Chapter 1815: Yang Jian Awakened

Five years passed.

Guanyin Pusa and Luo Pin had been purifying the depraved seeds within True Lord Erlang and Howling Celestial Dog's bodies.

With the help of the World Cleanser Mystique and jade willow dew, they finally awoke after five years!


The depraved seed banished, True Lord Erlang awoke to a different world.

He felt as though he had been asleep for a very long time, and had finally woken up.

He looked around, and did not recognize Wu Yu or Luo Pin. He was vaguely familiar with Guanyin Pusa, but how long had it been since he had seen her?

He was still groggy. He could not remember anything.

"Yang Jian, think carefully. What can you recall?" Guanyin Pusa smiled gently at him. Seeing him awake, she knew that he was healed.


Yang Jian closed his eyes.

He did not start by trying to figure out who Wu Yu and Luo Pin were. Instead, he trawled back through his memories......

A benign and peaceful heaven. The Unworldly Abomination had attacked, devouring the immortal emperors one by one. His turn had come. He had been devoured, and then his memory had started to blur.

He frowned, trying to see past the blur.

These fragmented memories were too fantastic to believe.

He had been transformed into the Unworldly Abomination's puppet, as had the rest of the Heavenly Domain!

All of the immortal and ghostly immortal emperors had been under its sway. Together, they had destroyed Demon Immortal Realm.

Afterwards, four immortal buddhas had come from the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal amongst them. They had also been swarmed and killed.

Controlled by the Unworldly Abomination, they had attacked Heavenly Buddha's Domain together.

On that fateful day, the master of Heavenly Buddha's Domain had sacrificed himself to send the Unworldly Abomination into slumber, heavily injured. It went to rest......

So much time had passed since.

True Lord Erlang's more recent memories drifted in. From the first time he had heard of Wu Yu, and then seen him, and then plotted to kill him......

All of it was returning to him!

"I.... did all that?"

True Lord Erlang's face was stricken.

He lowered his head to his Howling Celestial Dog, who was looking back up at him forlornly.

Evidently, the poor dog had also gone through a similar experience as him.

It was all coming back to him now.

Guanyin Pusa and Luo Pin together had purified him and the Howling Celestial Dog. His memories were back. He was back.

"Is it coming back to you now?" Guanyin Pusa said with a knowing smile.

Back then, she had been as shocked as Yang Jian when she had purified herself with the jade willow dew.

However, all of those horrors had yet to happen then, and so she had not been as conflicted as Yang Jian was.

He was a mess, total shock and overwhelming guilt raging within him.

After all, they were all his own memories and experiences, even if he was being controlled by the Unworldly Abomination then.

So many eternal demon emperors had died by his hand. He alone had killed so many great ones!

How could he ever do it if he was awake?

"What is the situation with the Unworldly Abomination now?" Yang Jian gritted his teeth, now back up to speed.

"Still slumbering. But there are signs that it will wake soon." Guanyin Pusa answered.

"Very well. I will join you, Guanyin. Let us together seek a way to defeat the Unworldly Abomination." Yang Jian vowed.

Seeing him awakened and free of the Unworldly Abomination's control was a huge comfort for Wu Yu and Luo Pin.

If this had succeeded, then they could turn to the others and purify them all out of the Unworldly Abomination's control.

"How much does purifying one immortal emperor drain you, Guanyin and Eight Division Heavenly Dragon?" Yang Jian asked concernedly.

He was thinking the same thing - the more they could save, the stronger they would be together. Finally, they could strike together.

Luo Pin said: "The World Cleanser Mystique is not that tiring. As long as I use both apotheosis immortal energy and immortal buddha energy, I can keep the burden minimal. Guanyin Pusa, how is your jade willow dew?"

"With the World Cleanser helping, I don't use much jade willow dew either."

Guanyin Pusa smiled peacefully. "Besides, my Vase of Purity will create more jade willow dew. For now, it seems like the jade willow dew's regeneration rate is on par with the drain. There is no need to worry."


Wu Yu and Yang Jian were both happy to hear it.

Before this, they were all worried that it would be unsustainable. After all, the depraved seeds were not at all easy to purge. But the combination of World Cleanser Mystique and jade willow dew worked better than they could have hoped for.

"It seems like the World Cleanser has something that suppresses the depraved seed's power."

Guanyin Pusa said. "I am not sure if I'm imagining things. It feels like Luo Pin's dual-fifth tier cultivation realm should not be able to purify the depraved seed so easily."

"Me too. I'm not sure about this." Luo Pin shook her head doubtfully.

"Let's not worry about it for now. Just use it since it works. Let's go help the other immortal emperors."

Yang Jian could not wait.

He had done too many wrongs under the influence of the Unworldly Abomination. He had to make amends.

And the more he looked at Wu Yu, the more he liked what he saw. It was a complete change of attitude from before.

After all, Wu Yu had been one of those who had saved him. From what Luo Pin and Guanyin Pusa said, without him, they could not have accomplished it.

"Who should be next?"

They thought about their next target.

At Yang Jian's suggestion, they decided to go to the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor. Anyone stronger would not be so easily controlled. They would start small.

Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor was about as strong as Yang Jian, and it was easy to subdue him. At the same time, once awakened he could be of help to them.

After making the decision, they all continued on.

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