Chapter 1820: Dragon in the Void

All the immortal and ghostly immortal emperors were already cognizant of the fact that the Unworldly Abomination had destroyed the entire Heavenly Domain.

And now, they were defenceless against the coalition between the Jade Emperor and Dancing Flame Phoenix Empress. They had no way of holding them back and purifying them. At this desperate moment, the Heavenly Queen Mother's suggestion seemed to be the only workable method.

When Wu Yu and the immortal and ghostly immortal emperors understood what she meant, the Heavenly Queen Mother continued to explain about the source of the Well of Eternal Life in the Heavenly Domain.

"Actually, this Well of Eternal Life was formed from the spine of a terrifying mystical dragon. The Jade Emperor encountered this terrifying mystical dragon during one of his travels across the endless void. He defeated it and created the Well of...

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