Chapter 0188: Stealing Love at Knife Point

Lan Boli and the others had been living in fear the whole night, and their nightmare had come.

Wu Yu knew that it was inevitable. Especially since - on the surface - Lan Boli had accepted a valuable treasure from Huang Cheng, the Slaughter Calabash.

The doors to Heaven's Equal Palace were blasted open. On the background of night were Huang Cheng and Lan Huayi.

They had been looking for Lan Boli for a while now. And Lan Huayi was not looking too pleased to find the whole group of them here.

"Boli, why are you running all over the place? Come here. Your senior brother Huang has something to say to you." Lan Huayi walked in.

Huang Cheng was all smiles as he looked at Lan Boli. "Sister Lan, this concerns your future and your progress. Whether you fly high in one of the biggest sects in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent, or remain in this barren land as a weakling, hanging out with a bunch of trash, it's your choice~"

He must have come to some sort of agreement with Lan Huayi, and now he cut straight to the chase without any more hedging.

On that topic, Su Yanli and Lan Shuiyue were all comely as well, only that Huang Cheng preferred the more mature and self-possessed Lan Boli. Or perhaps he liked the feeling of stealing his love at knife point.

After all,  Huang Cheng was considered an ultimate genius, even though he was an insignificant presence at the Shushan Immortal Sect.

"Boli, come here!" Seeing Lan Boli hesitate, Lan Huayi was raging inwardly. She strode up and took Lan Boli's hand, dragging her over.

"Boli!" Night Wishes for Snow held fast to her other hand. Seeing this, Lan Huayi's look went flat. "Night Wishes for Snow. Don't impede her future. If you really love her, let go!

"The two of you will live in separate worlds from now on!"

Lan Huayi was extremely demanding now. Besides Wu Yu, who else was there to stand up to her? Her eyes flashed and sword qi pierced Night Wishes for Snow's palm, forcing him to let go.

"Snow!" Lan Boli's tears brimmed. She had been brought up by Lan Huayi, and did not dare resist. She could only look pleadingly at Wu Yu.

"I just want to stay here, I don't want to go to the immortal sect...."

"Shut up! Clear your mind. Have a chat with Senior Brother Huang. You will understand," Lan Huayi said severely.

She was anxious as well, wishing that Lan Boli would be better. That she had caught Huang Cheng's eye should have been a great opportunity!

Huang Cheng was watching the drama from the sidelines with a smile on his face. He quickly seized Lan Boli's hand from Lan Huayi's. Without a word, he began steering her out of Heaven's Equal Palace, laughing. "It seems like Sister Lan has some misconceptions about me. But misconceptions can be cleared. After our chat tonight, you will change your mind and make the right decision."

Saying thus, he was about to leave with just Lan Boli.

In the deep of night, who knew what kind of methods he had to make Lan Boli succumb? Seeing his smug manner, heedless of Lan Boli's resistance, who knew what trap he had set for her?

This was Huang Cheng's first visit, and he had already set his sights on Lan Boli. Who knew what his intentions were?

All Night Wishes for Snow knew was that if Lan Boli was taken away on this night, he might very well lose her forever.

Wu Yu had not anticipated that he would steal her away so forcefully, and that Lan Huayi would help him. The couple would definitely be torn apart if he did not intercede.

"Hold!" Night Wishes for Snow raged. He shouted, heedless that he was challenging Huang Cheng.

"Shut up. Nobody move!" Lan Huayi's anger eclipsed his own. She directly pulled out her own immortal treasure longsword, barring their path and stopping them from harassing Huang Cheng.

"Aunt, you will bring harm to my sister!" Lan Shuiyue wailed.

Lan Huayi turned a lofty look on her. "It is you who will do harm to her by letting such an opportunity pass. Can this puny Heavenly Sword Sect compare with the immortal sect? A bunch of frogs in the well!"

On the other side, Huang Cheng was swaggering out, dragging Lan Boli with him.

Perhaps only Zhang Futu knew of Huang Cheng's bad habits. He loved to take the loved ones of others, tearing relationships apart. He would take it by force. He loved the sight of a helpless man. It was a sick, twisted thrill that he relished.

Wu Yu could stand this no longer. He had not expected these two to be so brazen, and Lan Huayi standing against them. He had to stop Lan Huayi if he wanted to help his first senior brother win Lan Boli back!

"Lan Huayi. This time, you are wrong." Wu Yu stood up, barring Lan Huayi's path. With his qi fully condensed, and his prodigious strength, he could stand up to Lan Huayi. She was forced to turn all her focus to holding him back.

"Wu Yu, you will ruin your own good future. The sect leader fought for this for you!" Lan Huayi had been afraid of his intervention.

