Chapter 1823: Lord Gautama Buddha's Plot

The whole Heavenly Domain became busy.

The immortal emperors worked in groups of three or five, so as to minimize exposure to danger. If they met the Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress, they would have higher chances of survival as a group.

Hence, they acted in groups to transfer all the ordinary immortals from the 8,000 Sky Palaces.

After transferring all the immortals from the sky palaces, they continued to transfer all other living creatures from the 90,000 lesser realms and 10,000 Levels of Hell.

It took thousands of years of work before they had completely shifted every living being in the Heavenly Domain into Wu Yu's Devouring Apotheosis Realm!

This was at the moment the safest place.

Wu Yu felt his Devouring Apotheosis Realm being filled up immediately after the influx of so much life. There were too many...

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