Chapter 0199: Disciple Amulet

The Sword of the Blazing Rainbow in his left hand, the seven-tiered immortal treasure spirit designs blazed with fire. The layering of the flames naturally gave it superb explosive powers.

In his right hand, the Sword of the Mystic Eye - an enigmatic item of gold that flashed sword light all around.

Wu Yu was already prepared and immediately sprung into a battle stance!

"This Zhou Xuan must be stronger than Huang Cheng."

Wu Yu was rather sure that his opponent was a first tier Jindan cultivator, and not yet at the second tier. He was someone that Wu Yu could handle, but because they had the advantage of numbers, he had to take the upper hand by attacking first!

That was why in the instant that Zhou Xuan moved, he whirled back, his sword flashing out far faster than Zhou Xuan's!

"He thinks me only a 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivator, so he underestimates me. This move is only effective against 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivators."

Wu Yu had already sized up his attack.

Zhou Xuan's sword lunged, shifting into eight water snakes that came slithering forth. The venom that issued from the water snakes' mouths was actually sword tips!

In the same instant, Wu Yu had whirled, his both swords scything out!

Sky Quake Thrust!

In terms of dao techniques, this was the strongest ordinary dao technique that he had!

His sword cut the very air itself in front of Zhou Xuan's eyes!

Zhou Xuan's sword was consumed by the rainbow fire!

Bang! Bang!

Two intense explosions erupted on Zhou Xuan's person. Almost at the same time, golden light held him, exploding as sword light. The seven-layered mystical fire roiled under the sword light and worked its effects under the potency of the Sky Quake Thrust. Zhou Xuan was set completely on fire, the explosive power bursting out. All around the mountain, howls could be heard!

Wu Yu had defeated the careless Zhou Xuan in a heartbeat. And the wounds that he had dealt him would take quite some time to recover.

"Zhou Xuan!"

Two of them went to save Zhou Xuan, while the other two barred Wu Yu's way. However, the look in their eyes was wild and evasive. They were frightened by Wu Yu, and neither moved to attack.

"You hid your true strength!" one of them shouted shrilly.

Wu Yu could not be bothered with them. He laughed. "And why not? Should I have told you that I killed even someone of the second tier of the Jindan Dao Realm? The hall master can testify to that. Do you want to go ask him? Or do you want the same fate as Zhou Xuan?"

Wu Yu's words did not seem like bluster. Besides, he had just attacked them as well, and the two looked at each other.

"Wu Yu, you watch out. You’ve injured Zhou Xuan. Given his nature, you won't rest easy at Futu Hall!" That person did not dare to attack, only hurling verbal abuse. Of course, if the four of them decided to attack together, Wu Yu would have been given a drubbing.

But impressions had to be maintained. In response to their threats, he casually stowed his immortal treasures, saying, "Sure thing. Then I will beat him to his knees and let him see if it is three Golden Essence Pills or his life that he values more."

"You! Too bold!" The two looked at each other again. They had indeed been shocked by Wu Yu. Zhou Xuan was of a higher status and also their leader. With Zhou Xuan grievously injured, they hurled a few more insults, then turned to Zhou Xuan with no recourse sent Wu Yu's way. Wu Yu waited for a while, and seeing no one else forthcoming, laughed. "Seems like this bunch are just sheep in wolf's clothing. Paper tigers who want to bully newcomers."

Although that Zhou Xuan was perhaps about 30 years old, and 20 years younger than the others, in terms of cultivation, he had been doing it for 10 times longer than Wu Yu. Wu Yu did not consider him a threat at all.

On Kilovolt Peak, he roamed around, familiarizing himself with his territory.

Kilovolt Peak was huge, about 10 times larger than Heaven's Equal Peak. The area was 10 times bigger, but now only he was here. Sometimes, loneliness struck him as he looked out at the endless snow.

But when he looked to the west and saw the towering Clear Sky of Shushan, he would be fired up. It still held a fearsome attraction for him.

"As long as I have not ascended the Clear Sky of Shushan, then to me, I haven't entered the immortal sect yet!"

This was an ambitious goal that he set for himself. In order for his dao to reach immortalhood, then he had to scale the Clear Sky of Shushan!

After he was mostly familiar with this place, he built a wooden house at the highest point, roughly similar to the one that Sun Wudao had lived in. And then he buried an article of Sun Wudao's clothing on the slope behind the house. He erected a tombstone and scattered wine over it. After his respects had been paid, he returned to the wooden hut.

This wooden hut in the snow was indeed rather lonely.

However, the spiritual qi here was undeniably potent. His spiritual power grew stronger even just by breathing. The spiritual qi formed thick immortal mist that drifted all around. This place almost seemed like the immortal realm itself.

Wu Yu sat in the lotus position in the wooden hut and opened his welcome present, the Sumeru Pouch, and sifted through the contents.

There were many items, and it was a confusing mess.

There were immortal medicines, talismans, immortal essence, and books. Wu Yu did not scrutinize them closely, but one important object immediately caught his eye.

It was a small sword of green bronze. It was perhaps only a finger's length, but it was inscribed with many intricate markings. It seemed to have been made in the image of the Clear Sky of Shushan.

"This thing is very mysterious, but I don't understand it." He held this little sword, which was cool to the touch. He could feel its marvelous properties, as though there was an immortal treasure spirit design within. But he could not say for certain if this small sword was an immortal treasure - because it clearly had no offensive abilities, and neither did it have the properties of a Sumeru Pouch.

There was a piece of paper that detailed this small bronze sword's properties.

