality that Nangong Wei had!

Added to Wu Yu's own physical strength from the Invincible Vajra Body, Wu Yu could easily deal with Wang Fu, even with his Golden Bell Armor.

"Given my current capabilities, facing those at the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm should not be a problem." Wu Yu was inwardly pleased.

This was a much better result than he had expected. No wonder he had managed to surpass the equal-tier Nangong Wei in sword speed.

"The Great Way of Immortality Art's Jindan condensation method is truly a marvel. I am unparalleled in this aspect!" Wu Yu was seized by an urge to exult.

"My future will definitely be slated for the elite of the Shushan Immortal Sect! However, I have no senior protecting me. From now on, I cannot be audacious; otherwise, those that covet what I have will expand beyond Zhang Futu."

He was like a child with an important treasure, clutching it as he slipped through the stares of these strong warriors. If he did not conceal it well, he would definitely lose his life, and then all would be lost.

"Wu Yu, Wu Yu...." Zhou Xuan fell to his knees, his hands holding out the vampiric rat's ears, pleading, "I was wrong. You are a talent among talents. I could not see that. I will never cross you again!"

Wu Yu took the ears and then regarded the three kneeling people before him.

They were terrified and did not dare to move a muscle. Zhou Xuan was kowtowing.

He understood that he would still have a long relationship with Wu Yu. He could run today, but he could not hide forever. The best course of action was to kneel and plead.

"You have no backbone. Just this is enough to send you to your knees?" Wu Yu berated Zhou Xuan.

"Yes, yes! Hehe, I, Zhou Xuan, have always followed the strong. Wang Fu was trash. I suggest that you be the eldest senior brother in the future! That would be for the best!" Zhou Xuan said fawningly.

"Get out!" Wu Yu slapped him across the face, sending him flying at least 100 zhang. He howled painfully. All his teeth must have fallen out.

The remaining two almost wet themselves with fear. They actually used their Vajra Sword Talismans to protect themselves.


When the Vajra Sword Talismans activated, a golden fortress appeared around each of them. Golden swords circled around them. Anyone that attacked them would feel the wrath of the Vajra Sword Talisman.

Wu Yu was too lazy to deal with them. But with the activation of the Vajra Sword Talismans, elders would very quickly arrive to save them. It was Wu Yu who had forced them to use them, so he should leave here.

Looking back, Nangong Wei and Zhi Ying were still battling.

In truth, Zhi Ying was scared out of her wits. If not for Nangong Wei holding her there, she would have run away a long time ago.

Wu Yu's performance just now had even stopped their battle for a while.

Nangong Wei had seen that Wu Yu had taken back her items.

But she was still angry, because Zhi Ying had mentioned her mother. That was a soft spot, and also why she continued to harangue Zhi Ying.

Wu Yu also did not like this woman. He moved forward to join Nangong Wei, making it a two on one!

Zhi Ying specialized in dao techniques. With a wave of her hand, many withered trees sprouted out from the ground. The hardy branches swayed and whacked randomly, creating confusion. A few even trapped Nangong Wei.

She held a purple spiritual immortal treasure in one hand, known as the Lavender Sword. It had amazing powers.

As Wu Yu charged forth, he sent the Argenti Chain in his hand flying. He immediately used sheer force, tearing through the trees. The Argenti Chain was like a silver snake that weaved through them. It caught Zhi Ying, who was fighting Nangong Wei!

Jindan essence sealed!

Zhi Ying lost her strength momentarily. Controlled by Wu Yu, the trees crumbled in a moment, while Nangong Wei's sword had already come to a rest before Zhi Ying's eyes.

She stowed her sword and followed Wu Yu's example, delivering a tight slap to Zhi Ying. 

Although she was still very angry, she did not want to harm others. She only burst angrily, "That slap was to teach you to put a stopper on your mouth. No more nonsense and laughing at others."

"Yes, yes, I won't dare anymore." Zhi Ying was cut from the same mold as Zhou Xuan. After the loss, she immediately surrendered, offering no further resistance.

At this time, there was a disturbance of sword qi in the distance. Someone had to be coming. Wu Yu took hold of Nangong Wei. The two exchanged a look and knew it was time to leave.

And so Wu Yu tossed Zhi Ying aside, uncaring that she had fallen into the filthy river. The two used the Art of Sword Flight and left the sector quickly. They landed only an hour later, hiding within a deep recess.

