Chapter 0189: Complete Domination

"A sparrow is a sparrow. Do you think that you have emerged from the ashes as a phoenix just because my master thinks well of you? In my eyes, you're just a pile of shit. Don't get mad. It's no use. Today, I will take this woman away. What can you do to me?"

Huang Cheng cocked his head, staring down at Wu Yu.

"To me, a disciple of the Shushan Immortal Sect, this is a dilapidated place that houses a bunch of boring sparrows. And the little birds think they are human, Wu Yu." Huang Cheng's anger had been stirred now, and he showed no courtesy. All that he wanted to say was said. Lan Huayi's face was completely black now. She had not expected Huang Cheng to be so despicable, but now she could only sigh. Who could stop someone from the Shushan Immortal Sect?

What she did not expect was for Wu Yu to reach into his sumeru pouch and pull out a black column of blood the size of an ink brush. That was his answer to Huang Cheng.

For a gentleman, some things could be endured, but once the bottomline of dignity was encroached upon, even the threat of death would not hold him back!

Paranormal Pillar of Blood!


Wu Yu hurled the Paranormal Pillar of Blood into the ground, and it expanded in a flash, transforming and growing. Finally, it reached five feet tall. Wu Yu held it in his hand, level with his eyes.

On the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, the scales roiled and the blood vessels swayed. The ghostly faces leered, matching Wu Yu's sinister look.

"A ghostly cultivator's spiritual immortal treasure?" Huang Cheng scoffed. "You're really going to fight me? I have to say, your serious face is quite cute."

Saying thus, he guffawed loudly.

"Wu Yu. Don't be crazy!" Lan Huayi hurried to save Night Wishes for Snow, but Wu Yu was worrying her as well. And yet she could not stop him now.

Without a word, Wu Yu charged, sweeping the Paranormal Pillar of Blood out. Huang Cheng's face changed as he flew forward in response. His face was cold and cruel. He mocked, "Such a fat toad dares to raise a hand against me? What nonsense. Since that's the case, I will cripple you as well. Master need not waste time bringing you back.

"Today, I will show you what is Shushan. I'll show you what an immortal sect really is, and what true sword dao looks like!"

Huang Cheng declared conceitedly. He immediately clashed with Wu Yu! His entire body morphed into golden lightning, much like the Lightning Demon Metamorphosis that Situ Minglang had employed back then. His entire being had morphed into a mass of golden lightning, and even his face and features could not be seen. Only savage lightning which crackled and enveloped his whole body!

This was an effect of his immortal root, much like Jiang Junlin's Supernova Golden Body. Only, it was even more terrifying. The golden lightning extended tendrils around it, forming a huge web in the air.

"Seen this immortal root before? It's called the Thunderstorm Immortal Form. I'll teach you some knowledge, you little frog in the well." Huang Cheng sneered. He reached into his sumeru pouch and pulled out a spiritual immortal treasure. It was a pale blue sword that looked like it was made out of a hundred different sharp ice shards. There was a lightning icon at the center position of each shard.

"The Electrified Icicle. Ever seen something like this before?" Huang Cheng continued to brag, laughing uproariously. His laughter was tinged with derision.

The two collided!

One golden lightning bolt, the other wrapped in a ghostly cultivator's immortal treasure, black and reeking of blood like a ghostly cultivator.

"Junior Brother, don't...." Night Wishes for Snow struggled. Things had already escalated so far, and he did not want Wu Yu to ruin his own future.

Lan Huayi also added her voice to his. "Wu Yu, don't do this. Let me handle this. It has nothing to do with you. Huang Cheng is your future senior brother, don't...."

But Mo Shishu, Su Yanli, and the others did not say anything. The angry look in their eyes shone with anticipation. They looked forward to Wu Yu teaching this Huang Cheng a lesson and making him shut that ugly mouth of his!

"Senior Brother, I feel like a 'future' is not something that you take lying down, along with insults.

"Holding anger and resentment, with no battle to satisfy them - that is not my dao! My dao will not step aside for something like this!

"Today, he dares to humiliate you and I. No matter who he is, he will pay the price, or I will not have done this immortal treasure in my hand proud! Moreover, I would not do the land of the Heavenly Sword Sect proud!"

At this moment, Wu Yu's heart shone clearly. No one could stop him now! Before, he had some doubts, but now he had worked it out. Those who kept their heads down for too long were only doing themselves an injustice.

Huang Cheng had dared to cripple Night Wishes for Snow! Wu Yu would not stand for it!

"Pretty words. After I cripple you, you won't even have time to cry. Nor time to beg for mercy." Huang Cheng treated this all like a joke, and his screaming laughter never let up. At this moment, he had gathered a golden lightning bolt 100 zhang large. In the dark night sky, it shone like the sun as it hurtled towards Wu Yu!

"Let me show you the dao techniques of my immortal sect!" Huang Cheng hefted the Electrified Icicle, shooting a bolt of electricity 100 zhang long. It shot into the clouds, then came crashing down towards Wu Yu!

When the battle exploded into action, no one could stop it!

To Wu Yu, his entire vision was completely drowned in golden electricity.

Within the golden storm, he could see the anxious looks of Su Yanli and the others.

Before Wu Yu was a huge giant. His name was “Shushan Immortal Sect!”

