Chapter 1802: Three Pure Ones, Five Emperors

The Jade Emperor had already gathered all of the immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors who were fifth tier and above.

They stood ready before the golden tunnel, ready to take it down at the source.

This could be the first time such an ambitious alliance had been formed across the heavens and hells!

It was even comparable to the time when Great Sage, Heaven's Equal had been persecuted....

Of course, all of the attackers during that time had been puppets of the Unworldly Abomination.

And now, Jade Emperor and the others were all moving of their own accord.

If they wanted to preserve the Heavenly Domain, they had to plug the golden tunnel!

Jade Emperor and the others were all puppets of the Unworldly Abomination, and had no inkling of Heavenly Buddha's Domain. They knew nothing of the invaders, nor their motives.

The three of them hid in the shadows, careful not to be seen by the Jade Emperor.

After all, Wu Yu was basically an enemy to the Jade Emperor now.

They saw that more and more immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors began to gather.

The sky palaces had also turned out in full strength!

First he saw Jade Emperor and Heavenly Lord of Spiritual Treasures, and then the three Pure Ones: Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning (Jade Pure One), Heavenly Lord of Spiritual Treasures (Supreme Pure One), and Grand Supreme Elderly Lord (Grand Pure One).

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was Taishang Laojun, the elder who had the Brazier of Eight Trigrams and the Carved Vajra.

The three Pure Ones walked grimly by the Jade Emperor's side, focused on the black immortal buddhas rushing out of the golden tunnel.

Behind them were the four directional emperors, including Great Emperor of Middle Heaven North Star, Old Man of the South Pole, Green Emperor of the Eastern Expanse, and Grand Emperor of the Western Expanse. Led by the Jade Emperor, they formed the Five Emperors!

The three Pure Ones and five emperors were the strongest beings in the sky palaces.

Wu Yu could see that he was definitely still much weaker compared to the Jade Emperor.

But the Jade Emperor's underlings - he could stand up against them.

He had been improving quite a lot recently, and both his Supreme Immortal Buddha Realm and Eternal Immortality Realm were at the seventh tier, with the Sea of Buddha Arts and Sea of Heavenly Dao both completed.

Although Wu Yu might not be able to take on Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva yeyt, but he would not be beaten as badly.

The ghostly immortal emperors were all assembled as well.

The Ten Kings of Hell - Yanluo Wang, King Chujiang, King Qin'guang... the ten of them made up the strongest of the 10,000 Levels of Hell.

Black and White Impermanence, Magistrate Cui, the Witch Goddess, and all the other fifth tier eternal ghostly emperors and above were gathered here as well.

It was an epic sight, heavenly immortals and ghostly immortals standing shoulder to shoulder.

Wu Yu was taken back to the time in the Eternal Emperor Tomb.

This was how they had taken down the Demon Immortal Realm.

The difference was that the Unworldly Abomination controlling them then had been put to sleep by Gautama, the master of Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

Therefore, all of the immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors were genuinely working together to protect Heavenly Domain.

Their wills united in a hatred of the black immortal buddhas.

The way they saw it, they had been living in peace when these devils had invaded them, destroying their worlds.

Wu Yu was painfully reminded of Pilgrimage of 10,000 Buddhas back at Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

During that time, those fighting for divine sarira were mostly fifth tier immortal buddhas and above as well.

If the immortal buddhas clashed with the immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors, both sides would suffer losses. What a terrible waste that would be!

Who would survive? How many?

This carnage might be exactly what Xuanzang was hoping for.

No one knew why, however.

"It must be that person Wu Yu brought. He's the root of all this. I wonder where that brat has run off to. If we find him here, I'll kill him!" The young beauty Heavenly Queen Mother snapped from Jade Emperor's side.

"In any case, our urgent mission is to stop the invasion. It concerns the survival of Heavenly Domain. We cannot dawdle." King Qin'guang said seriously. Dressed in long black robes and circled with black qi, he was one of the strongest experts in Hell.

It was a tense situation for all of them.

Whether from heaven or hell, they were equally angered by the black immortal buddhas' invading. They longed to fight back.

But before they struck, the Jade Emperor rallied them: "The fate of the Heavenly Domain rests with all of us. Defeat the great enemy, and shut the passage before us!"

He had also used his apotheosis immortal techniques to inject a morale boosting effect into his words, drumming up their courage.

The black immortal buddhas continued to rush out of the golden tunnel, but only death awaited them here.

In the next instant, all of the Heavenly Domain's forces charged as one.

A great battle was breaking out.

Wu Yu and the others did not stand idle either.

Guanyin Pusa had even brought her white buddha world with her now, gambling it all on this fight. The Sumeru Passage had to be shut!

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