Nangong Wei's heart was beating wildly. She looked at Wu Yu and said to him with an idolizing tone, "Big Brother, how are you so strong? You kept it from me before and made me worried about you. I thought you were going to be bullied by that big blockhead."

She also knew that Wu Yu was currently at the first tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. Given what she had seen, she had ascertained that Wu Yu was even stronger than she was, and what that implied.

Wu Yu laughed. "I didn't expect that either. I didn't mean to keep it from you."

This girl was refreshing and lively, and her love and hatred were clear. She was like a flame, and Wu Yu could not help imagining how she would grow up as he looked at her face.

Nangong Wei pouted, saying, "You said your Jindan was ordinary. I'm sure that it's like mine, of the highest quality! Big Brother, what's its appearance?"

Wu Yu considered this. He had such a formidable Jindan essence, and that would definitely attract attention. He had to have an explanation.

He could not tell others directly that his Jindan was white. After all, that was too legendary, and would raise curiosity.

Rather, saying that it was of the highest quality was the safest choice.

And so he said, "That's right. It's of the highest quality. It has white mist circling it."

Nangong Wei scolded him: "I knew it! Big Brother is so naughty, to have lied to me in Jindan Cave!"

Wu Yu smiled. "I had no choice. I have no background to speak of. I dare not stand out; otherwise, others will come and look for trouble. You know what I mean?"

"Oh, so that's it. Alright, Wei Er will forgive Big Brother." Nangong Wei gave a contented smile.

He had held off Nangong Wei successfully. But Wu Yu was clear that although his talent was exceptional, his future in the Shushan Immortal Sect would not be easy.

"Where to next?" Subconsciously, Nangong Wei had already yielded leadership to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu considered this. Perhaps Zhang Futu was outside at this very moment. It was best not to leave the Demons' Abyss.

He had come to the Demons' Abyss primarily to hide.

Finally, he said, "I have some dao techniques that I want to cultivate. How about we find a secluded spot and cultivate some dao techniques?"

"Right here in the middle of the Demons' Abyss? Without going out?" Nangong Wei asked.

"Right here."


It seemed like she did not want to go out either. Was she afraid that someone was looking for her?

"Wei Er has finally entered the Jindan Realm, and I have some Jindan dao techniques to cultivate as well."

She was of the same mind.

In fact, martial cultivators who had just reaeched the Jindan Dao Realm would normally practice their Jindan dao techniques first. There were virtually none who would hide like they did.


After a few days, Wang Fu and the others emerged at the entrance of the Demons' Abyss.

"Let's go back and tell this to Master. Master will definitely punish him!" Zhi Ying said with a murderous look.

From the side, Zhou Xuan's face was half swollen. He was helping Wang Fu, whose eyes were filled with hatred.

They had just descended the snowy peak when a figure appeared before them. When they saw who it was, they fell to their knees.

"Master, why are you here?"

It was Zhang Futu.

Zhang Futu's expression was mild as he looked at Wang Fu. "You're seriously injured. Didn't you know to use your Vajra Sword Talisman when outclassed by the demon?"

Zhou Xuan immediately burst out mournfully, "Master, look well! This is not the work of a demon, but your newest disciple, Wu Yu! My face and Senior Sister's were beaten up by him!"

Hearing this, Zhang Futu was shocked, and his face became stern.

"What are you playing at? Where did Wu Yu find such power to beat you?" The three of them started, and Zhi Ying said, "Master, could it be that even you do not understand the extent of Wu Yu's power? He has recently reached the Jindan Dao Realm and should be at the first tier of Jindan, but he defeated Eldest Senior Brother in a few breaths' time. He beat him so badly without even a shred of mercy!"

Zhang Futu naturally did not know.

With a stern face, he ordered, "Tell me everything clearly."

Zhou Xuan seized his chance and immediately cried, "That Wu Yu is really vicious. We defeated a subterranean vampiric rat with great difficulty. Just as we were about to exchange the ear for merits, Wu Yu appeared with another girl out of nowhere. They snatched our reward, and also ganged up with the girl to beat us like that. We were thoroughly humiliated, and he insulted us as having no right to be his senior brothers and sisters. He said you had no right to...."

"Enough. Get out." Zhang Futu waved him off.

He had a sense of how much of Zhou Xuan's words he could trust.

But he turned his burning gaze towards the Demons' Abyss.

Perhaps he was also starting to get a sense of how many secrets Wu Yu held.

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