Chapter 1780: Macaque's Anomaly

Wu Yu sunk into deep thought after the Jade Emperor sent Wu You away.

It was possible that the Jade Emperor probably did not really want to kill him. After all, if he really wanted to kill him, the Jade Emperor had plenty of opportunities to do that.

But now, Wu Yu still could not determine if the Jade Emperor truly wanted him dead.

After all, the first thing he did when he came out of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's Brazier of Eight Trigrams was to assault the Elderly Lord and then fight his way through the Heaven's Prison. His audacious actions were like a slap across the Jade Emperor's face.

This was because the Heaven's Prison was the sky palaces's symbol of dignity.

Those who violated the heavenly rules and restrictions would be imprisoned in the Heaven's Prison and suffer from eternal torture. From then on, this Heaven's Prison's horrifying reputation frightened the immortals in the Heavenly Domain and forced them to submit to the rule of the sky palaces.

But this infamous Heaven's Prison was forcefully broken through by Wu Yu today. This was like poking a hole through heaven!

Wu Yu could sense many celestial soldiers rushing over from the other sky palaces in various levels of Heaven. They surrounded the Heaven's Prison completely.

Of course, Wu Yu would not simply be a sitting duck and allow them to capture him.

Wu Yu used the Somersault Cloud's In The Same Breath and left the Heaven's Prison instantly and was far away.

"I shall return to the Demon Immortal Realm to take a look first."

Wu Yu forced himself to maintain his calm and not let his imaginations run wild of all the bad things that could happen to Wu You.

After all, the Jade Emperor's target was him, and Wu You was totally unimportant.

As long as he did not appear, the Jade Emperor would not do anything to Wu You.

He planned to return to the Demon Immortal Realm first and think if there was any way that he could deal with the Jade Emperor.

After all, what he had committed this time was a grievous crime.

Beating the elite immortal Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, forcing his way into the Heaven's Prison, and messing up the defensive epochal immortal design of the Heaven's Prison... ...

Wu Yu had no way of retreating after doing all these things. Regardless, he would have to stand on the Jade Emperor's opposing side.

He quickly returned to the Demon Immortal Realm, met Luo Pin and the others and left Ming Long behind as well.

"Do you really need to go to Lingxiao Palace again?"

Luo Pin's beautiful face was full of worry: "If you go again, I'm afraid the Jade Emperor won't give you any more chances. You must think it over carefully."

"Perhaps there may be another way?"

Full Moon of Nanshan's fan flapped rapidly in his hands. He was also trying to find an alternative way.

Soon he put away his fan and looked up with hope in his eyes: "Old Wu, who else can we trust in the sky palaces?"

"Who can we trust? It's probably only the Patriarch Bodhi and the Guanyin Pusa!"

Wu Yu shook his head and no matter how hard he thought, he could only think of these two elders.

But in this situation, neither Patriarch Bodhi nor Guanyin Pusa could help Wu Yu.

For the time being, Patriarch Bodhi would not confront the Jade Emperor. He had to endure great pressure just to plead for Wu Yu at the Lingxiao Palace. Even so, his involvement might not be useful at all.

Wu Yu did not want Patriarch Bodhi to put himself out there for him and directly confront the Jade Emperor.

Wu Yu did not want Patriarch Bodhi to be involved even if he wanted to help him.

After all, in Wu Yu's eyes, Patriarch Bodhi was definitely an elder he could trust. Once he got involved, he would most likely be implicated and dragged into a hopeless situation. At that time, Wu Yu would really despair.

And Guanyin Pusa, who had been living in seclusion in the Nanhai Region for so many thousands of years, was not likely to appear and meddle in this matter.

After all, she seemed to have always been indifferent to worldly affairs.

Even after thinking about it, Wu Yu could not think of anyone he could turn to for help.

Since there was no one he could turn to for help, everything was up to him!

"No matter what, I still have Grand Supreme Elderly Lord and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress in my hands."

Wu Yu thought for a while, and said resolutely: "This time, I will be careful to guard against the Jade Emperor's villainous means, I will never let all of them go at one go!"

The last time he was in Lingxiao Palace, he was so naive that he believed the lies of the Jade Emperor and let them all go at once.

As a result, Wu You was brought back by the Jade Emperor again. The Jade Emperor was shameless!

Hence, this time, Wu Yu would not be so naive.

The main point was that Wu Yu did not know before that the Jade Emperor had such thick skin. After all, as the Jade Emperor, he was the supreme ruler of the entire sky palaces. He had boundless power and unparalleled influence. Why would he use such despicable means?

After this, Wu Yu's impression of the Jade Emperor was very bad.

"Old Wu, this is a highly dangerous venture. You have to be careful when you go there and react accordingly!"

Full Moon of Nanshan looked very serious, which was rare for him.

He could not help Wu Yu in this matter for the time being. If he tagged along, he might cause trouble for Wu Yu instead and become a distraction for him.

Therefore, the only thing he could do now was to stay safely in the Demon Immortal Realm and pray for Wu Yu's safe return.

"Don't worry, trust me, I will bring my sister back safely."

Wu Yu glanced at his friends who were in front of him.

The beautiful Luo Pin seemed to have tears in her eyes now. She was not willing to let Wu Yu go to the Lingxiao Palace again.

But Wu Yu had to go!

Otherwise, he would definitely regret it.

When Ming Long was inside the Ruyi Jingu Bang, she was not afraid of anything. However after she was revived, she felt very sentimental.

The key was that she always felt that she was the one who brought these troubles to Wu Yu.

If it was not for her, Taiyi Zhenren would not bear a grudge against Wu Yu and Wu Yu would not have created all those trouble in Lingxiao Palace.

Even if the Ruyi Jingu Bang incident was a blessing in disguise and Wu Yu became the Jade Emperor's disciple, she was still controlled by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. As a result, Wu Yu had to eat all the peaches in the Peach Garden!

She really blamed herself for that and simply could not forgive herself.

What was more, Wu Yu brought her to find Guanyin Pusa later, which led him to be surrounded by so many celestial soldiers and immortal emperors.

Therefore Ming Long always felt that she was the reason for all the difficulties Wu Yu encountered.

"Don't blame yourself, Minglong. It's alright."

Wu Yu looked at Ming Long's expression and knew what she was thinking.

He smiled at Ming Long and pretended to be cool: "Even without you, we are all shouldering the mission of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and our predecessors, as well as the blood feud of the entire Demon Immortal Realm. Sooner or later, we will fight against the Jade Emperor. Now, I've even earned so many peaches easily. I owe it to you that I'm in this cultivation realm now."

"You are glib-tongued."

Ming Long felt a little bitter and helpless.

Wu Yu was still considering her feelings at this moment. She really did not know how she should face Wu Yu.

"Well, I'm going now. I'll be back as soon as possible."

Finally, Wu Yu said goodbye to everyone and turned to leave.

As soon as he turned around, his expression became firm, unyielding and resolute!

"Big brother Wu Yu, hold on, look at this!"

However, at this time, Ye Xixi who had been silent all the time suddenly spoke, and she looked surprised.

They followed her voice and finally saw that the little gray macaque, who appeared when they first opened the Eternal Emperor Tomb, seemed to be exhibiting some abnormalities.

Originally, the little gray macaque had been playing by himself in Eternal Emperor Tomb. He was also quite close to Luo Pin and the others, but he had never done anything unusual.

But now, the eyes of this gray six eared macaque suddenly shone with golden light, and its entire small body seemed to have frozen in place!

At the same time, a sound came from the mouth of this little macaque, and it sounded as though it came from an infinite distance away... ...

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