Chapter 1814: World Cleanser

The Eight Division Heavenly Dragon legacy was like the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's - equally versed in both immortal and buddha arts.

Thanks to Guanyin Pusa's guidance and Wu Yu's Imparting, she finally reached the fifth tier in both, and came into her legacy. Her Primordial Immortal Dragon bloodline also changed, and she had now become a snow-white saintly looking figure!

A mystical dragon even more majestic than a Primordial Immortal Dragon swam around within Eternal Emperor Tomb. Not only was she glowing and sparkling, but she also had the saintly presence of an immortal emperor and the robust stolidity of an immortal buddha. Her claws raked the clouds, and her eyes had a piercing look to them.

Luo Pin's aura resembled Guanyin Pusa's a little. They had the same pure immortal buddha spiritual qi that made one feel that the world was blessed.

She needed some time to familiarize herself with the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's legacy. Another few thousand years passed. When she stood before Wu Yu again, she was radiant even in human form, as though she had been completely rebuilt from the foundation.

It was not just being at the fifth tier in both realms, but the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon legacy also changed her greatly.

"There really is a World Cleanser Mystique. But it's not very strong. I alone will probably be unable to purge a depraved seed." Luo Pin said frankly.

Now that she had the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's Mystiques largely mastered, World Cleanser was of course on the table.

Still, she was not confident that she could get rid of a depraved seed. After all, she had not tried it out before, and many of the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's moves were untested.

"No matter."

Guanyin Pusa smiled gently. "Indeed, it would be difficult for you alone to do it. It is the same for me. That is why we will work together and try to move forwards. It is no use sitting here and discussing it. How about we go and try on an immortal emperor?"

"Mm. Let's go."

Wu Yu and Luo Pin looked at each other and nodded, their resolve mirrored in each other.

They knew that this was a significant step. If they succeeded here, they might be able to save the immortal emperors of the sky palaces. At that time, their chances against the Unworldly Abomination would improve.

In their own way, they would free all life and defy the Unworldly Abomination.

This was the opposite of Xuanzang's philosophy. In any case, with the Sumeru World destroyed, Xuanzang could not come to the Heavenly Domain to stop Wu Yu and the others.

Wu Yu, Luo Pin, and Guanyin Pusa came to the sky palaces!

"Wu Yu, if we meet any immortal emperor, defeat him first and then control him. Let me and the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon try to purify them." Guanyin Pusa told him.

Wu Yu nodded.

He pulled out the Ruyi Jingu Bang. After the six-eared macaque ancestor had returned it to him, all of its inhibitive seals had been removed. One of its powers was Torpefy, which could disable an opponent completely if they were beaten.

Basically all of the immortal emperors in the sky palaces were cultivating.

More than 100,000 years ago, Xuanzang had opened the Sumeru Passage and led the black immortal buddhas on an invasion. They had suffered heavy casualties then, and those who survived had spent a long time recovering.

Therefore, if they wanted to find an immortal emperor, they would have to go seek them out. They generally would not be wandering around.

"Let's go find True Lord Erlang Yang Jian."

They briefly discussed and decided to make True Lord Erlang their first target.

His status in the sky palaces was neither too high nor too low. He was also someone they could handle.

If his depraved seed could be purified, then the other immortal emperors should be doable as well.

The three of them crept up on him.

Wu Yu could see with his Eyes of Fire and Gold that True Lord Erlang Yang Jian was indeed resting in his immortal residence. He had not been very badly injured in the last fight, but he had spent much of his apotheosis immortal energy.

Wu Yu did not hesitate, immediately hefting his Ruyi Jingu Bang and appearing in front of True Lord Erlang.


True Lord Erlang opened his eyes to a face full of staff. It knocked him silly!

Wu Yu was an eighth tier in two realms, and could easily defeat him without any resistance.

After knocking him out, next it was Spirit Absorption Art, Spirit Chaser Art, and all other kinds of techniques to muddle True Lord Erlang.


Finally, Wu Yu used the Torpefy Mystique of the Ruyi Jingu Bang to thoroughly hold True Lord Erlang.

Guanyin Pusa and Luo Pin darted in and began to use their Mystiques.

Luo Pin changed into the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's shape, and shone with a saintly light. World Cleanser filtered down!

Alongside, Guanyin Pusa pulled out a drop of jade willow dew from her Vase of Purity. She combined it with the World Cleanser Mystique, and their combined purifying power far exceeded each individual component.

Both the Eight Division Heavenly Dragon's World Cleanser and Guanyin Pusa's jade willow dew were among the most purifying powers in existence. Their combined strength was remarkable.

Seeing the white-light imbuing the jade willow dew and turning it into a holy dew, True Lord Erlang's eyes widened. He struggled in fear, not knowing what they were doing to him.

However, Torpefy held him firmly, and he could do nothing.

As the holy dew landed on him, there was a puff of black qi expelled from his body. The depraved seed from the Unworldly Abomination!

At this critical moment, a bloodcurdling howl came from beside.

"Down, beast!"

Wu Yu flicked his Ruyi Jingu Bang casually, and sent the Howling Celestial Dog flying. It slumped to the floor, foaming at the mouth!

"How about purifying the mutt too?"

Wu Yu scooped it up......

After all, the Howling Celestial Dog was Yang Jian's beloved pet. If he was back to normal, he would definitely kick a fuss up over this.

It was not too difficult to get the depraved seed out from an immortal beast. It was much easier than True Lord Erlang's had been.

Neither of them objected, and so they cleaned the dog.

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