Chapter 1828: Heaven Devourer (Grand Finale)

Thousands of immortal buddhas rushed through the Immortal Domain Bridge to Heavenly Domain, their resolution plain on their faces.

Wu Yu's face slackened in wonder, as he watched the hordes of immortal buddhas all rush the Unworldly Abomination, ready to die in order to stop it!

Immortal emperors, ghostly immortal emperors, immortal buddhas, all of them came.

This was a moment that he would remember forever!

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was huge, perhaps half the size of an immortal domain. No matter how big or many the immortal buddhas and emperors were, they could not hope to compare.

"Wu Yu, hurry up and devour! You must become the master of the immortal domain!"

"Master of the immortal domain as both immortal emperor and immortal buddha. You will definitely be able to kill the Unworldly Abomination!"

Guanyin Pusa, Jade Emperor, and the others all thought this way.

Now that Heavenly Domain was destroyed, Wu Yu was their final hope.

Only he had the same power as the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, and only he, like the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast could devour the heavens themselves.

They saw that Wu Yu was buckling before the Unworldly Abomination's attacks, and chose to sacrifice themselves to buy him time!

The final chance for both immortal domains.

It was truly an epic tragedy.

He knew that in order to stop this alien demon, all of them had to sacrifice themselves.

Even Xuanzang was among them.

Perhaps he too had finally come around.

A surge of fiery determination choked him up.

He knew that this was their final gambit, their final hope.

If they failed here, all was lost.

Even if he were the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, the Unworldly Abomination would come for him sooner or later.

At that time, all their lives would be lost, and his along with theirs.

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was the true demon that transcended worlds!

He had no choice. He had no time to waste. He turned back to devour the remaining 2000 levels of Heaven!

Level after level of heaven was crushed within his body. Ultimately, this was part of the Unworldly Abomination's body, and it was as if Wu Yu was devouring him up.

Meanwhile, the other immortal emperors and immortal buddhas were firing everything they had at the Unworldly Abomination. All sorts of apotheosis immortal energies and newly restored golden buddha worlds surrounded the Unworldly Abomination.

The Unworldly Abomination was completely occupied for the moment and could not reach Wu Yu.

It roared in frustration, but not even its godlike powers could breakthrough such a concerted attack in one shot.

It could only devour them one by one, take them down piece by piece!

Its devouring power swept out through Heavenly Domain, the robust power decimating the ranks of the resistance fighters.

Wu Yu spotted Xuanzang among their ranks, all of his nine golden buddha worlds here in Heavenly Domain.

He seemed to have come around after his plan to become master of the immortal domain had failed. Seeing the joy of the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors at being restored had opened his eyes to the truth of the matter.

He recalled the blissful days which he had spent with the Great...

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