Chapter 1809: Eternal Wheel

In the next 30,000 years, Wu Yu and the others remained in Eternal Emperor Tomb.

Guanyin Pusa's knowledge on the epochal immortal designs was profound. She began to unravel them for Wu Yu, who could then access the eternal demon emperor corpses within the tombs.

Wu Yu followed behind Guanyin Pusa, constantly devouring.

Each new tomb he entered, he would first pay his deepest and fullest respects to each of them, carefully reading about their lives detailed on the plaques.

How noble and glorious these eternal demon emperors were, to sacrifice even their own body for the possibility of revenge in a future they would never know!

All of them deserved to have their names remembered in legends and sung as odes!

Wu Yu ate and ate with a sense of reluctance.

But in order to take revenge for them, and the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and the many ancestors on both immortal domains, he had no other choice but to devour them, and make their strength his own.

Previously, he had realized that after devouring too many divine sarira, immortal buddha corpses, and eternal demon emperor corpses, his cultivation realm would indeed rise very quickly, but at the expense of a destructive black qi that would form in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm and corrode it.

Fortunately, Guanyin Pusa's Vase of Purity was full of jade willow dew, that could dispel the qi. It significantly lessened the side effects of the devouring.

Even so, the black qi in Wu Yu's Devouring Apotheosis Realm still continued to grow, and he became more and more violent. He felt like he was on the verge of losing control at times.

Each time he lost control, Guanyin Pusa would chant the Tightening Cantrip, tightening the headband until he found clarity in the pain.

Wu Yu soon grew familiar with the unpleasant sensation. It felt like his entire body was being squeezed, tighter and tighter, until his head felt like it was about to explode.

The pain was no less than what he had experienced on the Heavenly Devil Battlefield!

Each time the Tightening Cantrip was chanted, and the Jingu Headband tightened, he would tremble in fear of it. After many times, he was able to overcome the berserk feeling quicker and quicker.

The Tightening Cantrip was just too painful. The faster he calmed down, the faster he would be free of the pain.

Each time, Luo Pin and the others would watch as Wu Yu lost control and rave against the Tightening Cantrip, thrashing miserably and praying for death. It hurt their hearts terribly.

But in order to increase his cultivation realm quickly and be of help to the two immortal domains, Wu Yu gritted his teeth and soldiered on.

He spent just about half of the 30,000 years in agony.

Still, yes pain yes gain. After 30,000 years, Wu Yu had finally managed to create the symbol of the eighth tier immortal emperors, the Eternal Wheel!

Of course, it was still in a fledgling state. Wu Yu had only consumed less than half of all the eternal demon emperor corpses present.

Both Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa were relieved that he had managed to complete the Eternal Wheel. It meant that he had crossed a most crucial step, and from now on he could continue devouring eternal demon emperor corpses all the way.

Guanyin Pusa was also very interested in the devouring ability.

"Your Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast is very likely a descendant of the Unworldly Abomination. After all, it has the same unnatural devouring ability. When fully mature, you might just be able to take on the Unworldly Abomination."

Guanyin Pusa was pinning all of her hopes on Wu Yu.

The way she saw it, as long as Wu Yu could continue improving steadily by feeding off the eternal demon emperor corpses, he could reach the master of the immortal domain level of power.

Currently, Wu Yu needed to complete the full Eternal Wheel within his Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

This was the cultivation realm where Guanyin Pusa was at. Of course, she was an eighth tier Supreme Immortal Buddha Realm cultivator, and she too had an Eternal Wheel on her buddha world.

This was a huge wheel that both immortal buddhas and immortal emperors made at the eighth tier.

It was an intangible thing, and represented the endless cycle. It was a new engine that powered apotheosis realms and buddha worlds on a whole new dimension.

Only with the Eternal Wheel would the apotheosis realms and buddha worlds become more stable. It was a foothold for apotheosis immortal energy and immortal buddha energy to further abound into infinity, removing the cap on one's power.

Of course, expanding the apotheosis realm required a lot of spiritual qi, but there was no more capping limit to one's power.

This was what the Eternal Wheel provided to immortal buddhas and immortal emperors.

"After creating the Eternal Wheel, the apotheosis realm will be split into countless worlds. In the end, the apotheosis realm will grow to the size of an immortal domain and you will then be a master of the immortal domain!"

Guanyin Pusa said, adding her own speculations. "Perhaps the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain were created this way as well. The two immortal domains might just be apotheosis realms or buddha worlds, just magnified innumerable times over."

Wu Yu's spirits swelled when he heard Guanyin Pusa's words.

Master of the immortal domain, a ninth tier immortal buddha or immortal emperor. And now he was already at the eighth tier, his Eternal Wheel taking shape.

Next, he would continue to rely on the eternal demon emperor corpses to truly master the eighth tier!

"The Jade Emperor was once the master of the Heavenly Domain. Perhaps he is the only one in the Heavenly Domain."

"A pity that the Heavenly Domain has been turned by the Unworldly Abomination. And it might wake at any time......"

Wu Yu was seized by a sense of urgency. Devour. Cultivate. More. Faster.

He gritted his teeth and pressed on.

He knew clearly that this was precious time, and all he had. When he Unworldly Abomination woke, it would be the ultimate test of if he had used his time well!

He was their only hope now.

"Keep devouring! Keep cultivating!"

Wu Yu vowed.

His frenzied gorging made him berserk, and the Tightening Cantrip wracked him with excruciating pain. Still, he did not shirk away!

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