Chapter 1822: Transfer of Immortal Domain

Ruyi Jingu Bang shone with a brilliant golden light and its Heaven Piercer mystique shot out, blasting away the Jade Emperor's Six-Dao Heavenly Emperor's Multi-Tiered Strike.

With this move, the Jade Emperor was utterly defeated!

The Jade Emperor right now was no longer the master of the immortal domain and possessed only the powers of a 9-tier immortal emperor. He was now equally matched with Wu Yu, except that Wu Yu had the Ruyi Jingu Bang with all its seals unsealed.

Furthermore, Wu Yu cultivated in both immortal and buddha ways. He had also reached the eighth tier Supreme Buddha Immortal Realm. The combined strength he possessed now was indeed much stronger than the Jade Emperor. 

At this moment, Guanyin Pusa and Heavenly Queen Mother were leading the other immortal and ghostly immortal emperors in fighting against the Dancing Flame Phoenix...

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