Chapter 1783: Slander

After they agreed, Xuanzang left his nine golden buddha worlds in the Expanse of Nirvana.

He entered Wu Yu's Apotheosis Realm with his immortal buddha trueform and prepared to head towards Lingxiao Palace of the Heavenly Domain with Wu Yu to rescue Wu You.

The only thing in Wu Wu's mind currently was his sister, Wu You. As long as he could rescue Wu You, he could then cultivate in peace and grow stronger with Luo Pin and the group to the point where they could avenge the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and the seniors of the Demon Immortal Realm.

A golden vortex emerged in the Expanse of Nirvana and that was none other than the Immortal Domain Bridge that Wu Yu had opened with his Ruyi Jingu Bang!

Through the Immortal Domain Bridge, Wu Yu arrived in the Heavenly Domain shortly. After, he went into the Well of Eternal Life and made his way to the highest Lingxiao Sky.

It wasn't his first time entering Lingxiao Palace. However, he had always felt antsy and unassured each time he went there.

After all, someone like the Jade Emperor was beyond his imagination. There's a good chance that Wu Yu would never return after heading there.

Fortunately, he had the immortal buddha trueform of the Buddha Above All in his Devouring Apotheosis Realm for this time!

That person had told him the truth about the two immortal domains, the past of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and unravelled the mystery to the destruction of the Demon Immortal Realm...... Everything had cleared up for him now.

As for Xuanzang's strength, Wu Yu could tell from his senses that Xuanzang was definitely not weaker than the Jade Emperor.

Obviously, as Xuanzang's nine buddha worlds couldn't cross the Immortal Domain Bridge into the sky palaces, his battle strength would be discounted slightly.

Nonetheless, it shouldn't be a big issue if it was just to protect Wu Yu from the Jade Emperor.

Soon, Wu Yu arrived before the Southern Gate of Heaven once again!

It hadn't been long since he raided the Heaven's Prison and destroyed the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design.

There were still lots of immortals waiting for him in the Lingxiao Palace.

These immortal emperors were headed by the Jade Emperor and Heavenly Queen Mother. Other elite immortal emperors like Taiyi Zhenren, True Lord Erlang, Lotus Prince Nezha, Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li and others were also present.

Basically, those immortal emperors who were relatively known in the sky palaces were all present and waiting for Wu Yu's arrival.

When Wu Yu appeared before the gates of the Lingxiao Palace with the Ruyi Jingu Bang,they heaved a sigh of relief. They had been waiting for a long time. If Wu Yu did not show up, they would have been truly embarrassed.

Fortunately, Wu Yu was here.

Since Wu Yu was here, it's time for him to receive the strictest and most severe punishment.

In their eyes, Wu Yu had committed heinous crimes after heinous crimes that should never be pardoned.

Now that he was here, he would definitely be punished severely!

At this juncture, Wu Yu wasn't afraid at all. After all, other than the immortal buddha trueform of Xuanzang in his Apotheosis Realm, he still had Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress as hostages.

If the Jade Emperor wouldn't release Wu You completely, Wu Yu wouldn't give in. Even if it meant both parties walking away empty handed.

"Insolent Wu Yu!"

True Lord Erlang was the first to speak as he berated at Wu Yu.

His speech was naturally sanctioned by the Jade Emperor. "You dared to raid the Heaven's Prison and completely disregard the heavenly rules and restrictions. Do you know your crimes?"

True Lord Erlang's fury towards Wu Yu was evident from his speech.

He had never foreseen he would be defeated by a junior like Wu Yu. That defeat was the humiliation of his lifetime.

Fortunately, Wu Yu had committed several unforgivable mistakes. Not only did he ate all the peaches, he also crushed the 100,000 celestial generals and soldiers. In fact, he even walloped the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, raided the Heaven's Prison and captured Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress.

In his eyes, these successive events were Wu Yu courting his own doom.

An insignificant Wu Yu dared to go against the entire sky palaces?

However, Wu Yu wasn't paying attention to Yang Jian.

He wanted to ask Jade Emperor to release Wu You back to him immediately. However, he still wanted to question Jade Emperor first. He asked solemnly, "Jade Emperor! I'll like to know why would the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord want to completely smelt me when you only ordered him to punish me 30,000 years ago? If I wasn't lucky, I would have become true immortal medicine by now!"

He wanted to know the answer for a very long time.

If the Jade Emperor had approved this, his actions in the public would have contradicted what he was doing in private completely.

If he wanted to smelt Wu Yu into a true immortal medicine, he could have said so directly. Why would he have to play the nice guy and claim this was for Wu Yu to reflect on his mistakes while being tortured for 30,000 years.

In the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, Wu Yu could clearly sense the heat wasn't powers that was meant for him to reflect on his mistakes. Instead, it was to reduce him to ashes!


Jade Emperor was caught by surprise. He furrowed his brows and asked, "Wu Yu, did you misunderstand the Elderly Lord? I've just instructed the Elderly Lord to teach you a lesson. Why would he want to smelt you into a true immortal medicine? Why don't you let the Elderly Lord out and confront him directly?"

Jade Emperor wanted Wu Yu to release Grand Supreme Elderly Lord first. However, how could this be possible?

Wu Yu was dependent on him to exchange for his sister. He definitely wouldn't be the first to release the hostage. Otherwise, judging from how unscrupulous the Jade Emperor was, he might had other means to trick Wu Yu.

Therefore, Wu Yu answered, "If you want me to release the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, please release my sister first! As long as my sister is safe and sound, I'm willing to accept blame and receive 30,000 years of pain and remorse!"

This was for his sister, Wu You.

Regardless, he wanted to rescue Wu You out first.


Jade Emperor lifted his hands, sway the sleeves of his dragon robe and the feeble Wu You showed up before Wu Yu.

"And release the apotheosis immortal technique on her too!"

Wu Yu continued.

Just seeing Wu You wasn't sufficient. He knew Jade Emperor had left an apotheosis immortal technique on Wu You. No matter where she went, Jade Emperor could take her away at any moment.

"As you requested."

Jade Emperor lifted his hand again and a stream of apotheosis immortal energy dissipated from Wu You. The tracking apotheosis immortal technique was finally removed.

He was willing to do as what Wu Yu requested because he believe definitely couldn't escape after entering the Lingxiao Palace. Therefore, there wasn't a pressing need to control Wu You further.

With so many immortal emperors around, Wu Yu definitely couldn't escape even if he had the Somersault Cloud.

"Alright, Wu Yu! You can release Elderly Lord and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress now."

Jade Emperor did what Wu Yu had requested before demanding Wu Yu to release the hostages. 

If Wu Yu entered the Lingxiao Palace alone, he might keep one of them back while releasing the other.

However, since he had the immortal buddha trueform of Xuanzang in his Apotheosis Realm, there's nothing he would feel conflicted. Therefore he released Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress.

"Wu Yu, before you receive punishment, we have to clear up what you just claimed."

Seeing Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was released, Jade Emperor heaved a sigh of relief. After, he said, "You told us the Elderly Lord was trying to smelt you into a true immortal medicine. Elderly Lord, is this true?"

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord heaved a huge sigh of relief after Wu Yu had released him.

However, upon hearing Jade Emperor, he waved his hands, shook his head and asked, "How could this be? Your Majesty, this kid is making things up to slander me!"

The other immortal emperors around fumed upon hearing.

They looked at Wu Yu and immediately felt this brat was too stubborn and obstreperous.

After hitting the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, he even turned around to slander him!

Between Wu Yu and the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, the other immortal emperors would naturally be more willing to believe what the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had said.

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