Chapter 0208: Sword of Nine Chops, Golden Bell Armor

Besides the three disciples of Zhang Futu, there were two others who Wu Yu had seen before as well. They were the two who had accompanied Zhou Xuan that day.

These five were from Futu Hall, where they might not have been the strongest. But simply because they were the disciples of the hall master, none dared to cross them.

Wu Yu did not like those three. Wang Fu was cruel and savage in nature, Zhi Ying had a dark and devious heart, while Zhou Xuan was petty through and through.

The fact that Zhang Futu would accept them as disciples spoke volumes about his own nature.

"Wu Yu?"

At this time, they finally recognized Wu Yu. The Demons' Abyss was too dark, so they only noticed him now.

Zhou Xuan started, then immediately laughed, a wicked tinge to his laughter. He said, "So we meet again. Last time, you snuck an attack on me, but this time you delivered yourself to me in the Demons' Abyss. Heaven must be punishing you!"

They had planned to leave after stealing, but now Zhou Xuan had no intention of leaving.

From the side, Zhi Ying eyed Wu Yu, saying, "Wu Yu, before you are your senior brothers and sister. Why are you standing there like a blockhead? Impertinent and discourteous!"

Zhou Xuan snickered a laugh. "Senior Sister still does not know? This bumpkin from the east does not even regard the three of us as worthy! If you want him to even call you ‘Senior Sister,’ that would be harder than flying to heaven!"

Zhi Ying gasped, saying, "Wu Yu, is what he says true? You don't hold us worthy of respect? We are your seniors. Why do you not respect others?"

The five of them had flipped it around and were threatening Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had long taken a disliking to them. And now that they had made Nangong Wei angry, he was even more disinclined to back down. He said, "My seniors, this poor little girl spent so much effort defeating a demon. But you have had no morals, and stole the fruits of her labor. Is that appropriate?"

"Return it to me, or I will show you no mercy, even if you're Big Brother's senior brothers and sister," Nangong Wei said.

"A bold tone to take, wench. Which old geezer let you out by accident? Elder Sister here has a sweet. Eat it and hurry home," Zhi Ying's mockingly sweet voice replied.

Zhou Xuan gave a cold laugh as well. He looked at Wu Yu, and then at Nangong Wei. "Wu Yu, you shameless man. How young is this girl? You already set your eyes on her? You look civilized enough, but who would have thought you were such a beast."

 In the end, the heavy voice of the eldest senior brother, Wang Fu, said, "Alright. Let's go. Stop wasting time," and he turned to leave.

Although Zhou Xuan longed for revenge, Wang Fu and the others had no inclination to punish Wu Yu. After all, he had no quarrel with them.

"Junior Brother, you're lucky. Today, Eldest Senior Brother let you off. The next time we meet, mind your manners!" Zhou Xuan said arrogantly. He turned to leave as he fired his taunting parting shot.

They did not think that Wu Yu and Nangong Wei would not let them leave just like that.

"Stop!" Their two voices rang out, as they moved before the group. Wu Yu said, "It won’t be too late to leave after you return the items."

Today was different. Wu Yu no longer felt like he was inferior to them.

As for Nangong Wei, she only wanted to get back what belonged to her. It didn't matter that they were but two and only at the first tier of the Jindan Dao Realm.

As far as Wu Yu knew, Wang Fu and Zhi Ying were both at the second tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, as they were not much older than he was.

"Haha!" Zhou Xuan could not help but laugh loudly. In his eyes, Wu Yu and Nangong Wei were both fools. That they would bar their way thus would anger Wang Fu and Zhi Ying thoroughly.

"Eldest Senior Brother, we are the seniors here. This Wu Yu is so rebellious, and does not understand the ways of respect between master and disciple. We have a duty to teach him a lesson on Master's behalf." Zhi Ying lifted an eyebrow in challenge, her voice turning cold.

"Yes!" As expected, Wang Fu agreed.

"Alright, then the two of us can handle one each. Keep our hand in." Zhi Ying gave a light laugh. She gave Wu Yu to Wang Fu, while she sidled to the left, lifting a beckoning finger to Nangong Wei, saying, "Silly little girl, today, Elder Sister will teach you a lesson on behalf of your mother."

Her words touched a sore point for Nangong Wei. From young, she hated people who mentioned her mother, and now she hefted her sword and charged!

Wu Yu was not too worried about her. After all, her talent was exceptional, despite only being at the first tier of Jindan. Her background was profound, and who knew how many hidden techniques she had.

"These disciples of Zhang Futu are laughable. They can't even tell that she comes from an awesome background!" Wu Yu was just considering this when Zhou Xuan laughed with abandon. Wang Fu was like an evil bear. He pulled out a heavy, black sword about his height and dragged it along the ground. He was like a mountain, bearing down on Wu Yu. The bestial strength was fearsome, and he was even more dangerous than Zhi Ying.

"The three of us should hide so that Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Sister will not injure us by accident. Hehe...." Zhou Xuan scampered off, his smirk still fanning the flames of anger in Wu Yu's heart. He again looked at Wang Fu. In his heart, the flames of battle had already been lit!

