Chapter 0192: Blood Bonding Dual Swords

Zhang Futu was brazenly killing others for their wealth. He was no different from ghostly cultivators.

Wu Yu knew the only rule of the immortal world was that the strong preyed on the weak. But he was still convinced that everyone should have a conscience to measure themselves against.

The Red Flame Sword Sect leader had no quarrel with Zhang Futu. He was a far superior cultivator, and he could have taken the treasure by force. There was no need to take his life and end his cultivation.

And the spiritual immortal treasures, obtained in such a manner, were Zhang Futu's present to his new disciple, Wu Yu.

Under the intense heat, Zhang Futu wore a smug smile.

His long white hair fluttered in the glaring sunlight.

Everyone around them was on their knees. The words “Shushan Immortal Sect” had struck them dumb with fear and trepidation, unable to make a sound.

Wu Yu suddenly recalled the moment when Feng Xueya had given him the Demon Subduing Staff. Feng Xueya had no suitable weapon at the time. He had borrowed the Demon Subduing Staff from Elder Mu Ge, and then given Elder Mu Ge an item of equal value.

Although the world was chaos, Feng Xueya had a sense of right within his heart. Although Zhang Futu had come from Shushan Immortal Sect, and was powerful and famous, his way of dao was one that Wu Yu found hard to accept.

Dang! Dang!

The Sword of the Mystic Eye and the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow landed at Wu Yu's feet. One still continued to spurt golden sword qi. The mystic eye continued to dart about. Each place it looked at was covered in golden energy. The white jade on the ground began to turn golden, and then became true gold. 

As for the multicolored fiery sword with seven segments, the fire blossomed into a mirage of a rainbow. The burning flames melted the white jade underfoot into a puddle of white liquid.

These two spiritual immortal treasures were undeniably excellent. Furthermore, Zhang Futu understood the dao techniques and affinity that Wu Yu cultivated, one fire and one gold metal; the perfect fit for Wu Yu.

"It seems like Zhang Futu understands me better than I thought. He probably already knows about the Yin Yang Sword Wheel as well," Wu Yu mused.

How could he then deal with this Zhang Futu?

Wu Yu had already decided.

As long as this Zhang Futu did not cross his own bottom line, he would not clash with him for now. Only a fool made an enemy of someone stronger. Feng Xueya had hoped that Wu Yu could tap onto his power.

"The only way is for me to surpass him in the future and teach him how to be human."

Wu Yu naturally thought this way. He had an inheritance of an immortal, and had only been lacking a better environment for cultivation. Zhang Futu would be the next target that he would surpass! Although he did not have the slightest bit of understanding about the Jindan Dao Realm, he was nevertheless confident.

"Wu Yu, I hear that you already have two spiritual immortal treasures. But I believe that you can blood bond four. I will give you a day's time to familiarize yourself with these two spiritual immortal treasures."

Zhang Futu's words had a commanding tone.

After he finished speaking, he sat in the middle of the white jade quarry, closing his eyes to rest.

Without his order, no one from the two sects dared to respond. Even the corpse of the Red Flame Sword Sect leader remained on the floor. They remained kneeling on the floor, occasionally throwing envious looks at Wu Yu's way. But many remained terrified.

"Blood bond."

Wu Yu did not dwell on this for long. First was the Sword of the Mystic Eye. The female sect leader's bloodline traces remained on the Sword of the Mystic Eye, and Wu Yu first spent some time erasing the traces, reverting the Sword of the Mystic Eye into an owner-less treasure. And then he blood bonded it. Having blood bonded with the Argenti Chain and the Paranormal Pillar of Blood previously, the third pass was naturally smoother.

Gripping the golden sword, the mystic eyes on the hilt began to run through the whole gamut of emotions. It was gaining sentience, although it was extremely weak, like a baby creature. As Wu Yu held it, the dominating power of his corporeal and mental strength, combined with the will of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, were overwhelming. In addition to the fear that Zhang Futu had inspired, even the Sword of the Mystic Eye looked cowed, and Wu Yu easily mastered it.

After mastering it, he realized that the immortal treasure spirit designs on the Sword of the Mystic Eye were even mightier than he expected. Besides the core Golden Mystic Eye Design, there were also nine smaller designs supporting it.

Next up was the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow. This sword was more ruthless, the fire blazing fiercely. As Wu Yu moved to grip it, the rainbow-colored flames lingered on Wu Yu's body, scorching him. Although the fire burned extremely hot, Wu Yu's Vajra Body could not be harmed. But in reverse, Wu Yu's spiritual power sliced through the sword's defenses like a hot knife through butter. Although it was more difficult to master than the Sword of the Mystic Eye, Wu Yu still managed it in the end.

