Chapter 1799: Of Misery and Suffering

Even Wu Yu was stunned by the news.

Dragon Immortal Sky's golden tunnel had closed, but it had reappeared at Heavenly Wolf Sky. Clearly Xuanzang was controlling it!

"But the Ruyi Jingu Bang is with me....."

Wu Yu was beginning to suspect that the Ruyi Jingu Bang in his hands was a fake.

But as he reached deep into it, he could feel the kinship and power closely tied to his flesh and blood.

He was sure that the Jingu Bang he was holding was real.

Then how could Xuanzang open two passages?

Wu Yu could not figure it out.

He had not acted at Dragon Immortal Sky, afraid the Jade Emperor would catch him if he saw him.

As for the Jade Emperor, after hearing the news about the golden tunnel at Heavenly Wolf Sky, immediately headed over, hunting down the new golden tunnel.

Here at Dragon Immortal Sky, there were immortal emperor-level celestial soldiers left behind to join forces with the mystical dragon tribe to repel the straggling invaders.

Dragon Immortal Sky was a sorry sight.

Many ordinary immortals had died at the hands of the immortal buddhas. And with all of the void chasms lingering around, it was only a matter of time before all those not at the immortal emperor level perished.

Their only chance at life was to head for other levels of Heaven through the Well of Eternal Lifee.

Even immortal emperors were falling before the immortal buddhas' attack.

Although there had been quite a number of immortal emperors in the sky palaces, but those who were truly considered experts at the fifth tier and above were quite limited.

They included those like the Four Heavenly Kings and Mighty Miracle God, and had a modest reputation in the sky palaces.

Yet many of the feral immortal buddhas attacking were at this level or above.

If not for the sky palaces' quick response in sending over those like True Lord Erlang and  Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, Dragon Immortal Sky would probably have fallen.

Wu Yu saw immortal emperors being smashed to dust by the black buddha worlds, even their apotheosis realms thoroughly destroyed. The mortals in their worlds fell.

And when the immortal buddhas felt threatened, they immediately consumed all of the mortals and bodhis on their buddha worlds to increase their power.

It was a cruel and brutal way of fighting, and the immortal emperors could barely stand to witness it.

Life and death were cheap in the eyes of these invaders!

When immortal emperors fought, they would not devour their own mortals just for a fight.

Dragon Immortal Sky was a dystopic scene.

Besides what he had seen at Eternal Emperor Tomb, this was Wu Yu's first time witnessing such a large-scale immortal war.

A fight between the supreme immortals. The mortals fell without hope!

Dragon Immortal Sky had been devastated in the blink of an eye. Even if the immortal buddhas were almost completely stamped out now, but the dragon emperors and revered dragons all had heavy hearts.

To them, Dragon Immortal Sky was extremely important. It was where the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was linked to the sky palaces.

Many memories had been made here, for Wu Yu as well.

He remembered that he had he had passed through to Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm looking for Luo Pin when he first came to the sky palaces......

But now looking out, it was ruin and rubble.

Countless mortals had died in the battle, as well as many immortals and immortal emperors.

Wu Yu also had a different perspective from the other immortal emperors.

Other immortal emperors might see the invading immortal buddhas as purely evil, but Wu Yu knew that they were victims of the broken Immortal Buddha World Core as well!

If not for that battle which had destroyed Heavenly Buddha's Domain, these immortal buddhas would be kind and good as well, seniors of upright moral conduct that many would respect.

The dead littered the land.

None of them should have died!

Wu Yu clenched his fists, tight enough that blood dripped from his fingernails.

He wanted to know - what was wrong with Xuanzang?

How had he managed to open the passage between worlds? How had he marshaled the immortal buddhas?

It was a mystery!

The image of a young and gentle monk swam into his mind. Xuanzang, the Buddha Above All. Up until recently, Wu Yu had placed absolute trust in him.

And now, Xuanzang was doing such blasphemous things......

Just as Wu Yu was brooding over this, an immortal message talisman reached him.

"It's Patriarch Bodhi!"

Wu Yu was surprised to see it, and then immediately sobered up.

Ever since he had offended the sky palaces and hunted down by the Jade Emperor's people, the Patriarch Bodhi had not sought him out.

And at this crucial juncture, the Patriarch Bodhi must have something important to discuss with him, if he was looking for him.

He saw that the Patriarch Bodhi was asking him to meet at Nanhai World.

Wu Yu headed over immediately without hesitation!

The number of people whom Wu Yu trusted was dwindling.

Perhaps the last two left were the Patriarch Bodhi and Guanyin Pusa. And Nanhai World was Guanyin Pusa's territory.

As Wu Yu came to Nanhai World for the third time, he saw that the two were indeed here.

"Wu Yu, you're here."

Both of them turned to him with a deep look of sorrow on their faces.

Especially Guanyin Pusa, whose grief seemed to weigh on her heavily.

She immediately told him: "Xuanzang's goal was not to rebuild the Immortal Buddha World Core at all. He wanted the three bodhisattva's buddha worlds to open the Sumeru World. He would manipulate it as a bridge between the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain!"

Wu Yu paled.

Finally an answer to one of his burning questions!

"Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Manjusri the Gentle Glory, and Samantabhadra the Universal Worthy......"

Wu Yu's face cringed in regret.

He had a hand in all of their deaths.

If not for him opening the doors for Xuanzang, how could he have had the chance?

This meant that the immortal buddha invasion was also because of him. True, he had been lied to by Xuanzang, but there was no escaping the responsibility.

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