Chapter 0191: Sword of the Mystic Eye and the Blazing Rainbow Sword

There was nothing much that Wu Yu had to prepare.

What needed to be packed had been packed. Goodbyes that needed to be said had been said.

He had planned to go to Sun Wudao's grave tonight, but now it had been replaced by the spiritual qi spring.

And with such earthshaking events happening, Wu Yu knew that each day Zhang Futu lingered at the Heavenly Sword Sect was danger for Feng Xueya and the others.

Since that was so, and everything had been settled, then they might as well leave as early as possible.

And so he made up his mind, saying, "Everything is prepared. I am ready to leave."

"Oh? No affection at all to this place?" Zhang Futu smiled slightly.

"Not really."

There was not much difference between today and tomorrow.

Feng Xueya and the others naturally understood Wu Yu's intent. This Zhang Futu had miraculously not killed anyone out of anger. That had been a miracle among miracles in itself.

"Farewell today. We will meet again some day." Wu Yu walked to stand before Feng Xueya and the others and bowed to pay his respects.

"Don't worry. I will help Night Wishes for Snow heal," Feng Xueya said, turning back to regard Night Wishes for Snow.

His words put Wu Yu at ease.

He bowed again, inexpressibly grateful towards Feng Xueya. It was him who had saved Wu Yu, sheltered him, and even laid down his pride, all to send Wu Yu to a more prestigious place.

"Till we meet again."

He was reluctant to go, but he understood that the key here was to successfully cultivate dao. That was the best way to repay Feng Xueya, the Bipo Mountain Range, and Sun Wudao!

Zhang Futu had a curious look in his eyes, but did not say more. He waved slightly, and an invisible sword appeared beneath his feet. It was a huge presence, humming in midair. In truth, taking Wu Yu along was no trouble at all. But he had no intention of allowing Wu Yu to stand on it.


Zhang Futu soared off into the clouds. If he did not leave now, he might never catch up to him. Wu Yu hurriedly pulled out the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword and stood on it. He took a last look at the Heavenly Sword Sect members, their eyes filled with longing tears, fixed on their last look at Wu Yu.

"I'm going now." Wu Yu turned back no more, taking to the skies. The Bipo Mountain Range receded rapidly and was gone from sight in the blink of an eye.

It would not be easy to return from now on.

But a man's ambition lay in the wide world!


Zhang Futu was barely visible ahead. Wu Yu had no time to care about anything else. He could only chase him with all his might. Zhang Futu maintained a speed that required Wu Yu to move at his fastest to catch up. For now, Wu Yu could do nothing but focus on pouring on the speed.

Otherwise, Zhang Futu would disappear just like that.

At this time, Zhang Futu was the path to Wu Yu's future.

Once he lost him, the path would be lost.

"Is this a test?" From behind, Wu Yu considered Zhang Futu.

He was unafraid of such challenges. The Art of Sword Flight expended spiritual power, but Wu Yu's Great Way of Immortality Art balanced yin and yang. His spiritual power regenerated quickly, and even after a long time, Wu Yu still kept closely on Zhang Futu's tail.

One day, two days......

After 10 days, Wu Yu was fatigued by the speed, even with his stupendous recovery powers. After all, he was still expending energy constantly, and his limit would eventually be reached. Now, his spiritual power was drained, his face pale. He was swaying, almost unable to hold himself together.

But Zhang Futu had no intention of slowing down.

He continued to grow smaller in the distance.

Throughout this time, Wu Yu had been hurrying along, flying at cloud level. He had no time to appreciate the beautiful scenery.

"I'm going for it!" Even though his head was swimming, he still pushed his body to the limit to chase the figure in front.

He hated losing.

Especially to this Zhang Futu.

The more helpless and deferential Feng Xueya was to a person, the more Wu Yu hated him.

Even though his vision swam, the figure grew smaller and smaller. This Zhang Futu was not showing him any consideration at all.

And suddenly, Zhang Futu disappeared!

Wu Yu was shocked!

"Even if I lost sight of him, it should definitely have taken a while more. He could not have suddenly vanished!

"Where on earth has he gone?"

Wu Yu hurried forth to take a look around. Suddenly, he realized that Zhang Futu might have gone down.

After all, there had to be a time for rest.

Wu Yu plunged through the cloud layer. As he descended, he saw a wide mountain range before him, like a school of dragons tangled together. Spiritual qi rose from them, giving one a comfortable feeling. One look and it was obvious this was a place of spiritual qi and a bountiful land.

This was the first place that Wu Yu had sensed human presence since leaving the Heavenly Sword Sect.

He had come westwards, and had not detected humans since.