This was his first official battle since coming to Shushan Immortal Sect! Compared to Zhou Xuan, Wang Fu had a reputation amongst the Futu Hall disciples. He was basically the foremost talent in Futu Hall presently!

"How powerful my white Jindan is will be revealed now!" The desire for battle flared in Wu Yu's heart. Within his Sea of Breath Meridian, his white Jindan quivered in response. Jindan essence flooded through his body like a dam released.

"Wang Fu's spiritual immortal treasure is called the Sword of Nine Chops. It is a titanic strength sword, which means this person's strength and body are as resplendent and robust as a demon's! But he met me!"

If his opponent wanted to duke it out in strength, then Wu Yu would answer him with strength.

But at this moment, there was a feral quality to Wang Fu. As though he sensed that Wu Yu would be a tough one, he pulled out another spiritual immortal treasure, a golden bell which he knocked against his own chest. The golden bell actually dissolved into his body, becoming a suit of battle armor that covered him.

With this spiritual immortal treasure, Wang Fu's strength and defenses were all enhanced.

"Sword of Nine Chops, Golden Bell Armor. Eldest Senior Brother combination is so dominating. Within the second tier of Jindan, there are few who can withstand it!"

"This Wu Yu is gonna be beaten to a pulp!"

Zhou Xuan laughed, saying, "This trash just entered the sect and doesn't know what's good for him. Someone has to set him right and shake him awake.

That conceited and sly face was just asking for a slap.

On the other side, Nangong Wei and Zhi Ying had already begun to fight. Nangong Wei was an elite talent, and a few glances was enough to convince Wu Yu that it was impossible for her to lose.

"Paranormal Pillar of Blood."

Compared to a sword, Wu Yu liked this school of spiritual immortal treasure better. As the spiritual immortal treasure appeared in his hand, he transformed, changing from a swordsman to a being even more violent than Wang Fu.

Violent, stubborn, direct.


The Paranormal Pillar of Blood planted in the ground, creating shockwaves. The lines of blood swirled, and ghostly faces surfaced on the black scales.

"A ghostly cultivator's immortal treasure! That is unforgivable!" Wang Fu's eyes were round. With an angry cry, he swung the heavy sword. Technique after technique had been layered on the sword, causing the weighty blade to shine with golden light.


His stomping foot seemed to liquefy the entire ground. Rocks and dust flew, and rolled Wu Yu within.

This dao technique was called Earthshaker Art, and Wu Yu had come across it before in the Lore of the Divine Continent.

Outside of the dust, Zhou Xuan and the others laughed even more loudly. They were imagining Wu Yu tottering around within the dust cloud!


In that instant, Wu Yu grasped the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, locking down on Wang Fu's position. Wang Fu hefted his sword and came killing. The sword in his hand turned into a golden mountain that fell on Wu Yu from above.

Wu Yu could feel the violence backing the Sword of Nine Chops!

But this pure strength only stirred his own passion. At this moment, his body was aflame and excited. In that moment, the Paranormal Pillar of Blood was one with him.

The white Jindan essence gushed out, connecting Wu Yu to the Paranormal Pillar of Blood.

He did not even use the Immortal Ape Transformation, instead sticking to the 72 Strikes of the East Sea's Mad Demon. Like a demented demon, his staff struck out like the tide itself. Each wave was stronger than the last, until finally he came to a head with Wang Fu!

When the first strike connected with the Sword of Nine Chops, Wu Yu's first thought was that Wang Fu's titanic strength seemed to be weaker than he had imagined,

Just the first strike of the Mad Demon Strikes alone stopped his attack. This only meant that his spiritual power might be a tier higher than Wu Yu's, but Wu Yu's combined physical and spiritual power was far above his!

From the first clash, Wang Fu gave a muffled grunt. He could scarcely believe that Wu Yu had actually blocked his strike!

What happened next sent him completely reeling.

The Mad Demon Strikes was truly berserk. Swing after swing rained down. Wu Yu was like a black tornado, the Paranormal Pillar of Blood striking his opponent again and again!

The hundred ghosts invaded Wang Fu's body, weakening him from within!

Wu Yu's ultimate power, combined with his formidable Jindan essence, had completely dominated Wang Fu.

With his fourth strike, Wu Yu sent Wang Fu's Sword of Nine Chops flying!

With his fifth strike, Wu Yu's Paranormal Pillar of Blood landed heavily on Wang Fu's midriff! With a “kacha” sound, a crack appeared on the Golden Bell Armor!

With his sixth strike, he smacked Wang Fu's head to the floor. The Golden Bell Armor shattered. A spiritual immortal treasure made by a martial cultivator at least at the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm - destroyed completely by Wu Yu.

Wu Yu continued to press on. The seventh strike was completely focused, smashing Wang Fu to the ground. Although he was not dead, his bones and sinew were smashed. Within a short amount of time, he could not possibly stand.

All of this had happened in just a few breaths of time!

Wu Yu had completely owned Wang Fu. Completely unexpected by the five, Wang Fu had been beaten thoroughly.

When the dust subsided, Wu Yu stood by Wang Fu's side. The Paranormal Pillar of Blood was planted in the ground as he raised his head to regard Zhou Xuan.

In that instant, Zhou Xuan felt the world spin, and he almost fell to the ground.

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