Chapter 0203: Nangong Wei

"I wonder what this Jindan Cave is made of. The spiritual qi inside is much stronger than at the Futu Mountain Range. It's at least 300 times that of the Bipo Mountain Range. No wonder everyone comes here to condense their Jindan."

Moreover, Wu Yu discovered that every single place - the walls, the floor, and even the roof over his head - were all carved with words, and they seemed to be from different hands.

"All of these are treasures left behind by those who came before. With luck, I might even find a complete, top-quality Jindan Condensation skill!" Wu Yu heard many say.

"Everyone, find a place to sit down. There are many newcomers in this period, and we can't just stand by and watch. We can't do anything before finding a spot."

Wu Yu walked in deeper. He realized that both on the main road, as well as in the chambers, many seniors had left behind their words and feelings.

"The dao of the Jindan is the foundation of immortalhood."

"Qi Condensation is the first step, and Jindan the second."

"Only with Jindan can one form their dao."

Some were enigmatic, others straightforward. Reading too much of these made one dizzy.

But it could not be denied that these words were treasures to anyone who was about to condense their Jindan. Wu Yu had not yet begun to condense his Jindan, so he did not feel them.

"A majority of people shut themselves up in a chamber. When they reach a wall, they come out for a walk and a breather, or perhaps to talk to others. First, I'll find a small chamber and try the Great Way of Immortality Art."

Wu Yu walked randomly, but perhaps because this place was not deep enough in, virtually all the chambers were full. The disciples at the peak of Qi Condensation were all full of enthusiasm as they charged on towards Jindan Dao.

"Everyone here is something special...."

Wu Yu walked very deep in, and finally saw a small chamber with two cushions. One of them was still empty, and so he walked in to claim it.

The other seat was taken by a girl with a red sword lanyard. Her hair was closely cropped, and her expression frigid. Although she wore long robes, they could not hide her nubile figure. Anywhere in Dong Yue Wu, she would be a beauty that could bring ruin to a nation. However, there were just too many beauties in the Shushan Immortal Sect, and Wu Yu had seen hundreds of her like before. Besides, all of them were young, and on the verge of condensing their Jindan.

The girl was condensing her Jindan with her eyes closed. Her expression was a little pained and frustrated. Wu Yu had just sat down when she opened her eyes, which flicked over Wu Yu. She snapped at him, "There are so many seats in the Jindan Cave, but you had to come in here to bother me!"

As she spoke, she rose and left, throwing an irritated look at Wu Yu.

"You met with difficulties, but it's my fault?" Wu Yu was a little bemused. He had read The Rules of Shushan Sect, so he knew that he had done nothing wrong. That was why he had not quarreled with this stranger. And now that she had gone to seek quieter pastures, Wu Yu could not be bothered to answer her either.

He looked up at the room. The four walls were also covered with the writings of their seniors. Some phrases gave Wu Yu deep insight into the Jindan Realm.

Wu Yu felt like he was 90% confident to condense his Jindan now, with the help of the writings on the walls. However, he still needed time.

"Zhang Futu cannot enter this place, and there are also so many seniors giving tips. I won't leave before I reach the Jindan stage."

In this Jindan Cave, Wu Yu truly felt the benefits and strength of the Shushan Immortal Sect. How could other sects have as wonderful a place as Jindan Cave?

The unknown girl had left for only a short while, and Wu Yu was still preparing to cultivate. Just then, there were sounds of footsteps outside. He craned to look and saw someone enter from outside.

When Wu Yu finally got a clear look at her by squinting past the golden light, he was shocked.

The girl who walked in was very young, perhaps 12 or 13 years old. She was about the same age Qing Mang had been when Wu Yu had entered the Heavenly Sword Sect.

This girl was wearing a long skirt of pink, with red flowers adorning it. She had a colorful sash on her waist, and her eyes were large and luminous. Although she was young, her appearance was moving.

But to Wu Yu, the thing he marveled at the most was that this little girl resembled the Ninth Spirit, except the Ninth Spirit was more mature and colder. But this girl was still young. She had a pure and lively cuteness to her.

Although she was still small, out of all the girls that Wu Yu had seen, she was the second girl who moved him so deeply. Perhaps in a few years time, she would grow to look like the Ninth Spirit.

"Finally, a space!" The girl was evidently very pleased to see a vacancy. She hitched up her skirt and ran in, claiming the spot.

She was all smiles and sweetness, and Wu Yu replied with a sweet smile of his own. It was an unnerving experience - Wu Yu seemed to be faced with the Ninth Spirit reincarnated.

"Big Brother, take care of me~" Her voice was very sweet.

"Mm." Wu Yu calmed himself down. This was still a child, and his thoughts were on condensing his Jindan. He did not dwell on it.

But at this time, the unknown girl returned.

Perhaps she had made a round and came back after realizing there were no seats to be had. A pity that the little girl had already taken her spot.

