Chapter 0187: Slaughter Calabash

After Wu Yu had again been flung to the ground by Zhang Futu, he saw that basically everyone from Heavenly Palace had gathered.

Huang Cheng came up, greeting with smiles as he moved to Zhang Futu's side.

At this time, Huang Cheng turned his head to consider Feng Xueya. "Sect Leader Feng, I hear that you have won a great victory and obtained many treasures. We master and disciple have come so far. Although we did not render you help, we have intimidated any possible enemies. Shouldn't you at least make a gesture of appreciation? Recently, I seem to be lacking a spiritual immortal treasure. I wonder, do you have any?"

This was daylight robbery.

When Zhang Futu had been absent, he had kept his mouth shut. But now that Zhang Futu had returned, he could speak with impunity.

Feng Xueya had not expected this person to be like this. First he had scolded Night Wishes for Snow, and then wooed Lan Boli. And now that Zhang Futu was back, he was actually asking for a spiritual immortal treasure! 

One spiritual immortal treasure was a huge treasure to the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Wu Yu frowned, saying. "Senior brother Huang is from the immortal sect, you still you lack spiritual immortal treasures? Could you not be doing too well at the immortal sect?"

Huang Cheng's gaze soured, and he turned to stare at Wu Yu. Wu Yu's words had wiped the smile clean off his face. His expression flipped faster than a flipbook.

"Did I ask you to speak?" Huang Cheng stepped up, his eyes brimming with sword qi. He was going to teach Wu Yu a lesson. There was a towering arrogance in his eyes, as if he were nobility among the peasantry.

Seeing the situation, Feng Xueya hurriedly took out a gourd from his sumeru pouch. It was Jiang Xie's gourd.

"I wonder if this Slaughter Calabash will do?" Feng Xueya hurriedly pulled out the calabash and offered it to Huang Cheng. At the same time, he constantly threw looks in Wu Yu's way, signalling for him to keep his mouth shut. He did not know that Zhang Futu was already prepared to take Wu Yu away, so he was still nervous. In order to send Wu Yu there, what was a price like the Slaughter Calabash?

"Not bad." Huang Cheng waved the gourd a few times and then walked towards Lan Boli. He immediately offered it to her, saying, "Sister Lan, look at this Slaughter Calabash. Does it match your beauty?"

He had actually robbed Feng Xueya of a spiritual immortal treasure and given it to Lan Boli before everyone!

Wu Yu's eyes flicked across the others. Feng Xueya was seething but unable to speak. Lan Huayi looked ecstatic, while Night Wishes for Snow was Feng Xueya, but worse. Lan Boli looked panicked, backing off while saying, "Senior brother Huang, I cannot accept this."

"You dare to refuse my present? Besides, I have to leave soon. If you do not accept my present, then you are not showing me any respect at all."

Lan Boli was stricken, looking constantly towards Night Wishes for Snow. At this time, Lan Huayi interjected. She received the Slaughter Calabash, smiling. "I will accept it on Boli's behalf. Please do not take it to heart. She is just a little flustered around you. Boli, aren't you going to thank your senior brother Huang? And he's returning to the Shushan Immortal Sect soon."

Reading between the lines, she meant that he was about to leave soon. Accepting it now, she could still return it to Feng Xueya in the near future.

"Many thanks...." Lan Boli could only respond as told.

"That's more like it." Huang Cheng's gay laughter rang out. At this time, he turned to Zhang Futu. "Master, Sister Lan and I are like old friends at first sight. We wish to get to know each other better. How many more days before we must leave?"

Wu Yu immediately saw through him. He had used the excuse of leaving soon to pressure Lan Boli to accept the present, and then immediately delayed for more time. Who knew what else he was planning?

Zhang Futu was only all too cognizant of his antics. He had no interest in such matters. "Not too long. We leave tomorrow afternoon."

Saying thus, he turned and left Heavenly Palace. Without his orders, no one dared to follow.

"Will Auntie Lan accompany this Huang, and show him the mortal kingdom?" Huang Cheng said to Lan Huayi.

"Of course, that would be my pleasure." Lan Huayi made a “please” gesture, and the two left quickly. Who knew what this Huang Cheng was plotting!

All that remained were their own now.

"Wu Yu, how is it?" Feng Xueya had made so many concessions to give Wu Yu the chance to go to Shushan Immortal Sect. All his hopes were pinned on this moment.

"He agreed to take me, but he will only take me as disciple when I reach Jindan," Wu Yu said listlessly. Everyone present knew that Huang Cheng had his sights on Lan Boli. As to whether he truly had feelings for her, that was still up in the air.

Perhaps he simply wanted her as conquest.

"That's wonderful!" Hearing this news, the heavy burden on Feng Xueya's heart eased considerably.

Regardless, everyone moved to offer Wu Yu their congratulations on his new future. Only Night Wishes for Snow and Lan Boli remained with their brows furrowed.

The two were at one side, unspeaking. Especially Night Wishes for Snow. His eyes were wild, but he was helpless before someone so powerful.

"Who would have thought that Lan Huayi would be like this...." Feng Xueya sighed.

But he could understand. "I want you to go to the Shushan Immortal Sect for your talent to blossom, on the stage that it requires. But she too wishes for Boli to have a brighter future. Snow is indeed second to Huang Cheng."