As the rainbow fire lingered on Wu Yu's body, Zhang Futu opened his eyes momentarily. Although it was only for a brief moment, Wu Yu could feel that he was being observed.

Before long, Wu Yu held the Sword of the Blazing Rainbow in his left hand and the Sword of the Mystic Eye in his right. Both swords were long and thin. With golden sword qi thrumming in one hand and rainbow fire crackling in the other, he felt incredibly powerful. Upon closer inspection, these two spiritual immortal treasures seemed like they were made for him - a perfect complement to each other.

Combined with the Paranormal Pillar of Blood and the Argenti Chain, his spiritual immortal treasure arsenal was replete now.

After that was finished, not even two hours had passed, let alone a day.

"Done." Wu Yu stowed away the two spiritual immortal treasures, and then turned to Zhang Futu. Actually, he wanted to avoid calling Zhang Futu “Master.” It was difficult to get those words out of his mouth.

"Oh?" Zhang Futu seemed surprised. He stood and sized Wu Yu up, showing his approval.

"You have surprised me more than my other disciples!" Zhang Futu exclaimed. Suddenly, a shapeless sword-energy appeared, bearing him aloft. In the air, the hum from the sword-energy filled the entire jade quarry. The two sects' members were even more terrified now. They hurriedly lowered their heads, afraid to look at Zhang Futu.

"You." Suddenly, Zhang Futu pointed to the female sect leader of Kunshan Sword Sect.

"Sword saint!" The female sect leader prostrated herself in terror.

Zhang Futu's face was indifferent. With a callous tone, he said, "I'll give you a chance. If you can kill him in an hour, I will spare your life. Otherwise, he will be your fate."

He pointed to the Red Flame Sword Sect's leader.

"What!?" The female sect leader raised her head, her face white. She could not believe her ears. She had thought that these two would leave after she had relinquished the spiritual immortal treasures. But Zhang Futu would not let her go. He actually wanted her to fight Wu Yu!

The two were dressed differently, and judging from what had happened - could Wu Yu not actually be his disciple?!

He had given these two spiritual immortal treasures to Wu Yu. Why would he kill Wu Yu?

The female sect leader was confused, her mind filling with doubt. Before she could ask anything, Zhang Futu had taken off into the skies with frightening speed, disappearing from their view.

"You only have one hour. When I return, you are dead if he is still alive." Zhang Futu's voice floated down chillingly, the sound of death itself constantly ringing in the female sect leader's ears.

That voice erased all doubt. His words were so sure, and brooked no debate. If she failed to deliver, she would die. Zhang Futu had shown no hesitation in finishing off her old rival.

At first, Wu Yu thought there was something wrong with his ears.

But once Zhang Futu vanished, he was certain that Zhang Futu had made a choice.

Zhang Futu had laughed at him. "Watch out, Wu Yu. She's a second tier Jindan cultivator."

That meant that she was a tier higher than Feng Xueya and the others, and two tiers higher than Wu Yu.

That was all he had said - no further explanation. He had no idea what he was supposed to do.

Why would he give him spiritual immortal treasures and then invite others to kill him?

A test? Or was he toying with him?

The fire in Wu Yu's belly grew, but he constantly told himself that he had to stay calm! Otherwise, he would only invite more trouble. It was true that he was from a quaint and rustic place. He was finally getting his feet wet on the true stage of the Immortal Dao. This was the most difficult time of his life to date. If he was not careful, who knew how this would turn out?

After Zhang Futu left, the female sect leader stood up. The others scattered, only daring to watch from afar.

Wu Yu noticed that the female sect leader's eyes were filled with hate, and it was directed at him.

"Who are you to him?" She spit the words through gritted teeth.

"Disciple." Wu Yu's response scared her back a step.

"Why is he doing this?" She was pale and trembling, completely confused as to why Zhang Futu wanted her to kill Wu Yu.

Wu Yu shook his head. "I cannot read him either. Perhaps he is testing me. After all, I just became his disciple. If that's the case, how about you and I escape separately? Perhaps you can still keep your life."

If they scattered quickly, perhaps Zhang Futu would be unable to find her....

But the female sect leader began crying, her expression belying her unwillingness and fear of death. She struggled. "No. I cannot escape his grasp. He has said that my only way to live is to kill you!"

She was afraid of Zhang Futu. All her hopes were pinned on Wu Yu now.

"I am his disciple. If you really kill me, do you think he will let you live?" Wu Yu countered. Even now, he was still scrambling to think of what Zhang Futu was up to!

Wu Yu had already lost every vestige of respect he had for that guy. All that remained was hatred. Wu Yu hated him even more than the Ninth Spirit did. This person's manner and character were the antithesis to Wu Yu's own.

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