Chapter 0197: Shushan disciple Wu Yu

After all, Zhang Futu was a disciple of the Huang sword rank, and the security at Green Glass Sword Palace was not that strict.

However, Cang Mang still ordered Zhang Futu to do a full background check on Wu Yu after they left. All kinds of intelligence would still be looked into by Green Glass Sword Palace. Of course, since Zhang Futu had personally brought him in, the checks should be no problem.

After the investigation had been completed, Wu Yu finally attained the status of Shushan Immortal Sect disciple, along with his leap towards success.

Wu Yu had been directly accepted by a disciple of the Huang sword rank, which was not the same as other ordinary initiates. Naturally, the process was much smoother for him. The others had to go through many stringent tests and checks, including identity and background checks, before they could become Shushan Immortal Sect disciples.

Of course, the truly mighty were all the progeny of the highest powers. Those who had been born on the Clear Sky of Shushan were Shushan Immortal Sect members from birth. Although they had not entered the four major sword ranks, they could also stay on the Clear Sky of Shushan.

After passing through the large doors, they were already in the territory of the Common Sword Domain. But when one looked out, it was still an endless field of snow.

"Futu Hall is that way."

Zhang Futu took Wu Yu deeper into the Green Glass Sword Palace, closer to the side where the Clear Sky of Shushan was. Along the way, Wu Yu could see peaks in the distance, covered with dazzling palace halls and dominating sword qi. He could even hear the voices of martial cultivators. He could tell that there was a palace there.

There were more than 2,000 palaces like Futu Hall within the entire Common Sword Domain, and each housed roughly 300 disciples. That meant that more than 600,000 genius sword cultivators lived in the Common Sword Domain. Wu Yu was truly a drop in the ocean.

The Common Sword Domain was so huge, and even walking for 10 days would not bring you from one end to the other. But for now, the only area that Wu Yu would be allowed to roam in would be Futu Hall.

Not long after, a huge ice mountain cluster loomed ahead. It was more than 10 times the area of the Bipo Mountain Range, and the peaks were orderly, the sword qi dense.

"This is my Futu Mountain Range," Zhang Futu said.

Arrived, Futu Hall.

From this position, one could see many floating islands by looking up. They were colored clouds floating above, and the Clear Sky of Shushan was to the west. Sword qi billowed, forming clouds that sailed by.

All that was before him was snow and more snow.

"Follow me back to Futu Hall."

Zhang Futu seized Wu Yu and used the Art of Sword Flight, speeding towards the heart of the Futu Mountain Range.

"Let me tell you again. Within the Shushan Immortal Sect, each hall's territory is very strictly divided. If you have no business, best not wander outside the Futu Mountain Range. Especially since you are new, you are sure to be bullied outside, and I will lose face as well. Understood?"


"The Common Sword Domain also has many restricted areas, hundreds and thousands of them. Ordinary dan disciples cannot enter them. In a while, I will give you more concrete rules. The first thing to do is to read them," Zhang Futu lectured.

Wu Yu understood. This was like The Basics of the Sword and The Records of Bipo Mountain Range.

Of course, it would be a hundred times more complicated here.

Wu Yu very quickly spotted the highest peak in the Futu Mountain Range. That had to be the heart of it - Futu Mountain. Futu Mountain's peak was a plateau, on which Futu Hall was built. That was Zhang Futu's territory, and he brought Wu Yu directly to a broad expanse of snowy ground before the palace.

Wu Yu got his feet under him and looked at Futu Hall. It was magnificent, more than 10 times larger than Heavenly Palace. The tiles and pillars were covered in spirit designs, and he could also feel huge quantities of spiritual qi being absorbed into Futu Hall, creating an even denser spiritual qi within.

These spirit designs must have been carved by Zhang Futu himself.

The moment they arrived, Zhang Futu spoke to the air loudly, "Futu Hall ordinary dan disciples, besides those sealed or on duty, assemble in front in 10 breaths' time."

This was his domain, and his words roused the entire Futu Hall to life. Within his time limit, hundreds of swords suddenly emerged from the mountains, each bearing a disciple or two. They sped to Futu Hall, a crowd of more than 200 materializing out of nowhere to stand before Zhang Futu, their hands clasped in respectful greeting. They loudly shouted, "Our respects to the hall master, and our welcome at his return!"

Amongst them, there were five middle-aged men who stood at the fore. They looked stronger than the others, and also more impressive. These had to be the five assistant hall masters. Although they were not yet at the Huang sword rank, they were close.

"Very good." Zhang Futu relished such reverence.

At this time, the 200-odd immortal sect disciples noticed Wu Yu, who was returning their inspection with his own. He noted that many of them were very young, about the same age as Night Wishes for Snow. But they were mostly in the Jindan Dao Realm, at Feng Xueya's level. Some of the older ones were about Feng Xueya's age, but they were basically all second tier Jindan cultivators and above. There were also a few especially young ones, about his age, but they were eighth or ninth tier Qi Condensation cultivators.

