Chapter 1782: The Truth Behind

Wu Yu first asked why the immortal emperors in the Heavenly Domain had lost their memory?

"Why don't any of the immortal emperors in the Heavenly Domain have any impression of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal?"

Wu Yu asked.

He thought about it and could not figure out the reason.

However, at this time, the young monk in white told him gently: "The Jade Emperor finally led the immortal emperors in a coalition to invade this very world. The whole Heavenly Buddha's Domain was destroyed by the immortal emperors from the sky palaces. In the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, there used to be a core of the world called the Immortal Buddha World Core. This Immortal Buddha World Core was shattered by the immortal emperors from the sky palaces during that war. This resulted in all the immortal buddhas in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain losing their world cores, and they all turned dark."

"The entire Heavenly Buddha's Domain was almost annihilated. In the last moment, I used an ultimate technique to force the immortals from the sky palaces to retreat and turn back. Before that, I, together with many other immortal buddhas used a type of superior majestic buddha technique called the Forgetting Mantra. This caused the immortal emperors from the sky palaces to forget every and anything regarding the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and it's people."

"It is only when they have forgotten of our existence would they not invade again. Hence, the chaos that is happening now amongst the immortals in the sky palaces was due to the effect of the Forgetting Mantra."

Wu Yu was in a state of constant shock as he listened to Xuanzang's tale.

He did not expect that there was such a great conflict between the two immortal domains, and this conflict was so massive that the Heavenly Buddha's Domain was almost destroyed.

And after the Immortal Buddha World Core of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain was smashed, in the last million years, all the immortal buddhas in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain had turned dark. Their buddha worlds became black in colour, and rife with violence and cruelty.

The truth of the great changes in Heavenly Domain and Heavenly Buddha's Domain was slowly revealed like an unfurling scroll of painting in front of Wu Yu.

"What about the Demon Immortal Realm?"

At this moment, Wu Yu was left with only one puzzle and that was the destruction of the Demon Immortal Realm.

To him, the mission he shouldered was not only the one given by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, but also the blood feud of all the eternal demon emperors in the entire Demon Immortal Realm.

Therefore, the truth about the destruction of the Demon Immortal Realm was also something that he would want to find out.

"The Demon Immortal Realm should be the place where the demon immortals in the Heavenly Domain are located?"

Xuanzang's gentle voice rang out again as he continued to answer to Wu Yu's questions: "That was before the Jade Emperor led the immortal emperors into the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. At that time, the Jade Emperor seemed to want to achieve a certain goal. Hence during that period of time, he chased after the eternal demon emperors crazily and slaughtered them all! Later, they invaded the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. It seems like his goal was also the Immortal Buddha's corpse."

"No one knows what goals does the Jade Emperor has, but now the Forgetting Mantra made him forget those goals. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the Heavenly Domain would be ruined......"

Listening to Xuanzang's emotional voice, Wu Yu clenched his fist, and his eyes seemed to be burning with anger.

He could not help but feel angry after hearing the truth. He did not expect the Jade Emperor to be the culprit behind all this!

Although Wu Yu did not know what the Jade Emperor wanted to do, it was obviously not a good thing to collect such a large number of eternal demon emperor and immortal buddha corpses.

This even reminded Wu Yu of the extremely cruel and ferocious Ghostly Cultivators he encountered in the mortal world in the past. Isn't the Jade Emperor doing the same?

What's more, seeking for so many eternal demon emperor and immortal buddha corpses was just pure evil, just like the most cruel and devilish Ghostly Cultivators.

"So the sky palaces and the immortal emperors are the main culprits."

Wu Yu finally solved the mystery that had been bothering him.

It was a pity that the Jade Emperor and the immortal emperors in the sky palaces were all affected by the Forgetting Mantra and had lost all their memories. This made Wu Yu hesitate a little.

But soon, his attitude became firm.

No matter whether they had lost their memories or not, the murders and crimes they committed would never change and would always be a fact!

"They killed the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and the others, destroyed the whole Demon Immortal Realm, and even destroyed the Immortal Buddha World Core in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, which caused the Heavenly Buddha's Domain to sink into chaos. If I have the opportunity, I will make them pay for such a heinous crime with their own blood!"

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold were burning with anger.

He hated it. He recalled the scene he saw on the stone tablet at the Sage's Equal Sky. The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and the others were in extreme despair when they were surrounded and suppressed by the immortal emperors in the sky palaces.

He recalled the boundless eternal demon emperor graves, and the scene where the demon immortals were tortured and killed by the Jade Emperor. All this made him extremely furious!

"Elder, do you know what realm the Jade Emperor is at now?"

Wu Yu could not resist asking. He wanted to raise himself to a level that the Jade Emperor would no longer be his match. 

At that time, he would be able to avenge the demon emperors, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his friends.

"Don't be hasty. You are far from the Jade Emperor's level. Even I, am not the match for all the immortal emperors."

Xuanzang said: "However, the immortal emperors in the sky palaces have lost their memories. Hence, there is no need to rush for revenge. Wu Yu, I can follow you to the Lingxiao Palace and save your sister! Then the four of you, as my grand-disciples, can come to the Heavenly Buddha's Domain to cultivate and grow stronger. There will always be a chance to avenge Wukong and the others in the future."

"Elder, are you serious?"

Wu Yu was a little surprised.

Now he was most worried about his older sister, Wu You. If Wu You was not in the hands of the Jade Emperor, he, Luo Pin and his friends would be able to hide at the Demon Immortal Realm. The Jade Emperor and the other immortal emperors would not be able to find them at the moment. 

As long as Wu You was rescued, he would have enough time to grow stronger, to cultivate, to reach a higher tier, and to reach the peak of the immortal emperor cultivation realm in the shortest time possible.

If Xuanzang was willing to help, that would be excellent. After all, he should be able to compete with the Jade Emperor with his ability as the Buddha Above All.

Even if he could not defeat the Jade Emperor, he would have no problem escaping from him.

"Naturally, you are my grand-disciple. Why would I lie to you?"

Xuanzang's gentle smile reminded Wu Yu of Patriarch Bodhi.

This young monk in white had a kind and gentle personality, which was similar to the Patriarch Bodhi. In Wu Yu's opinion, this was the right personality that an immortal emperor and immortal buddha should have.

For example, Guanyin Pusa and Patriarch Bodhi were both like this too.

Hence at least for now, to Wu Yu, both Guanyin Pusa and Patriarch Bodhi could be trusted.

Then there should be no problems with this Xuanzang.

The key was his explanation. Wu Yu thought about it carefully and realised that there was no loopholes. Everything was reasonable and it was the only explanation he could think of at present.

And based on the Buddha Above All Xuanzang's power, if he wanted to harm Wu Yu, there was no need for him to make up some stories to deceive Wu Yu.

So he nodded: "Ok, I will count on Grandmaster then."

Originally, Wu Yu had no confidence in going to the Lingxiao Palace on his own.

But with Xuanzang's help, he felt more confident. At least he was sure to rescue his sister Wu you!

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