Chapter 1778: Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison Immortal Design

Wu Yu didn't give more thoughts to what might have been lurking in the dark of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain and Heavenly Domain.

Even if he pondered further, he wouldn't get an answer. Unless he could grow further to the level of the Jade Emperor.

If he could be in control of the Jade Emperor, he would have de facto control over the entire sky palaces. Then, he would have nothing to fear. He could just make the Jade Emperor answer all his doubts.

Furthermore, he wouldn't be in danger then and could ensure the safety of those around him.

What he didn't know was if he had truly attained that level, would the one behind the scene step forward? 

Everything was still an unknown mystery!

Now, Wu Yu only wanted to rescue his sister, Wu You, out of the Heaven's Prison. As long as Wu You's life was in the hands of the Jade Emperor, he couldn't have a day of peace.

He took Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, who was controlled by his Nightmare Praying Art, along as he charged to the Heaven's Prison. 

The news of him defeating the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had not spread. Therefore, he had the luxury of time to first rescue Wu You from the Heaven's Prison.

Since he knew the location of the Heaven's Prison, he could make his way there immediately.

That land was under the rule of the Northern Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress. Similar to the Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, she was one of the Five Directional Divine Emperors and her strength was exceptional.

Nonetheless, the Northern Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress wasn't a concern to the current Wu Yu.

When Wu Yu was approaching the Heaven's Prison, he was most wary of an epochal immortal design.

The extremely formidable epochal immortal design named Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design was set up by the Jade Emperor personally. Even elite immortal emperors like the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord would have to pay a hefty price if they tried to barge in forcefully.

It was so that the Heaven's Prison was known as such. This was a place that could make anyone despair in the world.

Once one was locked in it, getting out would be harder than scaling the sky.

Wu Yu had a headache. Although he had defeated the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, it was still onerous for him to get through the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design.

Moreover, once he tried entering forcefully, the Northern Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, who was tasked to guard the place, would definitely show up to coordinate.

If there was only the Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress, Wu Yu wouldn't be afriad. However, if she could utilize the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design, her battle strength would skyrocket to the point where Wu Yu would have a hard time against her.

"But the news regarding the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord would definitely start spreading soon......"

Wu Yu was cognizant he did not have much time left.

Therefore, he made his decision swiftly. Charge!

Following a flip, he got into the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design.

Within the epochal immortal design, innumerable sword qi ran rampage and countless lightning bolts whizzled in the strong winds.

The moment Wu Yu entered, the sword qi, lightning bolts and strong winds swept towards him. All catastrophic powers locked down and were raining down on him!

Wu Yu believed if someone at the level of True Lord Erlang or Pagoda Heavenly King Li Jing was to enter the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design, he wouldn't survive. In fact, it was more likely that he would perish instantly.

If it wasn't because he successfully created his golden buddha world and possessed two different immortal powers while being smelted in Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's Brazier of Eight Trigrams, even he couldn't get through the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design.

"Break! Bedlam of Heaven and Earth!"

Wu Yu was surrounded by sword qi, lightning bolts and strong winds the moment he barged into the epochal immortal design.

His eyes were glittering and he manipulated the Ruyi Jingu Bang with great expertise. A casual swing could shatter the void and redirected the immortal qi around.

When he swung the rod over, the surrounding sword qi, lightning bolts and strong winds were dispelled instantly.

Looking forward, Wu Yu could see the gates to the Heaven's Prison. At this juncture, the raging Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress stomped out of the gates.

"Who dares to raid the Heaven's Prison. Are you courting your own doom?"

The Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress was a beautiful lady in black gown.

A young girl stood next to her and she was none other than Happy Fleece Fairy who participated in the Immortal Emperor Trials with Wu Yu. She was also wearing a long black gown and was clearly astounded by what she saw when she stepped out.

Many tens of thousands of years had passed since the Immortal Emperor Trials.

Happy Fleece Fairy had also crossed into the cultivation realm of an immortal emperor. Although she was just a first tier immortal emperor, she had now achieved eternal life.

She was astounded by what she saw when she followed Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress out.

Someone actually had the guts to charge into the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design around the Heaven's Prison!

"It's him?  Wu Yu?"

Happy Fleece Fairy glanced into the epochal immortal design and was startled by the impressive teenage.

"Wasn't he punished by the Jade Emperor and was to be smelted in the Brazier of Eight Trigrams of the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord? Why would he be here!"

Happy Fleece Fairy couldn't understand.

"It doesn't matter. He's likely here to save her sister."

Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress grinned in contempt. "Although I have no idea how he manage to escape from Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's Brazier of Eight Trigrams, it's his wishful thinking to believe he could get through the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design."

"The Heaven's Prison is a strongly guarded place in the sky palaces. He has commited another heinous crime for attempting to raid it!"

At the thought of the gifted young man, Li Tianji, that she was once infatuated with, anger started to build in Happy Fleece Fairy. She detested Wu Yu thoroughly.

If it wasn't for Wu Yu, Li Tianji wouldn't have been so dejected and become a useless trash that had even broken down mentally.

Even so, he was still the gifted young man that Happy Fleece Fairy was once smitten by. Now that she saw Wu Yu trying to raid the Heaven's Prison, she couldn't wait to capture Wu Yu immediately and hand him over to the Jade Emperor.

Then, not only would she be able to teach Wu Yu a lesson but she would also receive merits for it. It was killing two birds with a stone!

In the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design, Wu Yu held his Ruyi Jingu Bang tightly. Following every swing, he advanced a step further. His eyes were full of conviction and golden light burst forth from his body.

Looking from afar, Happy Fleece Fairy found Wu Yu's courage was commendable.

"Unfortunately, you aren't too bright. Is the Heaven's Prison a place he could easily raid?"

Happy Fleece Fairy could almost visualize the scene where Wu Yu begged for mercy in tears before the Jade Emperor after he was recaptured.

Having committed several heinous crimes in succession, the Jade Emperor would definitely not let him off again!

While Happy Fleece Fairy was watching, Mysterious Spiritual Dipper Empress finally made her move. Immediately, she gained control of the Eternal Cycle Heaven's Prison immortal design and infused it with her own apotheosis immortal energy.

Instantly, the powers of the epochal immortal design escalated to a peak.

The pressure that Wu Yu was facing massively increased at the same instant! 

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