Chapter 0181: Mad Demon Strikes and Triple Kill of the Heavens

After using the sword for so long, Wu Yu longed for the days where he could pulverize his enemies with the Demon Subduing Staff.

But recently, his sword techniques had grown stronger and stronger. Although he liked the staff, it had stagnated with no guidance. Especially since the two-pronged attack of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel was extremely powerful.

But if he did not use such immortal treasures for a prolonged time, then his skills would fall into disuse.

Wu Yu had originally assumed that orthodox warriors like themselves would be banned from using such treasures. But now Feng Xueya was telling him that such sentiments had waned. It seemed like there were quite a few who used such spiritual immortal treasures.

In truth, Wu Yu did not really like the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. It was too violent, too bloody. But he could not deny that it was a powerful spiritual immortal treasure. And Wu Yu desired these spiritual immortal treasures.

"Since that's the case, then I will use it until I find something better." Wu Yu nodded.

"Overlooking its process of creation, it is now only a weapon. It had a different nature in Tian Yijun's hands, compared to when it is in yours," Feng Xueya said.

As Feng Xueya watched on, Wu Yu dripped blood and bonded with the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. The Argenti Chain had now coiled around his hand like a bracelet. This Paranormal Pillar of Blood had a Shapechange Spirit Design as well. At its smallest, it was not even one foot in length, and not even as thick as one's little finger. It was convenient to stow. At its largest, it could be 10 zhang long, and was a huge column of blood with an overpowering aura. After pairing with the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, even Wu Yu's body now had a different aura.

With the Paranormal Pillar of Blood turning in his hands and whistling, his power now far surpassed Tian Yijun's. And that made the Paranormal Pillar of Blood even more susceptible to his control, turning its fangs elsewhere.

Holding the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, covered in blood vessels and black scales, it was a huge contrast to Wu Yu's own upright appearance. It was a better match for his Immortal Ape Transformation and the savage monkey that emerged.

"With the Argenti Chain and the Paranormal Pillar of Blood, you've already caught up with me." Feng Xueya clapped him on the shoulder and guffawed. His eyes were filled with pride.

Seeing his Master, as close to him a father, so happy, Wu Yu was happy as well. Seeing the Heavenly Sword Sect grow stronger day by day was also uplifting to watch. These days, he felt reverent gazes everywhere he went, and his influence had surpassed even Feng Xueya's.

Wu Yu recalled something. "There was a dao technique in Tian Yijun's sumeru pouch called the 72 Strikes of the East Sea's Mad Demon. I browsed through it, and I find it not bad. Although it's not a Jindan dao technique, it seems very strong and does not seem to have a history of blood behind it. It doesn't even seem like a ghostly cultivator's dao technique."

"I have heard of this dao technique before. Indeed, it is not a ghostly cultivator dao technique. Ghostly cultivators do not solely use ghostly cultivator dao techniques. It's said that this was a dao technique created by a martial cultivator of the East Sea. He spent 10 years at the bottom of the sea, enduring the pressure of the water, to create it. After changing hands a few times, it landed in Tian Yijun's hands, and he used it to wield the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. You can indeed cultivate it."

Hearing Feng Xueya's words, Wu Yu's worries were put to rest. He wanted to be sure of that first; after all, he did not want to cultivate any sick dao techniques. 

The keyword in the 72 Strikes of the East Sea's Mad Demon was the word 'mad.' After all, only madmen could survive under the pressure of the bottom of the sea and still wield an immortal treasure against the water resistance. Although not a Jindan dao technique, its power might not be any less powerful than a Jindan dao technique.

72 tiers of attacks, each tier madder than the last.

In order for one to fight the huge waves, one had to become the waves.

Wu Yu still had no way to cultivate Jindan dao techniques.

Jindan dao techniques had to be built upon one's Jindan. Even if one's spiritual power had already surpassed Jindan, it was impossible without Jindan.

"In terms of sword cultivation, you still have much potential untapped. Since you have found your strength in sword cultivation, this Triple Kill of the Heavens sword cultivation is for you to practice." Wu Yu had just decided to cultivate the 72 Strikes of the East Sea's Mad Demon when Feng Xueya gave him another new sword cultivation dao technique.

He seemed almost in a hurry for Wu Yu to become stronger.

Wu Yu looked at him.

Feng Xueya said, "As its 'Heaven' name implies, this sword cultivation dao technique is an ultimate move of our Heavenly Sword Sect. Only the Five Elders, myself, and the Sect Protector can cultivate it. Back when the Heavenly Sword Sect chose its name, it was inspired by this Triple Kill of the Heavens sword cultivation. This dao technique has three attacks. The first is a normal dao technique, while the second and third are Jindan dao techniques. Given your current position, mastering the first attack should be no problem. After you are done cultivating, you will be at least my equal in the damage you can wreak with the sword." So the Heavenly Sword Sect had originated from this dao technique.

Feng Xueya giving this dao technique to Wu Yu showed how highly he valued him. It was even stronger than the Great Dao of the Golden Sword.