"Zhang Futu must have entered this bountiful land."

Wu Yu followed in without a word. He had just entered the perimeter of the sect when he sensed that a sect was here. Their spiritual qi was even denser than the Bipo Mountain Range after its surge.

And this was just a place that they had carelessly passed by....

At a normal pace, they could reach this place in about 20 days.

"When you think about it, the Heavenly Sword Sect is indeed a barren land compared to other immortal kingdoms."

Immediately after his descent, he heard arguing voices from one region, and hastened over. Along the way, many dao disciples appeared, lifting their heads in surprise at seeing Wu Yu. He was definitely an unexpected guest.

The palaces along the way were even more majestic than the Heavenly Sword Sect's. They were mostly shining gold. Moreover, the disciples had a strong sword will. Clearly this was a sword cultivation sect.

In a flash, Wu Yu had crossed much ground on his sword. He saw a huge quarry of white jade ahead. Under the sunlight's glaring rays, the pure white jade gleamed and winked, dazzling Wu Yu. 

After he became accustomed to it, he saw that there were two groups of people. On the left, they wore golden sword lanyards, and they were the majority. Evidently, they were the people of this sect. The other group wore red sword lanyards, and were also sword cultivation disciples, although they clearly did not belong to this sect.

The two groups of people seemed to be in a contest, although the intent was unclear.

Wu Yu saw that Zhang Futu had landed in their midst.

His face was lofty, his expression aloof as he regarded them silently.

Closest to Zhang Futu were two middle-aged martial cultivators, a man and a woman. The woman wore a golden sword lanyard, and her hair was cropped short. She cut a handsome figure. The man was rougher in appearance, with a bushy beard and an ungainly but warm countenance.

The man was holding a spiritual immortal treasure, a longsword whose blade was divided into seven sections. From the hilt, it was colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Within each color was a fire icon. This spiritual immortal treasure blazed with a powerful aura of fire that embodied the seven colors.

The woman was holding a golden sword. There was a pair of eyes that seemed alive on the golden hilt. They constantly flicked, observing people. But at this time, the eyes on the golden sword were looking at Zhang Futu, terrified.

"Who is this? Our Kunshan Sword Sect and the Red Flame Sword Sect are currently holding a cultivation exchange contest. Who are you to barge in and interrupt us?" The woman's voice was raspy and intimidating. Wu Yu did not know her level, but she was at least at the Jindan Dao Realm.

She was probably stronger than Feng Xueya.

The rough lout also spoke up. "I think this man must have barged in by accident. Leave quickly, please. Our two sects still need to continue."

Wu Yu had no idea why Zhang Futu had come down to disturb them. If they needed to rest, anywhere else would do. There was no need to cause such a stir...

Unexpectedly, Zhang Futu said mildly, "What luck. I see your two spiritual immortal treasures are not bad. They suit my newly minted disciple. How about this: you two hand over your immortal treasures and I will let you live."

Zhang Futu's words were shocking. Everyone burst into laughter.

The female sect leader was incensed. "Your abilities might be considerable, but that is out of hand. You are not a ghostly cultivator. Who are you to commit daylight robbery and kill for plunder?"

The sect leader of the Red Flame Sword Sect added, "Such behavior is detested by our dao! The two of us are not easily trodden on!"

"So much inanity."

Wu Yu's worries had come true. Zhang Futu had no patience. His hand flashed out in the air. The sect leader of the Red Flame Sword Sect had no time to respond before his beheading. 


Just like that, the mystical sword burning with seven colors clattered to the floor and was swept up by Zhang Futu. 

He had killed so quickly.

Faced with such an unbelievable turn of events, everyone gasped.

The female sect leader of the Kunshan Sword Sect was white as a sheet. She hurriedly retreated, exclaiming, "Who are you?! Why do you have such power? I am willing to give this Sword of the Mystic Eye Sword to you. Please spare my life!" As she spoke, she literally threw the Sword of the Mystic Eye Sword into Zhang Futu's hands.


The others were completely undone by their fear, scurrying backwards.

"Me? The Shushan Immortal Sect." Zhang Futu smiled.


Instantly, everyone fell to their knees. This name was a highly respected one.

They had started to consider looking for others to help them take revenge, but the name had knocked that notion clear out of their heads, replacing it with fear.

"If he had given it over earlier, he need not have died." Zhang Futu was indifferent. He turned to Wu Yu and passed them over, asking, "This one that spits fire. What is it called?"

The female sect leader replied tremulously, "Sword of the Blazing Rainbow."

"Oh. Wu Yu, from now on, they are yours." Zhang Futu threw them over to Wu Yu.

To accept them or not?

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