Chapter 1811: Millstone of Life

Darkness and silence in Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

The golden vortex appeared in a remote place, and vanished quickly behind them as Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa stepped through.

"Something's off." Wu Yu frowned as they reached.

Heavenly Buddha's Domain seemed quieter than he remembered.

"Look around. We might have to go to Expanse of Nirvana to take a look if we don't find anything.

"Mm." Wu Yu nodded. He began searching along with Guanyin Pusa.

Before long, they had come to the Chaos Position.

This was a place where relatively more divine sarira spawned. It was where Wu Yu had first appeared as Longbrowed Arhat Immortal Buddha, and defeated Calico Bag Arhat.

Back then, there had been many immortal buddhas searching and fighting for divine sarira.

Even outside Chaos Position, one could feel the immortal buddha energy flying back and forth in fights.

But now, Chaos Position was completely silent. It was a dead zone!

Not only that, but Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa could not find traces of even a single immortal buddha.

Apparently, this section of Heavenly Buddha's Domain had stood empty for a long time.

"Where are the immortal buddhas?" Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa both had a foreboding feeling.

They looked at each other, and then headed towards Expanse of Nirvana.

Along the way, they did not meet a single immortal buddha.

Originally, Heavenly Buddha's Domain was in disorder, but now it was deathly silent. It was an eerie feeling.

Wu Yu had the Somersault Cloud, and could move quickly. He went to scout ahead.

Before long, he reached Expanse of Nirvana, and saw that it had been sealed away!

"This...... an epochal immortal design?"

Wu Yu stared at it.

It was a black millstone epochal immortal design that had sealed away the entire Expanse of Nirvana. It continued to spin, and Wu Yu could not make out what was inside.

But he could be sure that Heavenly Buddha's Domain had changed drastically.

Not just the lack of immortal buddhas outside, but Expanse of Nirvana itself had been sealed away. What was Xuanzang plotting?

Wu Yu was sure that it must be Xuanzang up to some mischief.

If the Unworldly Abomination had not yet woken up, then the only one with power to change the whole of Heavenly Buddha's Domain was Xuanzang.

Wu Yu circled the epochal immortal design for a long time, and nothing happened. It was as though Xuanzang was not around. Wu Yu had no idea where he went.

"I'll get Guanyin Pusa over first. Maybe she recognizes the epochal immortal design!"

Wu Yu thought. Since Xuanzang was not here, there was no need to skulk around. He could call loudly for her.

Soon enough, In The Same Breath had brought Guanyin Pusa over as well.

Now he was about as strong as she was, but she did not have the Somersault Cloud, and was slower than Wu Yu.

Her expression turned serious when she saw the sealed up Expanse of Nirvana. "This epochal immortal design is called the Millstone of Life! If Xuanzang has created such an epochal immortal design, I fear that he's up to no good."

"Can you dispel it?" Wu Yu asked.

Seeing Guanyin Pusa worried, worried him.

"I'll try and break a part to see what's going on inside." Guanyin Pusa said seriously. Lifting her hand, she gathered some of her jade willow dew and turned it into a fine mist that swirled around the black millstone.

Purified by the mist, the Millstone of Life started to turn transparent, as though Guanyin Pusa had managed to unravel it.

This was just a small part, but it was enough to see that there were countless black buddha worlds within, packed as tightly as sardines. It crammed the entire Millstone of Life!

All of them had been trapped within Millstone of Life. They were killing each other, and packed shoulder to shoulder within the Millstone. The interior was littered with immortal buddha corpses.

"This........" Wu Yu shrank away in repulsion.

What a ghastly and nightmarish scene!

Within Millstone of Life, many divine sarira suddenly appeared, and the immortal buddhas grappled and wrestled over the. For each divine sarira, there were thousands of immortal buddhas who would jump on it.

The deaths reached appalling numbers.

"This is Xuanzang's hand."

Guanyin Pusa sighed. "Xuanzang must be trying to gather all of the immortal buddhas within Millstone of Life, and have them kill each other. He can easily get all of the immortal buddhas' buddha world fragments."

"I see. No wonder the Heavenly Buddha's Domain is so deserted. They have all been shut away here......." Wu Yu sucked in a sharp breath.

The despair emanating from the crowded and desperate battle inside was depressing.

They could not escape the epochal immortal design, nor control their own behavior. Once triggered, they would lose their rationality and fight to the death.

"Xuanzang's pulling off the same damn thing. No immortal emperors here to fight the immortal buddhas, so he's making them fight each other. That's insanely cruel." Wu Yu said in a low tone.

"These immortal buddha corpses can help Xuanzang to rebuild a part of the World Core. Perhaps not in completion, but he will be stronger because of it." Guanyin Pusa said in a trembling voice.

They were both horrified by Xuanzang's willingness to sacrifice all life to make himself stronger.

He wanted to defeat the Unworldly Abomination, but he would kill the hopes of the entire Heavenly Buddha's Domain in doing so.

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