Chapter 1781: Xuanzang's Voice

Wu Yu would never dream that such a voice would come from the mouth of the little gray macaque.

This voice belonged to the person that Wu Yu encountered during the Pilgrimage of 10,000 Buddhas at the Expanse of Nirvana, the Buddha Above All Xuanzang!

The voice said: "Wukong is the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and he is my disciple......Wu Yu, you are my grand disciple. I can help you if you come to the Heavenly Buddha's Domain......"

The content of this sentence was very short, but just these few words shocked everyone.

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was Wukong!

And the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was the Buddha Above All Xuanzang's disciple?

Wu Yu felt a little unbelievable.

It turned out that the "Wukong" that Xuanzang called out to during the Pilgrimage of 10,000 Buddhas was his disciple.

Unfortunately, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's aura he felt was not coming from the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal himself, but inherited by Wu Yu.

When the little gray macaque finished speaking, it immediately returned to normal and became a noisy little macaque again.

Wu Yu and the others looked at each other.

"How would the Buddha Above All know what happened in the sky palaces?"

Wu Yu only felt a little shocked. After all, this was across an entire Heavenly Domain. It seemed like the Buddha Above All really had great powers.

"Old Wu, is that Xuanzang's voice?"

Full Moon of Nanshan was also a little shocked. He did not expect that things would take such a turn at this time.

"Do you think what he said was true?"

Ye Xixi pursed her lips and asked as she thought hard about it.

"I can at least believe half of it."

Wu Yu thought for a moment, then frowned and said: "The key is that I have no chance of winning if I go to the Lingxiao Palace to find the Jade Emperor now. Even if I take Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress as hostages, I can't guarantee Wu You's and my safety."

After all, the Jade Emperor had too many means to restrain us, just like the apotheosis immortal technique he used on Wu You, catching us off guard.

Even if Wu Yu was prepared, the possibility that he could fight against the Jade Emperor was still slim.

"So you're going to the Heavenly Buddha's Domain?" Luo Pin asked worriedly.


Wu Yu thought and nodded heavily.

It seemed like it was his only choice.

Originally, he had planned to take the risk. Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, they learned of such news from the Buddha Above All. There was no doubt that it was a turning point for him.

"I'll go by myself first and if anything happens, I'll come back and let you know."

Wu Yu said seriously.

"You be careful."

Luo Pin and the others also knew that they could not help Wu Yu now. They could only bury their worries in their hearts and watch Wu Yu turn and leave.

"Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, Marshal Tian Peng, Curtain Lifting General, Eight Division Heavenly Dragon…..."

Wu Yu turned around and planned to set out. At the same time, he thought that these four predecessors' legacies were legacies of both immortal and Buddhist cultivation.

Since the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal was Xuanzang's disciple, perhaps these four predecessors had gone to the Heavenly Buddha's Domain from the Heavenly Domain to obtain the cultivation means of the immortal buddhas and ultimately acquired two kinds of power.

The reason why Wu Yu decided to take the risk and go to the Heavenly Buddha's Domain was because of Xuanzang, the Buddha Above All that he had seen before.

Although the whole Heavenly Buddha's Domain was in chaos, Xuanzang's nine buddha worlds were all golden, with a relatively pure feeling.

Even if it doesn't look as welcoming as Guanyin Pusa's buddha world, it is much better than other black buddha worlds.

Moreover, he recalled Xuanzang, a young monk in white at that time. His face was very gentle.

"Maybe we can know something about the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal from Xuanzang!"

Wu Yu thought in his heart, and then he grasped Ruyi Jingu Bang tightly, displaying the fourth seal of magic power, Immortal Domain Bridge!

A golden whirlpool appeared, Wu Yu threw himself into it and disappeared from the Heavenly Domain…….

Wu Yu's figure appeared from a golden whirlpool somewhere in the Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

After getting his bearings, Wu Yu rushed directly towards the Expanse of Nirvana.

In order to avoid any conflict and waste of time if he bumped into other immortal buddhas on the way, he turned into the Calico Bag Arhat.

In this way, few people would dare to approach him even if he ran around the Heavenly Buddha's Domain.

After a period of time, he finally arrived near the Expanse of Nirvana!

It was only then that he turned back into his original look.

Wu Yu was very cautious after arriving at the Expanse of Nirvana and no immortal buddhas had noticed his existence.

In fact, Xuanzang's gentle voice rang in his ears again: "Wu Yu, come in."

Even now, Wu Yu maintained a high level of vigilance. Following Xuanzang's voice, he soon stepped into the Expanse of Nirvana.

Then he arrived at the core of the Expanse of Nirvana. There were no other immortal buddhas here. Only the nine huge golden buddha worlds that he had seen previously were suspended quietly in the air.

And in the center of the nine golden buddha worlds was the gentle-looking white robed monk that he had seen previously!

The monk in white was Xuanzang.

When Wu Yu stepped into this core space, Xuanzang still kept his eyes closed and did not open his eyes.

The nine golden buddha worlds around them radiated with a bright and magnificent brilliance. They lit up the whole space with incomparable brilliance and holiness.

"Last time, I felt Wukong's presence and thought that he had been revived."

At this point, Xuanzang's gentle voice rang out: "Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the enemy of our Heavenly Buddha's Domain…..."


Hearing Xuanzang's words, Wu Yu was puzzled.

Who was the enemy?

"Can you tell me what happened between the Heavenly Domain and Heavenly Buddha's Domain?"

Wu Yu was extremely eager to know the truth.

"Wu Yu, there is no need to rush......"

Xuanzang smiled gently and began to tell him what happened.

As Xuanzang told his story, Wu Yu finally began to understand something.

He had been trying to understand these things recently, including the relationship between the two great immortal domains and the histories of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his friends. However, he had no idea what he could do to find out more about them. 

"The Heavenly Domain and Heavenly Buddha's Domain were not connected with each other. Later, four immortals would occasionally visit the Heavenly Buddha's Domain. I found them interesting and took them as my disciples, instructing them in the way of Buddhism……"

"It's a pity that the Jade Emperor wanted to invade the Heavenly Buddha's Domain after he learned about the existence of this heavenly domain!

 The Jade Emperor of the sky palaces wanted Wukong and his three friends to be his spies. However, they refused his orders and got killed!"

At this point, Xuanzang sighed.

Obviously, he was also very helpless about the death of his four disciples.

And these two short sentences shocked Wu Yu to the core.

It turned out that the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his friends had such a history?

They were actually killed by the Jade Emperor and his followers because they had refused to let the Jade Emperor invade the Heavenly Buddha's Domain!

Wu Yu clenched his fist.

Indeed, was the Jade Emperor really the culprit for everything?

"What happened next?"

Wu Yu did not react impulsively and continued to ask for more details.

He still had many questions. There were still many things unknown, for instance, how did the Heavenly Buddha's Domain became chaotic, why did the immortal emperors in the sky palaces lost their memories, and why did the Demon Immortal Realm got destroyed. Wu Yu really wanted to know what happened!

"Take your time."

Xuanzang, the gentle monk in white, sunk into his memories and finally shared them with Wu Yu……

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