She had barely spoken the words when Night Wishes for Snow, Su Yanli, and the others had taken the chance to pass her. The group hurried out. Lan Huayi was about to chase, but Wu Yu had already pulled out the Onyx & Pearl Dao Sword. Although he did not attack, it was enough to force Lan Huayi back.

"Huang Cheng, halt!" Night Wishes for Snow rushed in front.

Without a care.

Seeing his fierce manner, Lan Boli's own courage blossomed. She recalled their time together as they cultivated, traveled, and faced difficult times until they had built a strong bedrock for their relationship.


She actually fought free of Huang Cheng's hand, running back to hug Night Wishes for Snow, crying.

"Don't worry. No matter what kind of seduction he uses, I will never leave you. Boli already knows that you are my dao companion in this life." In the night, they held each other close, an envious scene that left Huang Cheng standing there like a fool.

Lan Boli faced Huang Cheng, saying, "Senior Brother Huang, your kindness comforts Boli. But Boli truly does not wish to leave this place, or seek a brighter future. I am cut from dull cloth and have little ambition. I am sorry to disappoint you." She had made her decision, and that gave Night Wishes for Snow more courage.

Her resolution spoke aloud, and Huang Cheng's pride was shattered now. Lan Huayi was even more frantic, but she was held back by Wu Yu. She had no time to soften the blow, but could only sigh and rage.

Lan Boli had made things clear. If Huang Cheng wanted to save any face at all, he should just give up now. Everyone was waiting on his response.

But he still smiled, although it was a sinister one. Especially with his lower half wreathed in the darkness of night, he looked like a monster emerging from the blackness.

The tense atmosphere caused Lan Boli and Night Wishes for Snow to subconsciously reach for each other's hand.

At this instant, Huang Cheng attacked!

Before this, they had never met someone of the Shushan Immortal Sect. They did not know how tributaries like themselves were seen. And it was difficult to guess what kind of response would follow when they went up against the sect.

Even Wu Yu felt that he had been shamed and should leave.

But in that instant, Huang Cheng's fingers crackled with five bolts of golden lightning, which danced like long snakes. They flashed out before anybody could respond, completely penetrating through Night Wishes for Snow's body before returning to his finger.

Night Wishes for Snow was wounded and fell to the ground.

Everyone's breath caught.

Wu Yu could clearly see that the five bolts of lightning had passed through five spiritual sources on his first senior brother's body. In that instant, the five spiritual sources crumbled, the spiritual power left running amok through his body. It was just like back when Jiang Junlin had lost a spiritual source. This move from Huang Cheng had crippled five spiritual sources of Night Wishes for Snow. He was only left with three complete spiritual sources!

The chaotic power was tearing Night Wishes for Snow apart.

This sneak attack had reduced Night Wishes for Snow to a cripple. Even with many Reunion Pills, he would still require a long time to recuperate properly. This was a cruel attack, tantamount to killing him!

Huang Cheng demonstrated how cold-blooded and full of himself he was. He did not take any of them seriously, and any who angered him would face such a fate. He had no patience to explain this.


"First Senior Brother!"

In a trice, everyone surrounded him. Lan Boli and Su Yanli were beside themselves with tears. Night Wishes for Snow's condition was extremely critical.

It was Huang Cheng who gave an uncaring laugh. "Scum, you don't know what's good for you. Anyone else would have sent me the woman in a fit of grateful tears."

This was beyond even Lan Huayi's expectations, and she was rooted with shock as well. Huang Cheng had injured someone right there and was more wicked than she had expected. He had proved himself difficult to get along with and caused her to second-guess her own decision.

She herself had a strong desire to return to the immortal sect, and seeing Huang Cheng's interest had gotten her hopes up. But with this mess now....

"What are you waiting for?! Save him!" The fire in Wu Yu's chest was rising now. Even though Lan Huayi was his senior, he would still shout at her. With Night Wishes for Snow's spiritual power scrambled, only someone of Lan Huayi's level could guide him to a stable condition.

Lan Huayi came to her senses, rushing into the throng to inspect Night Wishes for Snow's condition. It was a close shave, and his face was terrible. Even so, he clung tightly to Lan Boli's hand. The look in their eyes was moving.

At this time, only Wu Yu and Huang Cheng remained standing.

"Senior Brother."

He remembered the first time they had met. Night Wishes for Snow had given Wu Yu a Restoration Origin Pill.

In the defense of the sect, he had been a selfless example, a model and a leader of the disciples.

And now he had been humiliated and laid low. And the culprit was still standing before him, indifferent.

At that moment, Wu Yu walked towards Huang Cheng. His attitude towards these Shushan Immortal Sect people had changed drastically. He was in a rage, and nobody could stop him.

"You?" Huang Cheng had sensed his anger and could not help but laugh.

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