As for the Nascent Yin Yang Single Sword Strike, Wu Yu could still dig deeper into its mysteries. After all, that was the sword cultivation dao technique that was most suited to the Yin Yang Sword Wheel.

Wu Yu accepted the Triple Kill of the Heavens and the Paranormal Pillar of Blood.

"Now that things are peaceful, there is no time to delay. Use the time wisely and cultivate these two dao techniques. Get familiar with these two spiritual immortal treasures, and quickly condense your last spiritual source." Feng Xueya exhorted before Wu Yu left.

"Master, there seems to be some rush. Is something up?" Wu Yu asked acutely.

Feng Xueya smiled. "Something is indeed up. But you need not concern yourself about it. It will not be too late if I tell you after you cultivate these two dao techniques."

"You won't tell me now?"

"I won't."

Wu Yu could only smile. Since he had decided to clam up, then Wu Yu would not press him. Once bitten, twice shy. Even without Feng Xueya telling him, he knew that one could not let up even a bit on the road to immortalhood.

As the saying went: heaven rewards the diligent.

That was why even though the Bipo Mountain Range was extremely peaceful, and everyone was relaxed, Wu Yu worked harder than anyone else.

Feng Xueya spent each day rebuilding the 10,000 Swords Formation.

The brethren of the Heavenly Sword Sect sometimes gathered to chat. One day, while they were drinking, Mo Shishu asked, "Junior Brother, it's said that you're Master's match now. What are your plans for the future? Will you stay at the Heavenly Sword Sect?"

This stumped Wu Yu. In truth, he had been rushing to cultivate, but he had not considered this question. But it was true that he was geared towards the outside.

So he said, "I haven't thought so far ahead yet. I just want to get stronger, and Master has assigned me some cultivation objectives. I will complete them before thinking further." When the topic of leaving was brought up, the mood sobered some.

Night Wishes for Snow smiled. "Aim high. This is a land scarce in resources. Your future is bright, and your name will be heard everywhere. And if our brethren have a chance to roam out, you could protect us as well." Everyone laughed.

Su Yanli laughed as well. "Wu Yu will leave eventually. No matter where you go, Senior Sister will miss you." Seeing her fond gaze, conflicted feelings began to arise in Wu Yu again. So they all thought he would leave. Would he really? But where would he go? He knew nothing of the world outside.

Besides their little gatherings, Wu Yu could not finish the spirit concentration pills that he had. Some he gave to friends, while he turned over the remainder to Feng Xueya to allocate. He had also given Qing Mang, Su Yanli, and the others many treasures. With Wu Yu's assistance, Qing Mang had successfully condensed qi and entered the Qi Condensation Realm. She could begin cultivating dao techniques now.

Most of the time, Wu Yu was cultivating the two dao techniques. He cultivated the Triple Kill of the Heavens in the Bipo Mountain Range, while he found a river in which to cultivate the Mad Demon Strikes. That was more appropriate.

However, the most important thing to him was the final realm of the Inner Vajra Buddha. Recently, his body seemed to be on the verge of being unable to hold any further improvements for the Inner Vajra Buddha. He had to stay strong, and finally he successfully condensed qi in his last spiritual source. His capabilities saw another significant jump. But there was a big gulf between the Qi Condensation Realm and the Jindan Dao Realm, and Wu Yu felt that only the final realm could help him breach this gap.

The 72 Strikes of the East Sea's Mad Demon was extremely suited to Wu Yu's manner. Compared to Tian Yijun, it suited Wu Yu even better. In the water, he transformed into the golden ape, flailing his staff like a mad demon. His staff brandished madly, as though he had lost all reason. The waters themselves churned and the mountains shook. Although this was not a Jindan dao technique, in Wu Yu's hands, it definitely beat half the Jindan dao techniques when paired with a spiritual immortal treasure!

In terms of madness, Wu Yu had no equal.

The 72 tiers were each madder than the last. Rather than having a fight, it was more like having a fit. The more frenzied one became, the more power one would call upon.

The more he walked the paths of the sword and staff, the further apart his states of mind drifted. The staff was explosive and direct, while the sword was calm and went with nature. Wu Yu often found himself struggling between the two states. But it has to be said that both states of mind represented him. His savage state had stronger battle power, while his calmer state showed a more human, rational side of him.

The first strike of Triple Kill of the Heavens was called Sky Quake Thrust. It could shake the sky with its attack. Because of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel, Wu Yu could use it with both swords. Although the Onyx & Pearl Dao Swords were not a spiritual immortal treasure, with both swords combined, its effect was not much weaker than the Paranormal Pillar of Blood. This also affirmed Wu Yu's choice to walk both roads.

Time flowed by.

Both these dao techniques were very difficult. He spent many days on them, and even the completion of the Inner Vajra Buddha had been delayed. After more than two months, Wu Yu began to see some gradual results. And one day, Feng Xueya summoned him to Heavenly Palace, saying that he had something to discuss with Wu Yu.

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