Chapter 1776: Golden Buddha

After leaving Lingxiao Palace, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord brought Wu Yu to Erasing Hate Sky.

Even if Jade Emperor was no longer before him, Wu Yu could still recall the indifference he had showed.

To the Jade Emperor, Wu You was but a tool to control Wu Yu with. He would not stand for it!

Still, raging now would do him no good. He was about to be smelted for 30,000 years.

No one knew if he could survive it. 

At Erasing Hate Sky, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord lived in Tusita Palace.

And at the center of Tusita Palace was the Brazier of Eight Trigrams.

This was the treasure he used to refine true immortal medicines. It was one of the greatest epochal immortal treasures in the sky palaces, and could make anything into true immortal medicine.

This of course included Wu Yu!

Wu Yu was tossed bodily into the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, and immediately consumed by flames.

Taishang Laojun covered up the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, and began to fan the flames.

As the Brazier of Eight Trigrams was shut, Grand Supreme Elderly Lord was sure that Wu Yu could no longer sense anything outside.

He must surely be consumed by the flames, and fully occupied.

Grand Supreme Elderly Lord laughed in satisfaction to himself: "In 30,000 years, I will present you to the Jade Emperor as the ultimate true immortal medicine!"

He had pretended to suggest to the Jade Emperor to punish Wu Yu in the brazier and make him repent.

Instead, he fanned and fanned the flames, making them grow. he wanted to refine Wu Yu into an immortal pill!

Wu Yu was oblivious to all of this.

Even after he was thrown into the Brazier of Eight Trigrams, the Carved Vajra was still on him, preventing him from escaping.

As the Brazier of Eight Trigrams was shut up, eight different ancient fires combined to burn all that was within it.

[TN: There's a pretty nice explanation of the eight different types of fire here ]

These eight different types of immortal fire formed a terrifying sea of fire.

Wu Yu could soon feel the intensity of the heat.

Not even his Invincible Vajra Body could withstand it. It soon started to break down.

Plus, he was still held by Carved Vajra, and unable to use any techniques to defend himself against the eight different divine fires.

These eight divine fires were even more terrifying than the heavenly devils he had faced.

At least on Heavenly Devil Battlefield it was only a spiritual pain. As long as one could endure, there was no danger to one's life.

This was not the case here.

As his Invincible Vajra Body begn to break down, Wu Yu realized that Grand Supreme Elderly Lord had not put him in here to punish him, but to melt him down and kill him!

He was appalled and angry at Grand Supreme Elderly Lord's greed.

He had thought him one of the more benign immortal emperors.

Wu Yu would not be content to be melted down just like that. He had never once given up before, in all of the hopeless situations that he had faced before.

But collared by Carved Vajra, he could not do a thing.

The Brazier of Eight Trigrams continued to burn away at him, and he could feel that the eight divine flames were eating away at the life within him, and sapping his strength.

"What am I to do?"

Wu Yu continued to think desperately, but there was nothing he could use.

It seemed like he was destined to die here.

"Is this how it ends?"

"No. I won't. I WON'T!"

Wu Yu said through gritted teeth. He could feel that he was being smelted down and refined, as he lost feeling in his body.

Wu Yu was not afraid of death.

He was afraid of letting down the duty and mission that had been placed on him.

He did not know what would happen to sister Wu You. Would the Jade Emperor let her go after he died?

The most plausible outcome was that he would forget about her, and she would die in Heaven's Prison!

After all, they didn't care if she was or wasn't there.

And if Wu Yu was dead, then she would be all alone in the sky palaces.

Besides, he had taken on the legacy of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, who hoped that he would take revenge for them. Marshal Tian Peng, Curtain Lifting General, and Eight Division Heavenly Dragon......

He had yet to even get close to that.

And Eternal Emperor Tomb. So many eternal demon emperors had given their corpses to him. Wu Yu could feel their hatred.

The heavens and hells had joined forces to destroy the eternal demon emperors!

Wu Yu could not rest in peace if he did not take revenge for them.

If he did not take revenge for them, how could he bear to face the eternal demon emperor ancestors in the next world?

These things stayed in his mind, and his will steadily grew stronger even as his body cried out in agony.

A stronger will did nothing to change his situation.

But just at the verge of death, Ming Long from within his Devouring Apotheosis Realm began to chant scripture.

It was the Invincible Vajra Body's scripture. As he began to chant it, his hopes grew.

There were 10,000 words in total in this scripture, but this part was one that he was not familiar with.

As Ming Long began to read them, Wu Yu followed her lead.

As he chanted them, Wu Yu could feel a golden buddha form within his heart.

The form of the golden buddha was quite hazy, but soon began to grow clearer. As the golden light grew in strength, Wu Yu felt his pain lessening.

"This golden buddha seems like an immortal buddha's buddha world! But it's golden, and only within me. It has no actual body....."

Wu Yu's Eyes of Fire and Gold glowed within the Brazier of Eight Trigrams.

Suddenly, he could feel that the divine fires were burning the golden buddha instead!

Wu Yu forgot all of his pains.

Time flew by.

One magical moment where all his pain vanished, and then Wu Yu was absorbed in the 10,000 words of scripture.

Even he himself was unsure as to what was happening.

Until 30,000 years later, when the Brazier of Eight Trigrams was finally opened!

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