Chapter 1779: Helpless

Wu Yu was under immense pressure from the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design.

With Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress coordinating the epochal immortal design, both of them were strengthened. Moreover, the epochal immortal design seemed to have roared to life. The initial attacks became more agile and varied, giving Wu Yu a harder time.

Countless sword qi, and waves of powers from immortal kernels of wind and thunder bombarded at Wu Yu. Each wave was stronger than the previous and crashed down almost simultaneously.

Throught the whole process, Wu Yu didn't have any time to rest. He was completely occupied by the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design!

However, gold light burst forth from Wu You's eyes. He knew he had to get through what was before him and he had to do so swiftly. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't be able to rescue Wu You if Jade Emperor had discovered his actions.

As the apotheosis immortal energy of the Jade Emperor still remained in Wu You, Jade Emperor could still easily take her away no matter where he took Wu You to. Therefore, he had to also erase the energy swiftly.


Wu Yu berated. The next instant, ten million Unshackled Doppelgangers emerged around him.

Pulverized World!

The powers of the Somersault Cloud gathered on all the Unshackled Doppelgangers before releasing together towards the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design!

Catastrophic void shattering powers swept through the epochal immortal design as Wu Yu swung his Ruyi Jingu Bang.

To the surprise of Happy Fleece Fairy and Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, the epochal immortal design started cracking!

Wu Yu was just like an ancient god, moving through the air while carrying his golden rod.

When the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design finally shattered, the entire place rocked by the impact.

Wu Yu stared right into the space forward, seemingly disregarding Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress entirely. As for the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design, the cores had been largely damaged. Rampant energy dissipated relatively harmlessly and it could no longer threaten Wu Yu.

Nothing could stop Wu Yu now.

Soon, he was right before Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress.

Without the coordination of the epochal immortal design from the Jade Emperor, the Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress was just as strong as True Lord Erlang, Nezha and some others. For the current Wu Yu, this wasn't a threat at all.

"Nightmare Immortal Prayer!"

Wu Yu's eyes shone in golden light. As he recited the Nightmare Immortal Prayer, innumerable illusions were alternating in his Eyes of Fire and Gold.

These illusions captivated Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress and Happy Fleece Fairy immediately,

Although Wu Yu looked down upon Happy Fleece Fairy, there wasn't a need for him to kill her now.

Therefore, he captured her together with the Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, stuffing them into his Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

Wu Yu flew across the epochal immortal design that was protecting the Heaven's Prison and finally arrived in the Heaven's Prison.

His current strength was significantly higher than the Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress.

With Nightmare Praying Art, he could even control the actions of Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress.

Obviously, his control wasn't as perfect as controlling a puppet. All he could was to induce her into completing simple acts. For example, leading the way for him into the Heaven's Prison and locating Wu You.

After all, the Heaven's Prison was still a large place with an area as vast as a level of Heaven. It was the palce used to imprison countless immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors thoughout history.

Those who have infringed the heavenly rules would be imprisoned for life.

To find Wu You in the Heaven's Prison with just his capabilities was too difficult. Jade Emperor might even notice what was happening and took Wu You away before he could find her. 

Therefire, Wu Yu ahd to rely on his Nightmare Praying Art to control Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress.

She was the immortal emperor that was stationed to guard the Heaven's Prison after all. She knew the place like the back of her hand and under the control of Wu Yu's Nightmare Praying Art, she could lead Wu Yu to where Wu You was imprisoned.

To Wu Yu's surprise, Wu You was regarded as a key person by the Jade Emperor and therefore imprisoned in the deepest place of the Heaven's Prison.

He was infuriated. To this point, Wu Yu still found it hard to believe the great Jade Emperor would do something like this to a weak and insignificant Wu You......

In the depths of the Heaven's Prison where Wu Yu finally met Wu You, he realized she wasn't tortured. However, she was badly scared.

Jade Emperor stood at the peak of the entire sky palaces. For her, Jade Emperor was an existence that was distant and remote. She would never have expected herself to go through what she had.

The environment in the Heaven's Prison was especially arduous. Even though she wasn't intentionally tortured, it was still a torment to be imprisoned in a place where light couldn't even shine through.

"I have to break the apotheosis immortal technique first!"

Wu Yu didn't waste a moment of time.

When Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress brought him to Wu You, he kept her back into his Devouring Apotheosis Realm immediately and held up down with the Nightmare Praying Art.

After, he started deciphering how he could try to release Wu You from the apotheosis immortal technique of Jade Emperor.

The apotheosis immortal technique could control Wu You at any moment. To Wu Yu this was similar to holding him at knife's edge.

If he couldn't free Wu You from the apotheosis immortal technique, Wu Yu could never have a peace of mind.

However, just as he was trying to undo the apotheosis immortal technique, Wu You, who was right before his eyes, vanished out of the blue.

Just like how she vanished from his Devouring Apotheosis Realm previously.

"Jade Emperor has made his move!"

Wu Yu clenched his fist, threw it in the air and gnashed his teeth.

Jade Emperor had clearly noticed what happened and transferred Wu You away.

He had reacted too quickly.

It wasn't long since Wu Yu was released from the Brazier of Eight Trigrams and defeated Grand Supreme Elderly Lord.

Wu Yu didn't take too long to get through the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design as well.

Yet, Jade Emperor still noticed what had happened!

Wu You was once again transferred to another place by the Jade Emperor and Wu Yu had no ways to locate her now.

It would be extremely difficult for Wu Yu to get a similar opportunity in the future......

Just as Wu Yu was grinding his teeth, a young voice resounded in his mind. It was from the Jade Emperor! "If you want your sister, come to the Lingxiao Palace!"

It was a simple statement but Wu Yu's ignited.

He felt he was being toyed and played with by the Jade Emperor.

No matter how hard he tried now, he felt he wouldn't have the opportunity to turn the situation around until he could stand up against the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor had everything firmly in his control.

There was nothing Wu Yu could have done at all!

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