Chapter 1798: 10-Directional Revered Supreme Seal

After hearing the news, Wu Yu quickly led them back to the sky palaces.

Ultimately, the one closest to Xuanzang in the Heavenly Domain was himself.

It seemed likely that Xuanzang being able to open the passage and allow immortal buddhas to enter was linked to him somehow.

If not him, why wouldn't Xuanzang have attacked earlier, but waited until now?

He still could not believe that Xuanzang had managed to open the passage to Heavenly Domain.

Still, it was an undeniable fact.

Therefore, Wu Yu had to go to the sky palaces to take a look.

Very quickly he came to Dragon Immortal Sky!

He was overwhelmed by what he saw.

Even before Wu Yu saw any immortal buddhas or immortal emperors, the first thing he saw was half of Dragon Immortal Sky devastated. Terrifying powers flew back and forth, and void chasms hung in the air, ragged wounds in the fabric of space itself.

Any out of the immortal emperor realm would be dead upon merest contact with the aftershock of the attacks.

Wu Yu sped forwards, and soon came to the frontline of the attack, where the mystical dragon tribe was.

There was a golden tunnel near the Well of Eternal Life, from which black immortal buddhas were constantly streaming out of.

These immortal buddhas all had black buddha worlds. As they stormed into Heavenly Domain, they could feel the dense immortal essence qi, and vowed never to leave again.

The cultivation environment in Heavenly Buddha's Domain was poor. Without divine sarira, there was no chance at survival, and yet getting them was risking death in fights against possibly stronger immortal buddha.

But the Heavenly Domain was different!

The immortal essence qi here was just too dense.

Even if they holed up somewhere and continued cultivating, there was no way they could use up the immortal essence qi here. It was unlimited!

More, the immortal buddhas' violent nature brooked no peaceful negotiation.

From the moment they arrived, they ignored any question from the immortal emperors, immediately attacking!

Many ordinary immortal emperors had already died at the hands of the immortal buddhas.

They were a savage bunch, not letting up until they had killed or were killed. After killing a few immortal emperors, they saw that even more were arriving, and they grew more and more violent, their desire to kill climaxing.

All of the dragon emperors and revered dragons were within Dragon Immortal Sky.

Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm had already been sealed off by the power of the 9 Great Dragon Emperors.

Even so, the rest of Dragon Immortal Sky had been reduced to rubble, a ruin of void chasms and debris where once intricate structures had stood.

The 9 Great Dragon Emperors, Sky Heart Dragon Emperor included, were all fighting the immortal buddhas!

However, the mystical dragon tribe had been weakening lately, and did not have many revered dragons to count on. Against the relentless waves of black immortal buddhas, they were buckling.

Each of the black immortal buddhas charged out, spurred on by a combination of greed and bloodlust.

They came in far more numbers than the mystical dragon tribe's immortal emperors.

The 9 Great Dragon Emperors were the first line of defence, and facing the strongest immortal buddhas.

Two of them were rather familiar faces. Nanwu Essence Evolution Military Buddha and Nanwu Essence Evolution Joyful Buddha! These two had evil smiles on their faces, reveling in the carnage that they had caused!

These two immortal buddhas had killed countless other immortal buddhas together, back in Heavenly Buddha's Domain. Back then even Wu Yu had to avoid them. Now they were here, leading the charge at Heavenly Domain.

The flawless synergy between the two allowed them to fend off the 9 Great Dragon Emperors' attacks, which dismayed them greatly.

Two fighting against nine!

Worse still were the identical and malicious smiles on their faces, that dispirited all who looked upon it. It was as though they were saying "there's way more behind us", from the smug way they smiled.

The other immortal buddhas were not as strong, but then that was in Wu Yu's perspective.

For the other revered dragons and immortal emperors, they were still a formidable force!

Wu Yu even saw Wu Jun the Primordial Revered Dragon, fighting intensely against a second tier immortal buddha.

Even a second tier immortal buddha was tough for Wu Jun/ After all, he too was only a second tier immortal emperor.

Seeing this, Wu Yu wanted to go and help the mystical dragons of Dragon Immortal Sky.

After all, he might be at fault for causing all this.

But even before Wu Yu had attacked, a whole bunch of sky palace experts showed up.

It was the Jade Emperor, leading many other immortal emperors!

Wu Yu immediately held himself back.

If the Jade Emperor was here, then Dragon Immortal Sky was probably alright.

He immediately summoned a huge square seal.

"10-Directional Revered Supreme Seal!"

The seal crushed down on the whole of Dragon Immortal Sky!

Nanwu Essence Evolution Military Buddha and Nanwu Essence Evolution Joyful Buddha had seemed unstoppable before this, charging into the Heavenly Domain, grinning evilly.

But now, they were smashed flat by the 10-Directional Revered Supreme Seal!

The Jade Emperor easily crushed the two of them.


A golden light flew out from the Jade Emperor's hands, and he looked intent on sealing off the golden passage.

But just as he attacked, the golden tunnel vanished by itself!

Many of the immortal emperors in Dragon Immortal Sky heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the Jade Emperor frowned.

"Scour the place of invaders!"

Jade Emperor shouted. He did not intend to show these immortal buddhas any mercy.

But at this time, news suddenly arrived.

"There's another golden tunnel at Heavenly Wolf Sky! Many invaders!"

The news caused them great alarm!

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