That was why Lan Huayi had seized the opportunity to curry favor with Huang Cheng.

Exactly because of this, Lan Boli and Night Wishes for Snow were in a panic now. Wu Yu could see that Night Wishes for Snow was seething, but he was conflicted after seeing Feng Xueya and Wu Yu. Because the moment he resisted, he could very well ruin Wu Yu's future. Besides, he was in no position to put up a fight against someone of the immortal sect....

A place where even Feng Xueya dreamed of returning, to become an ordinary disciple......

"Don't worry. They will leave tomorrow. As long as Boli does not wish to leave, not even Zhang Futu will force her to go against her will." Feng Xueya consoled them.

Lan Boli said, "Naturally, I am unwilling. Auntie has taken leave of her senses. How could this Huang Cheng like me? After a bit more conversation, he naturally discovered that I am but a country bumpkin. He's just playing with me, hankering after some fresh game."

Her words made sense. That Zhang Futu had not even been surprised.

"Wu Yu, have you packed your things? Remember all that I told you," Feng Xueya reminded him again.

Night Wishes for Snow and Lan Boli left first, still racking their brains. Wu Yu again was instructed by Feng Xueya for the majority of the day before he could leave for Heaven's Equal Peak.

Things had been a little confusing today, and he needed time to consider it.

Consideration was the prerequisite for decision making.

"Zhang Futu and Huang Cheng are full of themselves and treat people cruelly. Am I really going to follow such people to the immortal sect?

"If I don't go, then my path to immortalhood will remain murky. I have no direction in which to go.

"But I really do not like these two. Being with them does me no good.

"But Master has lowered his head so much in order to win me this chance."

Thinking of Feng Xueya, Wu Yu was unwilling to throw away his efforts. After all, he was the person who Wu Yu respected the most in the world. Perhaps his own mind had changed after Zhang Futu's arrival. It showed that he had Wu Yu's welfare at heart.

Sometimes, even arrogant people would show respect towards someone stronger. Especially the Shushan Immortal Sect, the place which had held the dreams of Feng Xueya for so long.

Even as night fell, Wu Yu still felt that he should go.

However, he was a little worried. "I wonder how Senior Brother and Senior Sister Lan are faring....

"That Huang Cheng is even calling Lan Huayi ‘Auntie Lan.’ I wonder when they got this close. Are they planning to send Senior Sister Lan away?"

It was very obvious. They were leaving at noon, and Huang Cheng wanted to take Lan Boli with him. Tonight was his only chance to make her acquiesce. And as for her decision, not even Night Wishes for Snow could police it. Everything rested on Lan Boli.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside. The sky had already darkened, and Immortal Cranes began to emerge from the blackness. Wu Yu walked out and saw quite a few people. Night Wishes for Snow, Su Yanli, Mo Shishu, as well as the sisters Lan Boli and Lan Shuiyue. They rushed in, bidding Wu Yu shut the door.

"Junior Brother, the Sect Protector and that Huang Cheng are looking for us everywhere. Only you can help us now...." Night Wishes for Snow's voice was hoarse.

From the side, Lan Boli's face was tear-streaked. She said, "I don't want to leave with that Huang Cheng, but if they find us tonight, they will definitely force me. The Sect Leader is cowed by that Sword Saint Zhang, and only you can help us now.... Since Sword Saint Zhang is willing to take you as a disciple, then you must not be far behind Huang Cheng in his regard...."

Lan Boli was torn. On one side was her love, on the other her aunt. She had not dared to leave Night Wishes for Snow's side since earlier today, afraid of being taken away by Lan Huayi. She was afraid that she would cave in to her counsel or threats, and make a decision that she would come to regret.

After all, Lan Huayi was also looking out for her.

After racking their brains for so long, only Wu Yu could help them now.

Su Yanli said, "Junior Brother, I know that this might affect your future, but that Huang Cheng is not a good person. We cannot be trodden all over like this."

Lan Shuiyue was crying as well. "My sister is not someone who would leave her love behind to pursue a future. Besides, Huang Cheng is no good man, and he will not give my sister a brighter future. Wu Yu, you are so remarkable now. You must save my sister. I tried to talk with Auntie, but she won't listen to us...."

Amongst them, Wu Yu was the last to be initiated to the sect, but now they were all pleading with him.

They could not ask Feng Xueya, because if Zhang Futu's anger was roused, then no one could say anything even if he killed Feng Xueya.

Only Wu Yu.

Perhaps if they could just tide through this night, they would be safe.

Wu Yu was faced with so many expectant faces, all his brothers and sisters when he had been weak. Su Yanli, Night Wishes for Snow, and Mo Shishu had all helped Wu Yu so much, and now his first senior brother was in trouble....

Wu Yu nodded without hesitation. "I am not afraid of Huang Cheng. For tonight, all of you should stay here. As long as Senior Sister Lan does not mind, I will do my best to keep you here."

Wu Yu was not willing to watch Night Wishes for Snow be broken.

The love between the two ran deep. Wu Yu envied them as well. As for Lan Huayi, any goodwill that he had held for her had vanished in this instant as well.

They sat together.

In the night, the candlelight wavered, crossing their shadows on the walls. Everyone sat looking at each other gloomily.

Suddenly, a powerful figure blasted the doors of Heaven's Equal Palace open.

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