Chapter 1807: I Should Have Died

The Ruyi Jingu Bang swept out, smashing into the nine golden buddha worlds!

Xuanzang was in a terrible rage now.

All signs of noble self-sacrifice were gone. Against the Ruyi Jingu Bang-wielding Mayhem Demon Emperor, even Xuanzang felt threatened.

"You were already a dying monkey. Why would you still Immolate your life force to stop me!" Xuanzang cried out in disbelief.

His nine golden buddha worlds were forced backwards, and staff-shadows of the Ruyi Jingu Bang filled the air, so fast did the monkey swing the staff. The Ruyi Jingu Bang was brought to even greater heights than when Wu Yu was using it! 

The Mayhem Demon Emperor.

Brother to the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal......

He must have a supernatural understanding of the Ruyi Jingu Bang that surpassed any ordinary person!

"Oh no!"

Guanyin Pusa sighed as she watched the six-eared macaque turn himself into a ball of gray flame.

She explained to Wu Yu.

The Mayhem Demon Emperor did not have long left to live. He had sealed away the last bit of his life in order to survive until now.

Therefore, the six-eared macaque back in Eternal Emperor Tomb had seemed to be an ordinary monkey.

In order to preserve himself, the Mayhem Demon Emperor had sealed away the precious vestiges of his life force.

But now, he had appeared to help Wu Yu and the others. He sacrificed his life to do battle with the Ruyi Jingu Bang!

Even without Guanyin Pusa telling him, Wu Yu could see that Mayhem Demon Emperor would probably cease to be after this battle......

Wu Yu's heart was heavy.

However, he looked indomitable at the moment, the Ruyi Jingu Bang whirling swifter than the eye could follow. He was an unstoppable juggernaut, fueled by the burning of his life force. He was able to pressure Xuanzang very heavily.

However, Xuanzang was still calm. He knew that the six-eared macaque could not hold out for long. He could not be defeated.

All he had to do was to hold out, until the six-eared macaque was spent. That would be his time to counterattack.

However, Xuanzang was uneasy about all this.

Mayhem Demon Emperor knew his own condition better than anyone. He knew that he could not defeat Xuanzang!

And yet he continued to swing the Ruyi Jingu Bang, burning the precious gray flame that was his life.

As Sumeru World crumbled under his onslaught, even the strange magnifying-minimizing power started to warp.

They could see that Xuanzang's nine buddha worlds were also affected, growing big and small at odd times!

The entire Sumeru World seemed to be caught up in a huge wave.

Wu Yu watched in bitter anguish. If only he too was that powerful, the six-eared macaque would not have to sacrifice its life. It could live on......

Still, Wu Yu had always done his best, all the way up till now.

As much as he blamed himself for not being able to help, no one else could have done better in his shoes.

Suddenly the six-eared macaque sent a figure out of the melee. It was Patriarch Bodhi!

In such a battle, Patriarch Bodhi was of no help. A casual attack from Xuanzang had already wounded him badly, and could well have killed him.

Patriarch Bodhi had been sent back to Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa's side.

They watched the little gray macaque do battle with a tortured expression on their faces.

Xuanzang was invincible in the two immortal domains.

Not even the Jade Emperor was Xuanzang's match. He was already close to reaching the power level of the master of the immortal domain, while the Jade Emperor was merely a pupet. The master of the Heavenly Domain was the slumbering Unworldly Abomination now.

If Xuanzang was to be stopped, there was no one else but the six-eared macaque.

Not even Guanyin Pusa could have done this!

"You're killing yourself!"

Seeing Patriarch Bodhi whisked away, and the six-eared macaque Immolating himself, Xuanzang's face was full of incredulous anger.

And yet, he was forced to remain on the defense, unable to counterattack at all.

This final flaring of life was so powerful that Xuanzang had no choice but to acknowledge it.

Still, Xuanzang could see that the six-eared macaque was near its end!

"Well, I should have died long ago."

The six-eared macaque's deep voice boomed.

There was a staunch death-facing stoicism in his tone. "If not for this moment, what other meaning was there in my living on? Wukong died for all life. And you would kill all life! That would render my brother's life meaningless. I don't accept that!"

The Ruyi Jingu Bang glowed with even more power than before. He whirled around. Again and again, he brought it down on the golden Sumeru World Core!

Xuanzang was unable to respond.

He had readied himself to defend against any attack from the six-eared macaque, but it had instead turned to the Sumeru World Core.

By the time Xuanzang reacted, the Sumeru World Core had already started to crack, shattering under the relentless blows.


Xuanzang screamed in denial.

If the Sumeru World Core was broken, then Sumeru World would be ended. The passage between the two worlds would collapse!

His plan would have failed.

How could he stand for it?

The nine golden buddha worlds behind him shone with golden buddha light, coalescing in a golden fist that punched the gray monkey, sending him flying!

It was the finishing blow, and the already withered body of the six-eared macaque started to fade away into dust.

His life had finally reached its end!

Not even Xuanzang could stop the Sumeru World Core's destruction now, however. The six-eared macaque had succeeded, although it had cost him his own life.

Wu Yu had never seen a more heroic and noble person!

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