Chapter 1805: With Death Comes Life

They were scared stiff to see Xuanzang there.

Their efforts had alerted him more quickly then they expected, and the tension rose palpably.

"You are undoing good work. Your actions are stopping me from saving all life!"

Xuanzang's palms were together, his face screwed up with a pained and noble look as he flew closer to them, borne by golden light.

"Saving all life?" Wu Yu snorted. No way it looked like it.

Opening the Sumeru Passage, linking Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain, making the crazed immortal buddhas and immortal emperors kill each other, and causing a river of blood?

How was any of this "saving all life"?!

Xuanzang's words sounded like a poor joke to Wu Yu and the others.

However, Xuanzang seemed to hold a strong conviction in his words. He sighed and said sorrowfully: "The being will soon return. If you continue to oppose me, then both immortal domains will be swallowed up in the end. At that time, all of life will cease to be!"

"If you do as I say, in the end that being can be defeated, and there is a chance that the two immortal domains will endure."

He said in an aggrieved tone.

His apparent sorrow was mirrored on the faces of the nine golden buddha worlds behind him, and it gave Wu Yu and the others pause.

Guanyin Pusa frowned slightly. "Why do you say this?"

Xuanzang sighed. "You do not know how terrifying that being is. The only way is for me to use the corpses of the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors to rebuild the World Core and make me master of the immortal domain. Then I will have the ultimate power, and be able to take on the Unworldly Abomination!"

"In the end, only either the Heavenly Domain or Heavenly Buddha's Domain can be saved. The Heavenly Domain is already doomed, the immortal emperors turned to puppets with no memory."

"It has to be destroyed! Destroy the Heavenly Domain, and give rise to new life. Don't you see? Even if all of the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors die in Sumeru World, as long as I can rebuild the World Core, one day the Heavenly Buddha's Domain will be restored to its former glory!"

Xuanzang had already given up on Heavenly Domain as a lost cause.

Both Patriarch Bodhi and Guanyin Pusa were deeply torn by his words.

To use two mountains of corpses to build a World Core in Heavenly Buddha's Domain, to crown Xuanzang as master of the immortal domain, and charge him an avatar to take on the Unworldly Abomination...... It was... not without its own logic.

However, Xuanzang's proposal did not sit well with the two of them.

Patriarch Bodhi asked: "If you become the master of the immortal domain, how sure are you that you can defeat the Unworldly Abomination?"

Xuanzang shook his head. "The chances are not good. Still, it is the only way. There is no other hope! Guanyin, all of you have maligned me. I was never a traitor. I too want to take revenge for the deaths of my fellow disciples! I stole life from Gautama because I wanted to kill that thing!"

"Wu Yu, all of you should stand down now. Without death, the world cannot fall. Without death, there is no new life!"

At this point, his nine buddha worlds were all seized with a holy fervor. Golden light gleamed anew, as if it were an emblem of all life itself.

Seeing the nine buddha worlds respond, and hearing Xuanzang's words, Wu Yu's resolve wavered.

The immortal emperors were puppets; the immortal buddhas were insane. Perhaps their deaths were necessary to bring about a new world.

"Sacrifice all for Xuanzang, and allow him to take revenge for the Demon Immortal Realm, for the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, for the master of the immortal domain, and even for the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors as they should have been! Perhaps, this IS the only way......"

But very quickly, Wu Yu shook his head.

He had almost been swayed by the compulsion of the nine golden buddha worlds. Xuanzang was indeed powerful beyond measure.

Wu Yu's cultivation realm was still far from his, and he had almost been taken in.

Luckily, the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hand sent a fresh wave of clarity that awoke him.

Wu Yu had never faced the Unworldly Abomination before. Truly, he did not know how fearsome it was. However, he felt that there had to be another way. There should be no such absolute, that the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors all had to die.

Besides, the Heavenly Domain was his home. He had reached immortalhood here, gained eternal life here. Every step of his journey had been in Heavenly Domain.

He could not bear to watch it be purposely destroyed before his very eyes.

More, he had already thought this through before. The immortal emperors and immortal buddhas had lost all their memories and sanity, but the mortals on their apotheosis realms and buddha worlds were innocent. So much innocent life could not be given up!

Just then, Guanyin Pusa said thinly: "Xuanzang, you are too extreme. There must be a better way to deal with the Unworldly Abomination. The Jade Emperor and the others might still break free of the Unworldly Abomination's clutches! After all, I too was once subjugated, and then escaped."

Patriarch Bodhi nodded as well. "She speaks true. Guanyin could escape from the Unworldly Abomination's control. The Jade Emperor and the others might as well! If the Jade Emperor and the others are all dead, there will be no chance to defeat the Unworldly Abomination. Xuanzang, your extreme method is not a good plan!"

"Xuanzang, calm down and destroy the Sumeru World Core. We will plan together for the long game." Guanyin Pusa advised him. Even now, she guided him, half as a mentor.

But seeing Guanyin Pusa and the others remain "obtuse", Xuanzang got angry.

He saw that they were still insistent on destroying the Sumeru World Core. His expression changed, and there was a new hint of menace in the golden light from his golden buddha worlds.

A huge golden buddha palm smashed down towards them!

Patriarch Bodhi took the blow, flinging the golden palm backwards with a flood of immortal buddha energy. In the next moment, Patriarch Bodhi's apotheosis realm was horribly smashed. He hung on the brink of death!

Wu Yu and Guanyin Pusa were shocked. They had not expected Xuanzang to be so murderous.


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