As expected, they were all talents in their own right. His superb surge in the east was but a modest advantage here at Futu Hall.

However, those who were truly outstanding would readily reach the four major sword ranks, and would not linger here.

Those here had to be unremarkable. Feng Xueya's ability was truly not sufficient to stand here.

"However, considering I have only cultivated for three to four years, I have done well. Most of them must have been cultivating since young."

Many were very curious about Wu Yu.

However, Wu Yu noticed that their gazes were very sharp. Perhaps because they had been in the Shushan Immortal Sect environment for a long time, even if they did not mean to, they were filled with a strong spirit of competition, and the sword qi was very apparent in their eyes.

At this time, Zhang Futu announced, "Huang Cheng followed me out this time. Unfortunately, he was ambushed by a demon and lost his life."

These words stirred quiet murmurs, but no stronger reaction. They seemed largely indifferent to Huang Cheng's death. Only one or two had very ugly expressions.

And then Zhang Futu turned his gaze to Wu Yu, saying, "This is the fourth disciple I have accepted. His name is Wu Yu, and he grew up in a poor and desolate land in the eastern extremities of the divine continent. Even so, he has more talent than many of you, already reaching the 10th tier of Qi Condensation before 20 years of age. His future is bright. From now on, he is one of our Futu Hall."

At this point, many turned envious looks on Wu Yu, envious that he could become Zhang Futu's disciple. Of course, there were also unfriendly faces. They must’ve been disdainful after hearing that he had come from a humble background.

Many of them had only entered on the back of many, many tests.

All kinds of expressions, all kinds of feelings. Their strange looks made Wu Yu realize deeply that this was not the Heavenly Sword Sect anymore....

"Dong Sheng, give him a welcome present," Zhang Futu said to one of the assistant hall masters.

"Understood." The assistant hall master chuckled and pulled out a Sumeru Pouch, tossing it to Wu Yu. "The things inside should dispel your doubts. It is a confusing process for you to enter the Shushan Immortal Sect and become an official disciple. For this month, you need not do anything. Focus on familiarizing yourself with the welcome gift. That is the most important thing."

"My thanks to the assistant hall master." Wu Yu received the welcome gift. The Sumeru Pouch was heavy; it likely contained many things.

Zhang Futu was approving of Wu Yu's reticent expression. He said, "Futu Hall only has 30 peaks vacant. Starting today, Kilovolt Peak is yours. Wang Fu, Zhi Ying, Zhou Xuan, the three of you step out and get to know your fourth junior brother." After gifting Kilovolt Peak to Wu Yu, Zhang Futu called three people out of the crowd.

The one in the middle was a tough and stocky man. He was young and completely bald. He wore an animal fur and had a huge sword strapped to his back that was as tall as he was and a hand's breadth wide. It looked like it was not a bad spiritual immortal treasure. A malevolent air hung heavily around him. Although he was human, he stood like a wild bear. He was extremely intimidating and reminded Wu Yu of the Black Bear Spirit in the Valley of Immortal Fate.

"This is my eldest disciple, Wang Fu. He was raised by bears from young, but you had best show him respect, or I can't do anything if he tears you limb from limb."

Wang Fu showed no emotion. Exactly like a wild animal.

Besides Wang Fu, there was a woman and another man. They did not seem very friendly. The girl was called Zhi Ying. She had a smile on her face that was supposed to be friendly but instead seemed distant. 

She asked, "Master, isn't our fourth junior brother Huang Cheng? Although Huang Cheng is dead, this child can only be the fifth, isn't that so?"

Zhang Futu shot her a stare. "Shut your mouth."

And from then on, no one dared to ask that question.

"Fourth Junior Brother, I am your third senior brother, Zhou Xuan. Stick with me from now on and your life will be sweet." The last man was scrawny, strands of red hair streaking through the black. He grinned at Wu Yu.

Zhang Futu was very satisfied with this presentation. He said, "Alright, you may all disperse. Zhou Xuan, bring your junior brother to Kilovolt Peak and show him around on my behalf. After all, he has just arrived."

Zhou Xuan smiled. "Disciple will definitely fulfill my task. I will feed Junior Brother until he is fat and round."

"Disperse." Zhang Futu's command sent them scattering about their own businesses. Even Zhang Futu took to his sword after taking one last look at Wu Yu. He seemed to be going in the direction of the Clear Sky of Shushan - the Huang sword domain was where he spent most of his time while Futu Hall was often managed by the five assistant hall masters.

In a flash, only Zhou Xuan and four other sword cultivators, his followers, remained.

They all looked at Wu Yu with grinning faces. Zhou Xuan said, "Master actually gave Huang Cheng's Kilovolt Peak to Junior Brother. I am so envious. Junior Brother, Senior Brother here will take you to Kilovolt Peak and introduce you to a few more companions. Come on."

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