"A sect of cultivation doesn't produce many immortals. I have the technique of an immortal. All of this, to me, is nothing special!" At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly had a breakthrough.

This was a Jindan expert!

This was Wu Yu’s first time meeting a Jindan expert in a head-on battle, and it was a master of golden lightning who was replete with dao techniques. A terror to behold. His sword could slice through numerous 10th tier Qi Condensation cultivators.

Electrified Icicle came flashing and buzzing towards him!

Spiritual immortal treasures were such legendary tools!

At this moment, Wu Yu moved. He moved simply. One puff of air that burst towards Huang Cheng.

"Fixed Body Art."

One of the Ground Demon Transformation Arts, and Wu Yu's ace up his sleeve. It was a wondrous skill, and not many could take Fixed Body Art and live to tell the tale.

This was the first time that Wu Yu would go up against the Shushan Immortal Sect, and his will was focused as strongly as it had ever been. The mind of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal centered around the word 'rebel,' and at this moment, rebellion was exactly Wu Yu's frame of mind against the Shushan Immortal Sect.

In terms of spiritual power, Huang Cheng was only one realm higher than he was.

In terms of physical power, Huang Cheng was only half of Wu Yu, although he too refined his body.

Fixed Body Art activated, petrifying Huang Cheng so he could not move a muscle.

Wu Yu had held him for a full breath's time!

In a breath's time, he could do many things!

"Argenti Chain!"

Under Wu Yu's control, the silver bracelet on his hand flew out like a silver snake. In the instant that Huang Cheng was frozen, the huge silver snake easily bound Huang Cheng from head to toe. In a trice, he was all trussed up!

By the time Huang Cheng recovered his mobility, he had already slumped to the ground, battered!


The Fixed Body Art had completely thrown him off. By the time he could react, he was already completely tied up by the spiritual immortal treasure. Momentarily, he could not escape, and Wu Yu would not give him the leisure to figure it out either.

Huang Cheng's mind was blank.

Using the Argenti Chain reminded Wu Yu of the Ninth Spirit.

It was as though she was helping him.

With Huang Cheng firmly in his grasp, Wu Yu began to punish him savagely.

72 Strikes of the East Sea's Mad Demon!

In that instant, Wu Yu seemed to descend into insanity right before Huang Cheng's eyes. The bright red Paranormal Pillar of Blood swirled with fresh blood, and the phantoms surged forth!

Bang, bang, bang!

He rushed up, the Paranormal Pillar of Blood a frenzied blur in his hands. Each strike was faster than the last, delivered with the strength one would need if one stood at the bottom of the sea. Heavy blow after heavy blow rained down. Some were tanked by Huang Cheng, but even more landed on vulnerable spots, smashing bones and pulping flesh! Wu Yu had seen Huang Cheng's physical prowess before - it was only second to his. It took a full 30 strikes before Wu Yu finally smashed through his bones to connect with real flesh. Huang Cheng was yelping and screaming now. He had become a bloody mess!

Wu Yu definitely had the chance to kill him.

Bound by the Argenti Chain, and rapidly assaulted by Wu Yu, Huang Cheng did not even have a chance to counter. He screamed and screamed, beaten into a bloody pulp by Wu Yu. His entire body was pulverized into a different shape now. It was a gory scene.

"Get off! GET OFF!

"You will die for this! Die painfully!

"Master, save me! SAVE ME!"

At the end, Wu Yu's assault caused him to crumble completely. Only when he was on the brink of being crippled did he begin to beg for mercy. To his eyes, the Wu Yu that was cruelly laying blow after blow into his flesh must have seemed like a demon god incarnate!

"Wu Yu!"

Lan Huayi screamed.

In truth, from the start of this battle, it had been Wu Yu stomping Huang Cheng. A completely one-sided fight. Huang Cheng was at Wu Yu's mercy. No one had expected Wu Yu to be this strong. By the time Lan Huayi had recovered from the shock, Huang Cheng was well on the way to being crippled by Wu Yu, and grasping at life. He was in a much worse state than Night Wishes for Snow!

There was only one term to describe this battle: complete domination!

Lan Huayi's reminder calmed Wu Yu down slightly. All in all, he had already taught his opponent a lesson. In order not to escalate things further, he chose to cease, giving this Huang Cheng his life.

He stepped back, loosening the Argenti Chain and retracting the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. The pulverized lump that was Huang Cheng crashed to the ground, completely unable to crawl up from the pooling blood. He lifted his head with great difficulty, and his face was more blue and black than skin. The only word for it was “ugly.” His current state was a complete turnaround from his arrogant countenance but moments before.

Wu Yu laughed now. "Huang Cheng, tell me, who is the frog in the well?"

Huang Cheng naturally could not answer him. He was completely miserable now, but Wu Yu spotted nothing but anger and hatred in his eyes. A wave of consuming anger and hatred, directed at Wu Yu. With great difficulty, he reached into his sumeru pouch and retrieved a talisman paper. A talisman! The talisman had a lightning inscription, and was likely imbued with horrifyingly deadly power. Wu Yu reckoned that it would be able to kill him!

No less was expected of a Shushan Immortal Sect disciple. He had many things that could protect his life. This level of talisman could not be forged even by ordinary Jindan Dao Realm experts.

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