"This small sword of green bronze is known as the Disciple Amulet. It was built by the supreme powers that be in the Shushan Immortal Sect. It is the most important object for every Shushan disciple. Only with the Disciple Amulet can one be considered a Shushan disciple."

In the introduction, the Disciple Amulet's qualities and history were not discussed. All that was said was that once the Disciple Amulet pierced one's body, then the Disciple Amulet would crumble into powder, fusing into every nook and cranny on one's body to become one with your body. After one had laid down the Disciple Amulet, one could be considered a true Shushan disciple. That was because laying it down would allow the various spirit designs in the Shushan Immortal Sect to recognize the person, allow them access to places where only Shushan disciples were permitted to enter. Otherwise, one would be attacked by the automatic mechanisms of the spirit designs. And when one returned from outside in the future, the Disciple Amulet was one's only proof. Without the Disciple Amulet, one could not enter the immortal sect, save being escorted by a disciple of the four major sword ranks.

"After laying down the Disciple Amulet, only high-level disciples of the immortal sect can destroy it. No one else, not even yourself, can destroy the Disciple Amulet, let alone remove it. Once the Disciple Amulet is laid down, they also determine the disciple's life and death. This means that the Disciple Amulet is a little like an immortal treasure. At the very least, it means outsiders cannot take the Disciple Amulet and pretend to be a Shushan disciple.

"Since master was cast out, his Disciple Amulet must have been destroyed by the higher-ups."

Wu Yu toyed with the small sword of green bronze in his hand. He knew that once he stabbed this into his flesh, he would be a Shushan disciple for life, unless he was cast out from the sect.

Just as the paper said: once the Disciple Amulet pierced the body, one would be Shushan for life.

And exactly because of this, Wu Yu was a little nervous.

"It was my own decision to come here. I cannot get cold feet now. Without this Disciple Amulet, and without Zhang Futu escorting me, I will be an outsider everywhere."

There were all kinds of hidden spirit designs in the Shushan Immortal Sect, and they were nothing to sneeze at.

He clutched the small sword of green bronze, a hot look in his eyes. He pierced his breast with it and felt a sharp pain as the Disciple Amulet sank in.

"As expected of the most important symbol of identity for Shushan disciples. My Invincible Vajra Body is impregnable even to ordinary spiritual immortal treasures, and yet this Disciple Amulet slides right in."

After the sharp pain, Wu Yu could see the marking of a small, green bronze sword at the wound.

However, the Disciple Amulet had actually become a green stream when it entered his body, following his bloodstream to flow through his body. It had already become one with Wu Yu. Unless he was cast out by the Shushan Immortal Sect, he and Shushan were inseparable in this life.

"This Disciple Amulet has entered my body. It truly means a new start, then...."

Wu Yu smiled slightly. After this internal change, he turned back to the other objects in the welcome gift.

In terms of immortal medicines, there were five Golden Essence Pills, two Antidote Pills, two Cloud Wrinkle Pills.

Antidote Pills were said to be able to neutralize toxic demon techniques, while Cloud Wrinkle Pills were made from the immortal essence Cloud Wrinkle Fruit, which had spiritual marks. Cloud Wrinkle Fruits had healing properties, which were enhanced after they were made into immortal medicines.

As for talismans, there were Exorcism Talismans, Disorienting Fog Talismans, and also Sword Cluster Talismans. Exorcism Talismans could banish demons, while Disorienting Fog Talismans created disorienting fog over a large area, aiding one's escape. And the Sword Cluster Talisman was the most powerful. It could release 10,000 bursts of sword qi, creating devastating power. Although not as powerful as the Homing Soul-Shocker Talisman, it was still a deadly weapon.

In terms of immortal essences, there were three with spiritual marks. The spiritual qi was mouthwateringly potent, but Wu Yu still could not refine dan, and so he left them alone for now.

Lastly were the books. This was the most important thing inside besides the Disciple Amulet - because they contained all the information that Wu Yu wanted.

Wu Yu counted them. There were four books.

The first book was The Rules of the Shushan Sect. Similar to The Basics of the Sword, it detailed the rules that Shushan disciples had to adhere to in their daily lives. There were a few hundred rules, and they were even more complicated than The Basics of the Sword. Although Wu Yu was not that interested in this, in order to continue living at the Shushan Immortal Sect, he had to know what was allowed and what was forbidden.

The second book was The Lore of the Divine Continent. Wu Yu was very interested in this book because it was a true encyclopedia of the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. A brief perusal yielded information on the immortal sects in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, including the very detailed profiles on the superpower sects, such as the Shushan Immortal Sect and the Shangyuan Dao Sect. Much history was contained within, and more than 1,000 sects were included. Besides that, there was also information on many demons, dao techniques, immortal essences, immortal medicines etc. Wu Yu realized that if finished this book, he would understand the land better than anybody - even Ming Long.

The third book was the Cultivation Log. This was not a thick book. Wu Yu leafed through the pages but was very surprised by it. The Cultivation Log detailed all the levels before one reached immortalhood, as well as details on all these intermediate stages. After finishing it, he would know what the Jindan Dao Realm and the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm were like.

The fourth book was the Orientation Log. This was also a very important book. It detailed the systems used throughout the Shushan Immortal Sect, including prohibited grounds, training grounds, and many places similar to the Myriad Treasures Valley and the Dao Querying Pagoda. Everything was very detailed, and there was even something called merit, which every Shushan disciple needed to know. One had to finish this book to qualify as a Shushan disciple.

Wu Yu finally understood why the assistant hall master had given him a month of free time. He would read first before anything else.

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