The unknown girl looked in and was displeased. She said, "Why did you take my spot? Get out quickly and I won't hold it against you. And how did you sneak in, anyway? This is a place for condensing Jindan!"

Wu Yu's concentration had been broken. He saw these two girls and suddenly recalled that point. But on closer look, the little girl's spiritual power was strong, and clearly at the 10th tier of Qi Condensation. Her spiritual power was no less than his own! Such an achievement at such a young age. She had to be somebody important!

A pity that the girl from before only saw a young girl in a long skirt and thought that she had snuck in to play.

Being chastised thus, the little girl was a little flustered. She said, "Sis, when I came in, there was no one here."

According to the rules of Jindan Cave, she had already left, and so the little girl had not stolen her spot.

Wu Yu said to the little girl, "You need not bother with her. Since she left, by the rules of Jindan Cave, that spot does not belong to her. One cannot fight in the Jindan Cave, and she cannot do anything to you."

"Oh, thank you, Big Brother!" The little girl smiled.

The unknown girl turned and gave an angry look at Wu Yu, who responded coolly, "She's already at the 10th tier of Qi Condensation. Did you assume she did not deserve to be here?"

Hearing Wu Yu's words, the girl started and turned abruptly, leaving. Perhaps she too had realized the implications of reaching the 10th tier at such a young age. She must have come from some special background, and was not someone that she could cross.

After she left, peace returned.

Wu Yu had only spoken up for the little girl because the other girl had been bothering him.

But the small favor made the little girl develop some goodwill towards him. She sat cross-legged facing Wu Yu, her bright eyes regarding him. "Big Brother, my surname is Nangong, and my first name is Wei. What about you?"

"I am Wu Yu." Wu Yu smiled back at her. He knew that this girl might have some special background, but he did not want to purposely get close to her.

Nangong Wei.

This name matched her looks and smile.

"Big Brother is condensing his Jindan too?" Nangong Wei asked.

Wu Yu smiled and nodded.

"Then Wei Er will compete with Big Brother to see who succeeds first~" Nangong Wei said.

"Alright." This girl was still a child, and had an endearing way about her.

"Hehe, Wei Er loves to compete! Let's begin!"

Saying thus, she entered a trance. No less than expected of a genius. Although she had just begun, her body was already cloaked in sword shadows as strong as a wall of steel and bronze. Wu Yu was impressed.

"At her age, she can already do this. She must be something special even in the Common Sword Domain. She must be the disciple of at least a Xuan sword rank?" Wu Yu guessed.

He did not overthink this. He began to cultivate through the Great Way of Immortality Art.

Although they were strangers meeting by chance, they would occasionally rest while sitting together for a long time. They would chat, and Wu Yu slowly became familiar with Nangong Wei.

To Wu Yu, condensing Jindan should be a long process. After all, this was not condensing qi, which only required Spirit Concentration Pills and enough stamina to endure it.

As for condensing Jindan, it needed a transformation of the 10 major spiritual sources, gathering them into one at the Sea of Breath Meridian to complete the Jindan Dao!

"The Great Way of Immortality Art is an earth-shaking transformation. It steals the mystical power of the sun and moon. After the dan is formed, it will be supreme above gods and demons!" The dan completion mentioned here was the completion of Jindan!

Great Way Jindan!

Through comparison, Wu Yu realized that the Great Way of Immortality Art's Jindan condensation was different from the usual method of the Shushan Immortal Sect in terms of fundamental quality.

The ordinary method was to pull the 10 major spiritual sources into the Sea of Breath Meridian one by one in order, slowly condensing them.

Whereas the Great Way of Immortality Art was much more brutal in manner. It gathered all of them in the Sea of Breath Meridian at once, and then spent a large amount of time simultaneously condensing Jindan. That way, it resulted in a better balance.

All in all, Wu Yu found the Great Way of Immortality Art's method more brutal, wild, and risky. It was impossible without a strong physical form. Luckily, Wu Yu had just the body for this. Disciples of the Shushan Immortal Sect all had strong physical bodies built through body refining techniques, but up till now, Wu Yu had yet to see a single body better than his own. 

He chose the harder to bear Great Way of Immortality Art. Once he started, there was no turning back.

Everything was for the moment when he would condense dan and become supreme above gods and demons!

"I have such qualities and also the Great Way of Immortality Art. I just don't know what quality my Jindan will have. At least it will be a second grade item, and might even reach deep gold. Maybe I'll even have the mist circling it, the highest level!"

Wu Yu began to look forward to it.

Nangong Wei was already shrouded in sword qi, colorful clouds covering her. She had already begun, and Wu Yu realized that her Jindan Condensation Wondrous Art was unique.

Very possibly, she was talented on a whole different level.

Wu Yu was seized by a desire to challenge. He remembered the wager that he had struck with Nangong Wei.

To compete with this otherworldly talent would be interesting indeed!

He began!

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