Chapter 0205: Demons' Abyss

They were like meteor collisions in outer space.

In that instant, all 10 spiritual sources collided.

The Jindan Condensation Wondrous Art of the Great Way of Immortality Art did nothing but channel and compress a portion of the power, sealing it in.

Until finally the Jindan was complete.

Compared to the slower, gentler fusion that others used, the Great Way of Immortality Art was rough and direct, but it emphasized the complete harmony between the 10 spiritual sources!

"You still need Golden Essence Pills!"

Wu Yu quickly felt the squeeze of the 10 spiritual sources activating. None gave way to any other, and they released terrifying energy that seemed like it was about to rip Wu Yu's Sea of Breath Meridian apart.

And at this time, Ming Long urged him to use this chance to swallow the Golden Essence Pills that he did not dare to ingest or digest!

"Why?" Wu Yu did not understand. When others condensed their Jindan, they did not dare to take any Spirit Concentration Pills or Golden Essence Pills, which were immortal medicines potent with spiritual qi.

"Just do as I say."

He was on the verge of not being able to hold on, let alone giving his 10 spiritual sources even more stress. But the Golden Essence Pill was a chance.

Wu Yu decided. Hesitating no more, he retrieved a Golden Essence Pill and quickly swallowed it. The hot, golden flow of energy within him was like a golden tiger charging through his body, reaching his Sea of Breath Meridian in a flash.

"Direct the Golden Essence Pill towards your Sea of Breath Meridian!" Ming Long said.

The 10 spiritual sources had been rampaging within him, and now the Golden Essence Pill only exacerbated the chaos. Wu Yu was on the verge of crumbling.

Hearing Ming Long's reminder, he managed to do it, quelling the Golden Essence Pill within the core position at his Sea of Breath Meridian.

Within his Sea of Breath Meridian, the 10 spiritual sources warred like angry dragons. Suddenly, a tiger appeared in their midst. No matter how savage the tiger, it was still food for the angry dragons!

Suddenly, Wu Yu found that he need no longer hold the 10 spiritual sources in check. They moved on their own accord towards the Golden Essence Pill, trying to devour it. That was the instinct of every spiritual power vortex.

As a result, the 10 spiritual sources converged without Wu Yu's effort. Their enormous compression and collusion actually helped the fusion process.

"The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind!" Wu Yu quoted. He knew that Ming Long had not sabotaged him. He was very grateful to Ming Long, and seized this opportunity.

Flesh and will, body and spirit, all of it was focused on the 10 spiritual sources!

The critical point of success!

10 days later.

Wu Yu no longer needed to strain. His 10 spiritual sources had already converged into one entity, located at the core of his Sea of Breath Meridian. Golden mist was circling, and his Jindan was in its final stages of formation. Its form would soon become visible.

"I wonder if it will be pale gold, gold, or deep gold. Or will it have the differentiation of colored clouds?" Wu Yu was full of anticipation.

After the final creation process, the external layer of golden mist dissipated after a day.

When it dissipated, Wu Yu did not feel the differentiation of colored mist. He was a little dispirited. In truth, he still held himself highly, and to the highest standards. After all, the legacy that he had received was probably second to none in the entire Shushan Immortal Sect.

But strangely, he felt an indescribable rise in his Jindan essence. Although he did not test it out, it was so strong that he could barely process it. He felt like a slight tweak of his Jindan power could level half of Jindan Cave already.

Of course, if he did that, he would be thrown out of Shushan.

Just as he was wondering, he could finally see his Jindan clearly. His newly formed Jindan was the size of his little fingernail. No matter how good its quality was, it would not be big. The Jindan would only grow under ceaseless cultivation.


Wu Yu was stunned. He knew that the highest quality was supposed to be deep gold. But beyond all expectations, his Jindan was pure white, so pure that it was like milk, and without a single blemish.

"What the hell is going on? Ming Long, what does white mean?" Wu Yu was aghast.

"White? How would old mother know? Back when I got this legacy, I was already at the Jindan Realm." Ming Long rolled her eyes.

"This white is really pale. Could it be inferior to even pale gold?" Wu Yu was disheartened.

"Why don't you try it out? Logically, it should not be. The Great Way of Immortality Art is special, so it follows that the Jindan it fashions is also special. In terms of ability alone, you now possess a first tier Jindan. You have to compare yourself against others at the First Tier of Jindan." Wu Yu understood.

He would not let himself be discouraged just yet. He had just condensed a Jindan and felt like he had metamorphosed into a new form. Although it was just a spiritual power transformation, and his corporeal form was largely the same, he seemed to have experienced a life-changing leap.

"Jindan essence?"

As he adjusted it, the mysterious white Jindan emitted white Jindan essence that was extremely thick. It flowed through his whole body. It was not easy to test out within this Jindan Cave, so Wu Yu had no idea as to its power.

"Immortal fire."

As he gestured, the pure white Jindan created a faint, white flame. This was immortal fire, and Wu Yu could move it to his hand. But immortal fire had no offensive capabilities. Wu Yu could only feel that this immortal fire was special. No wonder it could refine immortal medicines.

"Martial cultivators cannot give up on the ability to refine immortal medicines. Refining immortal medicines is a huge school of knowledge, and precedes the creation of spirit designs. There will be countless mystical ways to refine immortal medicines within Shushan. But first I have to gain some merits so I can exchange them for immortal medicine refining arts. And to learn the dao of refining immortal medicines, I still need a medicinal furnace immortal treasure."

Finally, he had seen his own immortal fire. Although it was white, Wu Yu was still filled with anticipation.

Immortal fire was the basis of refining immortal medicine. With this foundation, he could finally refine his own immortal medicine!

Wu Yu adjusted and ordered himself, and finally got used to the realm of Jindan. And at this time, the power that was coursing through him finally dissipated.

He had just lifted his head to look at Nangong Wei, when her entire body trembled. Sword shadows flitted out, and a nine-colored flame immolated her. It was a brilliant sight.

"This is?"

In the next moment, the flames on her body had been completely consumed.

Nangong Wei appeared serenely before Wu Yu's eyes, but Wu Yu could clearly feel that she was much changed from herself three months before - in terms of power and aura. Clearly, she had just been through a life-changing transformation.

Without doubt, she had followed closely behind him, and successfully condensed her Jindan, entering the Jindan Dao Realm.

After a period of adjustment, Nangong Wei had an ecstatic smile. She was overjoyed, and did not care about the differences in gender. She bounced over to Wu Yu and grabbed his hand, exclaiming, "Big Brother! I did it! Quick, congratulate me!"

She was naturally excited, and Wu Yu was in an excellent mood as well. The gloom of his previous days had evaporated.

"Wei Er is so clever. But you're still a step behind." Wu Yu smiled.

"Ahhhh! Shucks." Nangong Wei realized that he had been through a huge transformation as well. He had also succeeded.

However, she was still very happy, and in high spirits. "Besides, my Jindan is of the highest quality! Big Brother, aren't I clever? Within my Sea of Breath Meridian, there are nine-colored flames that surround a Jindan of deep gold, and that is a symbol of the highest quality." Wu Yu was shocked.

As far as he knew, for Jindan to reach the highest quality, it would have such nine-colored flames surrounding it. It was considered rare even within the Shushan Immortal Sect, and the Shushan Immortal Sect was the pinnacle of talent. Within the Common Sword Domain, even a single one would be an immediate talking point.

"Big Brother, I'm only telling you. You have to help me keep it a secret. You can't let others know about my Jindan quality, okay?" Nangong Wei looked at Wu Yu with bright, lively eyes.

So this girl had secrets. Wu Yu had guessed that she was somebody's disciple and had come out to play.

Of course, he nodded.

"Big Brother, what quality is your Jindan?" Nangong Wei asked curiously.

"Quite average." Wu Yu gave a frustrated smile. He himself did not know what was up with this pure white Jindan....

"Oh, I got it. Big Brother, don't be discouraged. Keep working hard!" Nangong Wei blinked very cutely and teased a smile out of Wu Yu. Actually, he would dearly love to know the difference between his pure white Jindan and the highest-quality Jindan that Nangong Wei had.

But she was a little girl. Besides, they could not clash within Jindan Cave.

However, at this moment, Nangong Wei suddenly made a face. "Big Brother, Jindan Cave does not allow disciples who have condensed their Jindan to linger long. We must leave within a day."

Wu Yu knew of this rule as well. And this was his biggest headache. The thing he wanted to do the most now was to cultivate dao techniques, like the remaining two skills of Triple Kill of the Heavens that Feng Xueya had left him. He was even looking forward to that new Ground Demon Transformation Art.

But the moment he left, Zhang Futu would immediately be watching him again.

And if he realized that Wu Yu had successfully entered the Jindan Realm, then he would panic too.

Nangong Wei's eyes flicked, and then she said expectantly, "Big Brother, let's team up and go to the Demons' Abyss to kill demons! Only disciples of the Jindan Dao Realm and above are allowed in, and we have both just met the criterion. We can go there and earn merits!"

"Demons' Abyss?"

Wu Yu recalled this place.

It was one of the training grounds provided by the Shushan Immortal Sect. It was especially designed for ordinary dan disciples in the Jindan Dao Realm and above. It was within the Common Sword Domain, and was a zone demarcated by spirit designs. Within it, there were many demons that the experts of the Shushan Immortal Sect had captured and imprisoned. Shushan disciples could kill them and train, similar to the demons in the Valley of Immortal Fate.

However, the Demons' Abyss was of a much larger scale, roughly as big as an entire sword palace. It was a hundred times the size of the Bipo Mountain Range, and it was said that there were tens of thousands of demons within. Moreover, these demons had already condensed their dan, and some were said to have natural Mystiques. A terrifying proposal indeed.

Of course, the strongest amongst these demons were still not a match for disciples of the four major sword ranks. They were basically demons caught by disciples from these ranks.

They were especially designed for ordinary dan disciples, so under normal circumstances, the Demons' Abyss did not allow disciples of the four major sword ranks to enter. It was special training for the ordinary dan disciples....

"This means that it would be inappropriate for Zhang Futu to enter.... Although he is of the Huang sword rank, he cannot breach the rules of the Shushan Immortal Sect randomly...."

This meant that the best course of action was to hurry from Jindan Cave to the Demons' Abyss!

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